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The Seven Deadly Sins in Today's World

Updated on November 28, 2018

A Note

I read about the seven deadly sins and found out that the things we do in our modern world orbit around the seven subject matters.

We are in a world of poor politics that we think will solve our economic and social problems, yet the dirty tail is in our principles.

Education and knowledge have been amplified and the result is science without humanity and besides, we claim to be religious which of Course, we have not sacrificed for.

The example part of the seven sins is wider than the words in the principles.

The Practical Part of the Seven Sins

Wealth without work

Every news bulletin on Kenyan screens comes with news of lost taxpayers money that has been stolen and goods plundered with’ unknown’ figures. Corruption is the order of the modern day and is prevalent all over African economies. People, especially politicians have developed a hunger and thirst of wealth and greatness despite achieving fame and popularity .the virus of dishonesty has swallowed people in every sector of the economy in the government.

Gone are the days when people ran for political positions because they wanted fame and to work for the people, today the narrative has changed. People are running for political seats so that they can have access to the public funds. In the earlier decades the private entities were largely known for being cash cows because the economy was steadily growing parallel to businesses, but today any unpretentious citizen will give reflex thoughts about the public positions.

We are in a distinctive type of mutilated capitalist economy whereby people guzzle with anything of monetary value that comes their way without consent. This is why poor people are given public position and by the time their servitude elapses they are the newest billionaires in town. Why? Because it has been idealized that public entities are a place where people get easy money, you just have to sign.

Awarding government tenders has been an issue rotating around who knows who. It is like for you to get a government tender in this country you must be known by top officials and lucky if you are a relative, even the farthest cousin. This is where private entities come in to play their part, receiving payments in billions on behalf of the politicians. Money gets lost, people get rich without work.

Knowledge without character

Our education system has evolved from the past insightful character education to a knowledge-based education system. Schools are putting a lot of effort into ensuring that they produce students who are rich in knowledge from books and skills that match world trends. Parents on their part insist to educate their children so that they can get employed or improve their lives.

At the end of an education phase cycle, some get jobs and others peruse their personal interests of life. People get into power and influential positions in society. This is a time when people reveal their real characters. People become abusive in their actions and words and they carry the sore wounds of dishonesty, greed, and unkindness. Most of the educated people end up showing much of their dark side whose origin bounces back to their growth in education.

The education system should be revised and this whole thing of character injected into it so that the next generation gets built on character and moral values.

Business without ethics

In today’s society, the attitude towards business is engraved in greed and profit without minding other positive things about business. We are in a crazy world where profits matter much than people’s health and lives.

Today our retail shops are full of contraband good including the basic foodstuffs which are not up to the standards. We are in a world that businessmen have to lie about their products so that they can fit the customers taste. Business malpractices are the order of the day, hoarding and down weighing of goods have become a normal practice in business.

I have heard a case where a company added water to its petroleum products, and others mixing petroleum products with an aim of making extra potential profits. What is the end result of all these negative business behavior? Cancer cases are on the rise which means people are getting sick every day. Companies are losing their credibility and closing down leading to economic problems. Business customer relations are tumbling down and at the expense of profits. Today, insurance companies are feared because of potential fraud and poor policies that do not benefit the clients.

If all businesses decide to flavor all their business deals and activities with ethics then trust me our economies will grow, people will leave a healthy life and life will be good.

Science without humanity.

In this modern world science and technology matters and for this reason everyone including the countries wants to lead in this field. Because of this people are competing in inventing and producing devices and systems that will be popular in the world. We actually want to solve all our economic and social problems using science and technology.

What we invent through science comes with negative effects on the human side. We have jeopardized humanity at the expense of science. The engine cars and trains we drive emit dangerous gasses to our environment. The factories we put up are not regulated and the science that invented them cannot prevent its effects. Countries are producing nuclear weapons purposefully for war on ourselves. Scientists are now using human beings to test their new inventions. It is a mad world.

Pleasure without conscience.

The only question people ask themselves today in this world is ”will this make me happy?” people want to be happy and involve themselves in what will make them happy without having to consider whether what they are after is right.

College students are in this world where they feel that they should be happy without paying a price. That is why they will indulge in ludicrous activities without a second thought. Most of them are drunkards and do immoral things in search of pleasure. Fathers are running away from their responsibilities, and kids are growing fatherless because their dads were in search of pleasure with a narrow mind.

It is the nature of careless people to put all their effort in pursuit for pleasure without thinking about the responsibilities and the price they must pay. Nothing comes on a silver plate, therefore, people should be ready to pay the price.

Religion without sacrifice

Humanity is the true religion that comes after we consider being a follower of a certain religion and its teachings. Christianity, for instance, teaches us love, kindness self-control among other fruits of the Holy Spirit. All these teachings reflect and embrace humanity. For us to be in line with these teachings, we have to sacrifice everything in any way so that we can embrace humanity.

In today’s world, people drive cars past beggars, and street children on their way to the church, and also the religion is divided into a class where rich people never associate with the poor. We are in a world where people can fundraise for a politician and fail to do so for needy people.

In the Bible, Jesus told the rich young man “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.” Sacrifice is the cornerstone foundation of a pure religion.

Politics without principles.

The principle of good politics is proper servitude for the mutual benefit of society and the world. We fought for our independence because we wanted to be self-governed and out of the suppression of the colonialists. Things did not change even after independence, our politics became so aggressive in finding power than sticking to its principles. This is the reason why in all these decades we have never been able to solve poverty, improve education and health and worse still we depend on foreign aid to fight HIV/Aids and hunger in our so ‘blessed’ country.

Today we are still debating how to enact the 2/3 gender rule, and the fight against equality is a losing battle while still, we are in an egalitarian type of society. Today old folks hate youth leaders and they will do everything to stop them.

Unprincipled politics. The effects are long-term and the writing is written on the wall, we have no principled politics and politics is a dirty game.


For our world to become the heaven on earth we must look into and take into account what our morality in the orbit of the seven sins. If we change from the past of how we do things to a future of how things should be done then our world could be the better place. The seven sins could be a roadmap for the do not do things in our journey of creating a better world.


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