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Spirit Guides, Ghosts, and Being a Medium: Psychics Offer Advice

Updated on June 18, 2009
How can I communicate with loved ones who have
crossed over, you ask?
The loss of a loved one is always difficult.
It’s only natural to want to contact them and
continue communication.
We believe loved ones who cross over do check in
with those they left behind from time to time,
and they are often there for you when you need
them, even if you can’t sense their presence.
The trouble is, however, that most of us are not
conditioned at an early age to be open to
communication from those who have crossed over,
and to identify it. Even though many may be beamed
messages from the other side frequently, most
people don’t acknowledge the signs.
In our experience, only those who are open-minded
and, or spiritually sensitive can perceive this
type of communication. Regular meditation can
help those who are less sensitive, who are open
to the possibility, to receive some insight.
If you want to receive communication from your
loved ones who have crossed over, start by
meditating daily. Getting into the practice of
being centered and in touch with your higher-self
will allow you to eventually be more aware of the
spirit world. If you are disciplined enough to
meditate regularly, you’ll also find you’ll be
reaping the many benefits of this practice, such
as being more relaxed and intuitive.
We believe that many of the rewards found through
spiritual disciplines such as meditation demand
at least some sacrifice, such as reducing your
TV time. But the sacrifice seems like nothing
once you begin to gain the benefits of your
Spend some quiet time alone with no distractions.
Visualize yourself surrounded with a bright,
white Light, or pretend the sun is shining
brightly down upon you. Breath deeply, focus
your attention on your heart or third eye area,
and if you have trouble emptying your mind of
thoughts, try imagining transferring all those
preoccupations into an imaginary basket sitting
next to you. Just say, “OK, I’ll get back to all
of this after I meditate.” Then count from 1-100
until you begin to feel more relaxed. Perceive
the numbers in your mind, or better yet, imagine
them appearing on your chest plate or third eye
area as you maintain your focus on that spot.
The more intently you focus, the easier you will
get into a meditative state. You'll get better
with practice and eventually be able to gain
insight about your questions.
You also may be able to communicate in your dreams
with loved ones who have crossed over. Before bed,
relax and think about the good times you and your
loved one shared. Be grateful. Talk with him or
her and share your questions or anything else
that’s on your mind. Then ask for help in becoming
aware of their presence in your dreams and recalling
those dreams. Also ask for help from God or whomever
you pray to and in time you may be able to be more
perceptive of spirit communication. It’s also a good
idea to immerse yourself in protective white Light,
a cocoon of soothing, healing energy, before falling
asleep to help you sleep better.
Is there a ghost in my home, you ask?
It’s much easier for us to offer a professional
opinion on such matters by being physically in the
location, but based on what someone tells us,
sometimes it can be pretty obvious that a lost
soul is hanging out in their home or workplace.
Sometimes it’s the result of someone dying in the
home or area years ago and never going to “the Light.”
Other times the resident unknowingly allows a lost
soul into their home.
Fortunately, this problem is relatively easy to fix.
One option is to send the spirit to the Light. Check
out the book The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore. Aside
from being an easy read that describes how and why
lost souls can interfere with your life, there’s
also an effective script in the back of the book
you can read aloud which will help send lost souls
on their way.
What is my spirit guide’s name and how can I
communicate with them, you ask?
By design, you lack a continuous, direct line to
your spirit guides, one that would always allow
you to get the right answer instantaneously. Why,
you ask? Because it would be too easy to skip the
challenges in life, which amount to your earthly
But we believe many of you, especially if you have
an active interest in metaphysics, are predetermined
to be able to receive at least some other-dimensional
guidance (such as through meditation), thereby gaining
enough insight to help make wiser choices in life and
shortening the learning curve a little bit.
Rather than attempting to link to a spirit guide, who
might not be entirely helpful or even of the Light, go
within to tap into your Higher-self, or God. We believe
you can receive all the help you need (within reason)
if you discipline yourself to tune into this stream of
truth, the language of spirit. Don’t expect reams of
information, like you’re listening to a speech, but do
expect subtle hints, phrases, images, scents, symbols,
and emotional impressions. If you pay attention and get
into a meditative state of mind, with regular practice
you'll perceive what you need, when you need it.
Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing - a very interesting topic, indeed.


    • Joanne Nicholls profile image

      Joanne Nicholls 

      6 years ago from Derbyshire U.K

      I really like this, I have always had communication with my great grandmother and my great aunt (her daughter), she passed away before I was born. I grew up being told not to tell stories when I experienced spiritual communication and grew into a difficult teenager and this light went out a little as I denied or lost the early years of this beautiful connection, I know now they never went away but I did 'switch off' at some point. Now I have a regular and lovely connection, my great grandmother she has her wings now and often pops in to visit family. This is an interesting article. I have to add that recently losing our grandmother, I have felt my great grandmother sit on the edge of my bed, (I daren't look :) ) and also woke one night and felt a glowing presence in my bedroom, I kept my eyes shut but I heard the words 'It was our lord Jesus Christ that saved me'. I was a very lovely feeling but I did not open my eyes, the glowing energy was a pink/peach colour hue from within my mind.


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