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Children Terrified Of Ghosts

Updated on July 11, 2009

According to a leading child psychologist, at least a third of his patients believe they see ghosts. The psychologist related a recent case concerning a young boy who was so terrified of a ghost that he would take several knives to bed with him each night for protection.

'The boy could actually describe the character and features of the ghost he believed he saw,' the doctor said. 'Apparently whenever he stabbed it with his knife it would break into five pieces, and then he would have five ghosts coming at him.

'In desperation his mother placed him on a mild sedative, but even then he would grind his teeth as if he were battling the ghost in his sleep.'

The psychologist told me he uses several techniques to banish the ghostly images, including using the child's imagination to concoct a good ghost to fight off the bad.

'I try to get the child to use their imagination against whatever is bothering them. I'll help them put together a better, stronger image to fight off whatever the problem is,' he explained.

'I also use a technique that is practiced by many tribes, which involves taking the person back into their nightmare and changing the outcome.'

The doctor also believes a child can be greatly influenced by the type of program they are allowed to watch on television.

'At least a third of the children I see are convinced that ghosts and demons exist,' the psychologist said.

'I have been advising parents very strongly about how fertile a child's imagination is and encouraging them to closely monitor their viewing habits.

'For some children, what is portrayed on television is very real. They have trouble distinguishing fiction from reality.'

Recently, the psychologist was asked by his local church to conduct a children's activity forum.

During the session, he asked the children about ghosts.

The response from the children was not surprising, but what was amazing was the reaction from the parents and priest.

'I was talking to the children about a young boy who believed he had seen a ghost,' the doctor explained.

'Suddenly, every child in the room started talking about their own experiences with ghosts.

'I then asked the parents if they had any experiences to share. To my surprise they all opened up and told me about houses they had lived in that were haunted and ghostly apparitions they had seen.

'Then the priest recalled an exorcism he was asked to perform. He said that when he entered the house he immediately felt something was trying to choke him.'

The psychologist concluded by saying that he is in the 'mind game' and he is very aware of the tricks, ghosts included, that the mind can play on an individual.'

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  • profile image

    NATS 6 years ago


  • profile image

    AuthorLMS 8 years ago

    I believe children can see spirit as I believe mine does often and I can confirm this speculation as I too have seen a spirit in my home and I can promise it was no imagination nor hallucination, thanks for sharing! :-) Great article!!

  • profile image

    AuthorLMS 8 years ago

  • Gina Barbiero profile image

    Gina Barbiero 8 years ago from SouthEastern US

    Josie, your little one might be a developing medium. Even if it doesn't run in your family, like it does in mine, one can pop up every now and then. I like your idea about calling the angels for protection that is the right thing to do. Please consider contacting a Spiritualist church or medium in your area to have your daughter evaluated and to further advise you on how to help her. My guides are telling me that your girl is very psychically sensitive. No worries, it's a good thing. Good Luck and God Bless

  • profile image

    stormo 8 years ago from timbucktoo, florida

    josie, sorry to hear about your little girl. You should try and pray with her and have your home blessed. Just remember that whatever your child is scared of good or bad that it is real to them and you should treat it as real. I dont believe what most people think about ignoring it. You should try and deal with the problem. Acting like her fears are not real only strains your relationship with her. Nevertheless, I was child terrorized by the demonic, and it is real, in whatever form they choose to present themselves. The only way to fight it, is to continually pray with your child and teach your child how to pray when you are not able to pray with her, and please have your house blessed especially the areas you believe frighten your child the most. Goodluck.

  • profile image

    josie 9 years ago

    I have always believed,there is good then there is bad. I have a two year old daughter. That i believe see's something that scares her very badly. And while her teen age sisters are there with her they can never see anything. Or how they can help her or calm her down cause she cries so so bad. Even when she goes in that part of the house she jumps in the bed and hurries and pull the cover over her head as if she does not want to see it. I have seen a special on Oprah several years ago about angels. And since then i have believed that in order for them to have access in your life then one has to believe in them. So I have believed and invited angels into my life for several years. But what-ever this is that my two year old see's it has moved from one state to another. And i hope this is something that she grown out of. Because seeing your child so hysterical and not being able to help them is not at all a good feeling. So yeah....I will forever pray for her that is stops. If there is such thing as evil haunting a child. How i see it is...It would have to be good vs evil. And in this case NOT MINE!!!

  • magnoliazz profile image

    magnoliazz 9 years ago from Wisconsin

    I believe children really DO see ghosts. I know I saw ghosts when I was a child, and they were real, not just my imgatination.

    Personally, I think children who are seeing ghosts need to be prayed over to prevent any future activity. I do not think it is a good thing, or a harmless thing, I think it is an evil thing.

    I watched A&E's Psychic Kids, where these children who are seeing spirits are taught to see this ability as a "gift", and are even encouraged to explore the paranormal realm more fully! I think that advice is ridiculous and perhaps even harmful. The Bible tells us not to have any thing at all to do with spirits, and I think God is telling us that for a good reason. Some of these doors that are opened, cannot be closed again, and there can be lifelong agony as a result.

    Are these kids "special" because they can see spirits? Not really, I think we are all born with that ability. Children see spirits because they are the most vulnerable, the easiest to manipulate. These children need to be protected against evil, not encouraged to invite it into their lives.

    Hopefully, someone with a Christain background will contact some of these parents whose children are featured on A&E and warn them of the very real danger their children are in. This is not fun and games, contact and communication with spirits could result in lifelong suffering and agony. Yes, evil is alive and well on planet earth and it is waiting to pray in the innocent, the weak and the uninformed.