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the way and the truth and the life - John 14:6

Updated on December 8, 2012

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

Jesus makes some strong and very definitive statements, above being one of them. Put in modern and perhaps somewhat blunt terms, it might be translated as follows: : “I’m it. Period.”

Could be seen as exclusive. Believe it is seen that way by some. I’ve been challenged by people, justifiably, like this: “Your idea of God is one who forces His singularity on everyone, regardless of their upbringing and religion. That is exclusive. Your God does not give everyone a fair shake, only Christians.”

I believe, however, that He is just, and can support that stand within the whole context of scripture. Let’s look at a real example, a professor I had in college. I attended a private college, where one of the electives offered was Christian theology. He was a devout Christian, as was my roommate. What was I? I was a kid who’s Mom dragged to church every Sunday, taught me the power of prayer. She planted enough seed to open a door in my heart, a door which God would later break wide open. So my roommate told me he was going to take the course. I had a scholarship to maintain, we always studied together, and he was a brain. It made good sense then, in the interest of maintaining my GPA, to take the course with him. His name was DJ. So we took the course together.

One day, the professor came in and conveyed his disappointment to us. Some people had been cheating, they had a library of his old exams. He made us aware that he knew it, but told us it was not his main concern. His main concern was our salvation. Did not quite understand what he was talking about, which set the stage for a story. He was born and raised in a far off country, where there was no religion per say. He did not attend a church of any kind, and had never seen or heard of a Bible. He did, however, feel there was a God. So he decided to ask that unknown God nightly in prayer, “Who are you?” He prayed every night, and told us his wife would sometimes wake up and ask him what he was doing. He told her, “I am asking God to show Himself to me.”

He told us about a life changing experience. One night, while praying, God did literally manifest in the person of Christ. He told my teacher who He was, and showed Himself. No Bible, no church, He just showed up and went straight to the point.

Many years later, I myself went to God and prayed, “What about the people who have never heard of you?” I had access to the Bible and church, but certainly many did not. His answer to me, a memory flashback to my professor. And His message to me, “I will get to every single person who is mentally capable of seeking me out. And will take care of those who are not.”

So He put people in my life, and used them to answer the difficult questions. God does not discourage doubt and questioning of His word. Rather, He instructs us to read it and even question it, as it will serve as self-verifying. Can a document claim to be a proof within itself? That is what the Bible claims, which can only be true if it is authored and inspired by Him.


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