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the final days of Pompeii/America

Updated on December 15, 2010
our history corner stone's
our history corner stone's | Source


The final days of Pompeii/America


The future of American people depends on the past and the learned experience of the fathers of wisdom.

We have always been told to trust our elders and the wisest of us.  Unfortunate the same doesn’t hold true for the now modern society of what we call The United States of America.


Our fore fathers acted with the wisdom of current and more direct involvement   from a controlling government “Great Britten”.  Not everyone was on the same page of this new thing called absolute freedom and govern by the people for the people. Greed has always played a role in our society as well just about every modern and ancient society known to history, excluding some Indian and Alaskan tribes.


Like the early Tea parties driven to rebellion by controlling foreign governments we to as modern man are starting to feel the pinch of over government and conversion of Constitutional Rights guaranteed by those few  fearless leaders from our early history.


Americans are seeing the deceit of the few that can control the masses and inflect their idealistic view point of socialistic government on the everyday people of America who are the backbone of this great country. It really makes no difference what party you are associated with only that you support our written constitution as it was meant to be as the governing instrument of our society.


Sticking our head in the sand and just assuming things will always work out just doesn’t make sense in these modern times.  Getting our citizens back to work is a dilemma created by the wholesale slaughter of American corporations by the out dated tax codes forced upon the very people that create jobs in America. When our current government is eliminating the very cash cow that has been the backbone of our country, now has been forced to travel overseas to produce products and ship back to America is just plain stupid and wrong. Let’s kill the back room deals that not only empower politicians but also make them very wealthy as well. Serving in Washing should be a very special privilege that anyone who is an American could possibly do. The White House is not a retirement plan it was meant to be a short term lesion in governing from the people that live and understand the problems that the average citizen encounters on a daily bases.


In closing I feel so proud to be an American not because I was born here but because this is my home not an experiment for a class room full of higher educated overseers and controllers.  This is the time for a real change not forward but backward to the yesterday’s inspiration that created the wealth, jobs and honest people who felt free enough to worship freely or not without retribution from any political correctness left side of the government.


Please celebrate Christmas this year with your kids and to the personal meaning that this warm holiday has with your family and friends. Make the holiday last all year not by giving to the poor or needy but by showing the same struggling people  that are in the situation every year how to work and care for themselves and not to be dependent on others for ever. Remember feed a man over and over he becomes dependent upon you, teach him how to work, spell and socialize with others you have given new life to the same man.




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