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Is There Life After Death?

Updated on April 16, 2010

Life After Death?


Is There Life After Death?

In short answer yes.  However, this would be an extremely short hub if I only gave you that answer, so I shall expand on how there is life after death.  Before we can begin to get into that huge question let’s lay down some ground rules:

1.      In no way am I telling you what to believe.  You are allowed your right to choose what you want to believe, it makes no difference to me.  So don’t preach to me, I don’t want to hear it, if I want preached to I’ll go to church.

2.      What I believe is irrelevant to you and your life so leave me alone in my beliefs.

Also before we begin it is imperatively important that to fully understand whether or not there is life after death we must completely understand what life is and what death is.  I will explore both of those two states in both religion and in science.  That’s right folks, they are very closely related.

Religious Life after Death
Religious Life after Death




From a religious standpoint life is a gift given to us by God (or whatever you choose to call Him or Her).  We start out life in heaven as souls.  These souls or spirits are waiting in line, so to speak, to receive a body.  They must have conscious thought because without these souls or spirits our bodies are just bodies (dead).  Once the creator chooses a body for our spirits, He or She sends the spirit into our body and we begin our life.  Life in religious circles is the presence of a soul in the body.  To be alive is to have a soul which is in connection with a different plane of existence (heaven).  This soul is what gives us our conscious thought as well as animation.  What else could life be from a religious stand point?  Could it be a test, training, maybe a way to earn redemption?  That I will leave for you to figure out.  Next let’s move on to see what death is.



Death is the cessation of life.  It is the dark from the light, the end of the world for us.  When our bodies fail we are left with just a body, a body that has no conscious thought or animation.  All of our functions are inoperable.  It is the end of our test, or our training, it is our chance to seize our redemption.  Maybe.  In religious circles it is when our soul returns to heaven, or back to God depending on how you lived your life.  That however is a topic for you to work out on your own.  So in essence our souls or spirits go through a cycle and death is the completion of that cycle, it ends where it began.  Maybe it repeats itself in reincarnation, perhaps not.  No one has the answer to that question.

Life after Death in Religion


Life after Death in Religion

Throughout the history of religion this question has been posed many times.  What is next, is there a life after this one, is death just a passing of one life to another, if I live a virtuous life am I guaranteed a place in heaven?  These questions and many more cannot be answered by mortal man.  There is no irrefutable proof, which is why it is important to have a faith or belief in what you wish to be true.  How do we learn of these beliefs?  We learn of them from many sources, the Bible, the Kuran, and many other religious texts.  How can we believe in something that was written by the hand of man?  These books are supposedly the Word of God.  That’s fine, believe it or not it is up to you.  I prefer to believe in the message of the Bible not the word of it.  Why?  I know there are countless contradictions within it so it is left to interpretation.  For instance, the Bible speaks of an eye for an eye, but then later on it says to turn the other cheek.  Which one you choose to do, you have to take into account the one main principle of the Bible, and that is to treat people with dignity and respect.  If you follow that one rule, you will live a virtuous life and return to Heaven.

Again in religious aspects there is life after death because the soul or spirit upon death returns to its beginning.

Science Life after Death
Science Life after Death




What is life in science?  The beginning of life is when the egg is fertilized by the sperm and cell division takes place.  The cell division causes an embryo to grow into like genetic material, I.E. a human begets a human.  This process creates an energy which is then contained within the body of the new child.  Throughout a person’s life, the ever moving and splitting of cells causes the energy to be sustained, that energy is also contained within the blood or life force of the body.  As we progress through life our cells rejuvenate which keeps our organs new.  That process slows down after the body has been alive for a number of years.  Once the process stops altogether our bodies are no longer able to repair itself and thus the cells eventually stop moving.



Death is when our bodies no longer produce energy, the cells cease to move and we no longer have animation.  The question that needs to be asked here is what happens to the energy that our bodies contained.  Does it just fade away?  Since the beginning of energy is life, is death the end of energy?  What is this energy anyway?  It can easily be agreed that all living things on this earth can be defined as things that contain energy, plants, trees, and animals all contain energy and are all living matter.  When there is no more energy in either one of the above mentioned things they become dead. 


Life after Death in Science

So is there life after death in scientific circles?  Yes there is, for only one simple fact.  Albert Einstein, famed physicist, stated that there is life after death simply because energy can never cease to exist.  Since all living matter contains energy and energy can never cease to exist, there stands to reason that there is life after death.  The energy contained within a body after the production of said energy is over, escapes.  That energy escapes and goes somewhere else.  Where it goes, I don’t know and I suspect no one else knows either.  Perhaps the life after death can be given to another animal, or maybe a plant.  Maybe that energy when it escapes from its host goes up, maybe even to be absorbed by the sun, or maybe the Earth absorbs it to renew itself. 

In Conclusion


In Conclusion, I hope that you found this hub to be educational in pondering over the possibilities.  It is true that we must not be single minded, we must explore all the possibilities and give them some form of credibility.  In the end you need to be comfortable in your faith, whatever that may be.  Finally, thank you for reading and exploring these possibilities with me.

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