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Beauty Besieges My Soul

Updated on July 23, 2016

Beauty Besiges My Soul

Beauty besieges my soul, at the thought of being called son,

By you, by you

It remains my strongest power, to know that you love me

That you will never leave,

It is a mystery, how that you sustain me in this love, “I will never leave you,” you say

“You are my son,” “you are my son”

This alone makes me so beautiful, and life a beauty

I wish I were a better son,

I wish I were best obedient and never complaining

If my heart would be cut, it would bleed the words

“I love you, I love you too, help me please, to love as you do”

My shame fills my face, as I behold my errors against you

I am shamed by my thoughts, even my deeds

Yet still you hold me, and call me to you

You whisper beauty to my ear

Daily you tell me, “You will make it, you are my son”

Am beginning to believe your love, am beginning to believe indeed

That am your son, it is only true that only a father would love this way

And this is my hope, ‘your word’ that I will make it

You are my strength father, you also are my help

You are the beauty that besieges me, So that I can tell the world

Am loved , am loved

Even your love, is the beauty that besieges my soul

Telling me , “You are my son, I will help you”

So I wonder, when will I be a pleasant son

How can I do your will

Save me from the mess Oh father,

Save me from the shame

And the enemy, let me indeed be a pleasant obedient son

I have no doubt in your love

You have given me confidence

And all I need to see, is the beauty that surrounds my soul

Ready to wash my sins away, and replace my shame with glory

The glory of my father

My father is love, Oh God my creator

Your love flows in my blood, I can feel it in my bones

You continually tell me, You are my son, you are my son

And this beauty is even my soul, now it is becoming my life

Even in my shame, all I can think about is your love

Your love oh God is what now saves me

Even for life, for you would never leave me to perish

This only, is the true beauty I have learned on earth

The love of God.


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    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 20 months ago from United States

      Thanks for sharing your poem. I have passed it on. (: