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The Answer Is - "Jesus"

Updated on August 30, 2015


Life is full of questions. The more complex life becomes, the more questions there are. And it seems that the more "smart" people try to figure it out, the more questions are raised. Which leaves us still looking for answers.

Most people have learned very little about life. And even worse, they don't want to learn from those who have learned. People want to make their own mistakes and find confirmation for their beliefs or ideas that messed them up in the first place.

A few of us, after much stubbornness and resistance, have found that the answer was there all the time, if we would only accept it. The answer or the source of the answer to most of our problems is simplicity in it's self. But very hard for us proud humans to accept.

The Basics

I spent more than a quarter of a century as a technician in an automobile dealer ship. You know the routine. You have car trouble. So you take it back to the dealer. First the dealer takes down all the information regarding your problem. Then they send you across the street to the restaurant to ask advice of the waitress regarding the problem.

That of course fails. The dealer now has a "come back". You are back and upset.

Next they send you to a medical doctor with your auto problem. Doctors are experts. They know everything. So send them to the "pro".

That fails too. Now you are really upset and on your own.

You and I both know better than that. In the dealership I worked in we consulted the repair manuals put out by the manufacture. This may come as a surprise to you, but the manufacture knows a lot more about their product than you or your technician do.

When we have a personal problem it only makes sense to first consult our source, our manufacture, our creator, God Himself

The World


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I do not know who the author of the above was. But it is obvious the author was a lot more

logical than many a "smart" person.


'For by him were all things

created, that are in heaven, and

that are in earth, visible and

invisible, whether they be thrones,

or dominions, or principalities, or

powers: all things were created by

him, and for him,'


In the material realm everything we see, we recognize as being the result of a designer or

craftsman. Whether it be a house, car, airplane, boat, rail fence or simply two old boards

held together with a single nail. Some body did it. And the more complex, the more our

wonder or admiration. That is, everything but this old world. We want that to be the result

of some freak accident.

Until we recognize and acknowledge that God created the universe and every thing in it,

including you and me. And that God has a very definite interest in each of us as

individuals. We will remain totally "clueless" as to the meaning of life and it's problems.

So called "scientist" are still searching for the source of life. But God in his manufacture's

operating and service manual - The Holy Bible - clearly tells us that absolutely every thing,

including this old world and mankind, was created by Jesus Christ.

Where did you and I come from?

Where did the earth come from?

Where did the universe come from?

The answer is - "JESUS", i.e., Jesus Christ.

Beware - How to Spot a Quack


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No. Not a duck. That would be a "quacker". But, you know,

a pretender, charlatan, hypocrite. That kind of a "quack".

A hypocrite;

"a pretender,..... a person who pretends to be what he or she is not;"

(Webster's New World College Dictionary - Fourth Edition.)

You know what I mean. You meet them every day. They pretend that

they could never believe, use or do something they do not understand. Yet

they continue to use a computer, cell phone, air conditioner and listen

to the radio. Yes they even continue to drive cars, when all they understand

is that they need gas.

Hypocrites pretend they could never believe in something they cannot see,

touch, feel, or put in a test tube. Yet they continue to use the radio waves,

signals, electromagnetic waves or what ever you want to call them, with their

cell phones, radios, TV's etc. Even, thought they cannot see them, feel them,

touch them or taste them. Or how about "micro-waves". They will not cook

with them until they can understand and feel them, will they?

You and I know the "Church" is full of hypocrites. Of course it is. They are

people just like you and me. Who else is around?

Hey, even an atheist has faith.

Faith is;

"1. unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence"

(Webster's New World College Dictionary - Fourth Edition)

Atheists have faith that there is no God. But no proof.

Atheists have faith the theory of evolution is true.

Someone much smarter than myself points out;

"There is no scientific evidence to support the theory of evolution."

Atheists have faith there is no heaven or hell. But no proof.

Atheist have faith that when they die, they cease to exist. But no evidence.

[Try explaining "ceasing to exist" to water when it changes form due to heat or lack of it.

Or wood when burned turning into, gases, ash and heat. Or a dead plant turning into

compost. etc. etc. etc.}

Atheist have faith if they reject God there will be no consequences for their unbelief,

But no proof.

Addison said;

"To be an atheist requires an infinitely greater measure of faith than

to receive all the great truths which atheism would deny"

Schiegell said it so well;

"In actual life every great enterprise begins with and takes its

first forward step in faith."

I'm Going to Be a Lamb! - Or, We Can't Do It Ourselves


Sure you are going to be a lamb!

It does not matter how many baths you take. How thick a wool coat you put on.

How pink a ribbon you put on. How much after shave you use. Nor how positive

you think. You will only be a pig. You will always be "Pebbles" the pot bellied pig.

You will continue to grunt, oink and squeal like a pig, because you are a pig and

only have a pig's nature. Unless God himself changes your nature, you will never

baa like a lamb or act like a lamb.

It is just like you and I. No matter how spiritual or angelic we think we are going to

be, we still only have our human nature. And like it or not, we need new life, a new

nature, not a new idea.

We can clean ourselves up. Strap on a pair of wings. Clasp our hands and look up.

Begin to think "spiritual" thoughts, do positive thinking, make "spiritual" sounds and

make affirmations. We can do meditations all day, chant mantras all night and yoga

the rest of the time while doing religious things like going to church. But as long as we

only have our human nature, we are still going to be and act like human beings. That is,

the nature of the flesh and still not be spiritual at all.



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