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The Most Famous 3 Events In Your Life You Can’t Control

Updated on March 12, 2013

The Most Famous 3 Events In Your Life You Can’t Control

The Most Famous 3 Events In Your Life You Can’t Control
The Most Famous 3 Events In Your Life You Can’t Control | Source

It is just little words about the biggest 3 days in your life

Each one of us thinks that he controls his life well. (And little know truth) but I want to share you this fact. You almost control your life not completely.

You have 3 events in your life you can’t completely control: Birth, Marriage and Death.


You were an idea. You were just an idea in your father’s mind when he decided to marry your mother. Just an idea in your mother’s mind when she decided to accept your father’s offer to marriage. Just an idea when both of them (father and mother) decided to be parents.

You have no control on this event. God made you from union of two micro cells called chromosomes in your mother womb. You spend around 9 months growing to reach this moment: Birth.

You may cried, you may objected but the only certain thing was: This event is the first and most important one in your life…… it is the beginning of your life.


A lot of people think that they control this event. The second most important event in your life: Marriage.

If you think well in this event you will notice some points you may not heeded before.

How was the first meeting with your partner? How does it come?

If you heed well in this moment you will notice that you hadn’t any control on this moment. God made this meeting for you, and you faced this partner with many situations to decide that you should be with him/her in one house.

It may looks like your decision but if you think well you will discover it was accurate fate from God.

Marriage is the second event in your life you can’t control. If your birth was happy for your parents, your marriage is the happiest event in your life at all or should be.


One day, Steve Jobs stood in front of StanfordUniversity students and told them these wise words:

“When I was seventeen I read a wise something like “If you live each day as if is your last day, someday you most certainly you will right”. It made an impression on me, and since then for the past 33 years I’d looked in the mirror every morning and ask myself: If that day is the last day in my life, would I like to do what I’m going to do? If my answer was: No for many days, I know I need to change something”

Death is the third event in your life you have no control. No one knows when will he die and how.

As people loved your birth and become happy for coming, they will be sad for your leaving.

Although, you have no control on these events, you have the full control on how to live rest of your life.

Between first event and last one you have one life. When you lay on deathbed, be sure you lived your own life not others. Be sure you had lived the life you wanted to live. Be sure you loved your life. Be sure you won’t regret at this moment.

It is like a bullet. You have only one life and you will live it only one time. So, be sure to make it the best life you live.


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    • AmrElNawawy profile image

      Amr El Nawawy 3 years ago from Egypt

      Yes, I agree with you and both of them are happened without any control of us.

    • psycheskinner profile image

      psycheskinner 3 years ago

      Only 2 of these events happen to everyone