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The Trinity Of Divinity

Updated on August 21, 2020
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God is a supernatural being who made mortals out of earthly clay, the Heavens & the earth, yet there was no trace to genesis of His root.

God Has Been Before Creation

Many has asked questions about God, His origin & how He came into existence. According to the Bible that has said to be the oldest religious book ever live, birthed out of God's inspiration & which is also His word & mind towards humanity, God was the creator of the Heavens & it's hosts & the earth & it's inhabitants. Bible further let us know that He seated on His ancient throne forever but sent forth His son Jesus who came as the second adam after the fall of the first adam but this time for the redemption of mankind & reconciling man to His Creator. From His throne He spoke His word, still on His throne His spirit was said to move upon the face of the water bringing His word into existence. His word by His spirit brought everything in Heaven & on earth into existence, what an awesome being!.

Because of His supremacy & mystery to humanity, mankind has come to ask many questions about Him. Questions like - Who is God?, Is Jesus Christ still God?, Who is the holyspirit?, How did He made the Heavens & earth?, How does God dwell in human? & so many more questions. So out of God's inspiration & revelation to my spirit, i'm able to answer these questions in the poem below. Who God is; Who is Jesus & His relationship with Divinity & Who the Holyspirit is, the creation & Purpose of Jesus to the earth. All these you will find in my poem below & i hope it answer some of your questions about God the father, the Son, & the Holyspirit. I used the word "some" of your questions because God is & still remain mystery to mankind, the more you think you know Him, the more He unveil another side of Him. No man on earth will ever know who God is, not even the angels or the devil, He only unveil Himself to those that diligently seek Him.

God The Father

Sound mind is Divinity in humanity.

When on your knees & you lack words, just speak in tongues.

Jesus is the spoken word of God in human flesh.

— Chiemerie Ozurumba

The Trinity (The Father)

"The Poem"

In the genesis birth of creation

Existed the Epignosis of the supremacy

Whose hand made mortals out of earthly clay

& hosts of angels with gold & precious stones

His word made the firmament in the midst of the waters

& two great lights in the firmament to shine upon the earth

By Himself brought all things into existence

Yet no trace back to genesis of His root

The best asset is the spirit of sound mind.

It takes motivation to break limitations.

— Chiemerie Ozurumba

Jesus Is God

Bible said that God spoke His word from His throne & that word came into existence. Bible also said that God has a son called "Jesus" but there was no record of Him having a wife, then my question is, How did God gave birth to a son called "Jesus" & is Jesus still God?

Yes! Jesus is God & His is also the only begotten son of God. I know many will be in state of sixes & sevens on the answer that Jesus is the only son of God & also He is God too, but just relax & find out in the poem of the next Trinity which is "The Son".

But my question to all reading this is "Is your word you or you different from your word?. If you can answer the above question, then you will find out with ease who Jesus is in Trinity of Divinity.

But note; the word you spoke is your description, it implies who you really are, so therefore your word is you, simple as that.

So if Jesus is the spoken word of God, then who is Jesus?. Jesus is same as God & that make Jesus God.

Questions You Need To Answer

Who is Jesus to you?
Does God knows you?
Who do you think the Holyspirit is?
Is Jesus the Lord of your life?
What's your fate after this life?
Who is God's spoken word?
Do you have the Holyspirit?
Do you really think Jesus is God?
Do you believe Bible is God's word?

The knowledge of Divinity

God The Son

Human is too small to carry God, so He dwells in human by His spirit.

Power is activated when there is a receiving of the Son of God by God's spirit in the heart of men.

— Chiemerie Ozurumba

The Trinity (The Son)

"The Poem"

As it was written in same genesis was the word, and

The word was with God, same word was God

The word was spoken & creation was birthed

In the word was the blood of reconciliation

Same word came in human flesh

Put on the garment of stain & shame

On His shoulders the flaws of humanity

To the cross bruised, & pay the ultimate price

For mankind, the word experienced hematohidrosis

Whipped but His stripes was made healing

At His death, the temple veil torn in two

Risen on the third day with power & keys of hell

& today He is forever alive

God The Holyspirit

The Trinity (The Holyspirit)

"The Poem"

His Lordship forever seated on His ancient throne

Yet dwells in the hearts of the redeemed

He spoke forth His word from His throne

But His spirit moved upon the face of the waters

Who thou art oh mortal made of clay & dust

To lugged the gigantic of Him that made thee

Whom the bulkiness of Heavens could not contain

So He made the earth His step foot

But He choosed to dwell among men

In the sacred & worthy hearts

Whose souls has been washed & redeemed by the lamb

So He dwells in us by His Holy & gentle spirit "The Holyspirit"

Now you know "The Three Trinity" is just three personalities in one person & that person is God, therefore Jesus & the Holyspirit is God in another personalities..

Hope, i have answered some of your questions in this poem "The Trinity of Divinity".

© 2020 Adorable Pen


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