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So You're A Taurus

Updated on August 9, 2012


Taurans are strong like the Aries ram, but in a different way. While the Ram is aggressive, the bull has the advantage of sheer weight and solidity. They are slow, patient and careful, but they are tenacious, and will get there in the end. They are reliable and dependable, and good family providers. They are slow to anger, but if they are provoked, stand well clear; they can have a vile and violent temper. They are extremely possessive, both in love and in their creature comforts; taken to extremes they can be gluttons and drunkards, but they can be excellent cooks. They are a from the fixed group, so are very stubborn when they want to be and will not move an inch. They are from the element group of earth, so are very down to earth and their ruling planet is venus by day. The birthstone for taurus is Emerald



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