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The Shift: What is shifting?

Updated on April 11, 2012

So, this thought suddenly came to me one day recently….

Whether or not something global is or was about to happen in and around 2012 doesn’t even matter anymore. Not if you believe in the Law of Attraction. What if all of this was a farce? All this talk of debate about the end of days vs. human evolution; all this belief in the gathering of data validating a mystical 2012 prophecy. We have been fed it constantly and consistently for years so who cares anymore what, if any of it is true or not. We, as a critical mass, may have very well been creating what all the passionately influential authors and fear mongering media have been focused on, and passing on to us all on our own. All by our little selves.

A self-fulfilling prophecy in its grandest scale.

So very cool.

And here we are.

It does excite me, ya know.


There’s an old saying, “Out with the old; in with the new.”
It is applied in many areas of life, from philosophical use to business name. When thinking of the events that seem to be happening in collusion with this universal shift, this mantra can explain what is psychologically happening to just about everyone, each at their own rate and intensity, using their own personal means. The pace all depends on the individual’s decision to either accept or resist what is going on.

The old and the new I am referring to here are our core beliefs and values. Many things we believe to be true about ourselves and our world, we are all having to question these days.

In my own personal experience, from what I’m hearing from many people crossing my path these days and from the research I often start my days off with, there are definitely patterns rising above and showing their determined faces to the world. These patterns reflect a list of some beliefs that are being shifted within each one of us.

Common and presently occurring shifts of what we believe:
· FROM Believing other people’s needs are #1 TO Your needs are #1
· FROM Believing you are responsible for other people’s feelings, thoughts and reactions TO Believing each person’s thoughts, feelings and reactions are their own choices based on their own beliefs and past experience
· FROM Believing boundaries are selfish TO Believing they are healthy and are your rights as a human being
· FROM Believing its unproductive to do nothing TO Finding the value and importance on introspection and reflection
· FROM Believing in one concrete set of beliefs about each situation in life TO Opening up to a world of possibilities
· FROM Believing a limited set of beliefs about what it means to be an adult TO Incorporating more creativity, spontaneity and child’s play in your life
· FROM Believing life is a long series of random events TO A pre-set plan for each of us, all connected, with the goal for each of us to learn a personally pre-set chain of life lessons for this lifetime
· FROM Feeling there is a hierarchy of value and importance in people TO Everyone is equal
· FROM Believing success is determined by how much money you make and how many possessions you have TO How you treat yourself, others and how much balanced love you have in your life

What does this all mean???

It means…’s time to go back to where you left yourself.

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