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2 Powerful Tools In Achieving Greatness

Updated on August 7, 2020
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Old & feeble, young & vibrate, all strive to reach for the sky. But only few gets to the top; Reason - "Information"


Everyone in existence then & now desire greatness irrespective of gender & age difference.

The old & feeble desire their offsprings to do much better than they were able to do, while the young & vibrate all strive to reach for the sky, Everyone aim the top because the view is much better at the top, none ever want to be left behind. So, many get busy in one thing, others gathering knowledge via many processes, just to be able to meet their goals.

But, many fail to comprehend that "Greatness" is what procced from the inside to the outside, because the primary tools they need to achieve greatness & room from which success journey begin is within every human for profitability. But, the problem is many are yet to discover these tools they are made of, the importance & effectiveness on their future when channel & apply rightly. So, they seek greatness from the outside instead of from the inside first, that's why many has fail & wary, some in state of sixes and sevens today, because they feel they have done practically everything but outside of themselve to accomplish their goal, yet all seem void.

Failure is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of lack of right & adequate information. - Chiemerie Ozurumba

Sit back as we dig deep on this course i tagged "2 Powerful Tools In Achieving Greatness", how to identify & apply them to work. These tools has helped me so far in hitting so many of my goals & acquiring maximum achievements in the course of my life journey.

First, what is Greatness? & Why do people desire/aspire Greatness?

Greatness can be define in divers in accordance to individual mindset & understanding of the word. According to Oxford dictionary, Greatness is define as the property possessed by something or someone of outstanding importance or eminence. It further defined it as unusual largeness in size or extent or number, But, i simply term "Greatness" as fulfilment of a purpose(goal).

Now, taking a look at the definition of Greatness by Oxford, Greatness has to do with achievement, fulfilment of a particular thing/goal which bring about possession and increase. One has to achieve or fulfill so to posses or increase. Thereby, someone is consider great when he has actually fulfill a purpose - both God's purpose for humanity & personal purpose for living & still on process of achieving more purpose, because one level of greatness birth strength & ability to achieve more. That's why a man without a purpose is just like a moving arrow without a direction.

So, for greatness to be achieve, there must be a purpose. There is no greatness without a purpose because purpose fulfilled birth greatness.

Then what are these two powerful tools in achieving Greatness?

This question i will answer as we procced.


The mouth only speak what the mind has produced, because the mind feeds the mouth with words to say.

Life is a school, the more we live, the more we learn.

The mind is where the success journey begin.

The best asset & blessing is a sound mind, funny enough you don't pay for it, you pray for it.

Sound mind is Divinity in humanity.

— Chiemerie Ozurumba

The Two Powerful Tools

(1) - The Mind & (2) - The Mouth(Tongue)

1) - The Mind: Our mind got alot to do with us & our future; our future can be a definition of "Success" or "Failure", it all depends on how we manage & make use of our mind.

The mind is where "Thoughts", "Imaginations" & creating of "Pictures" take place. And these activities that take place in our mind are what reflects in our real & daily life.

The thoughts, the imaginations & the pictures we generate & create in our mind is the life we live daily & the future we establish for ourselves. When we make good use of our mind well by managing the processes that take place in it, the information we let in & the ones we shut door to, then we are on the better hand of creating a future of our own & choice.

Like is widely observed, no one desire or aim for failure, everyone desire nothing but Greatness. But, it only depend on our mind - because that's where the journey of success & failure begin. If we think, imagine, & create pictures of "Success", then we are on better way to success, but thinking, imagining or creating the opposite is "Doom". It doesn't end here in our mind, check out the next tool.

2) - The Mouth: Bible notes, with the mouth confession is made into salvation. The mouth consists of a soft flesh(Tongue) but as powerful as a god.

The mind ability is to create, think, produce imaginations & the mouth take it from there, bringing these thoughts, imaginations & pictures into reality through confession, confessing what the mind has produced.

N:B; Out of the abudance of the mind the mouth speaketh.

Our mouth only speak what the mind has produced because the mind feeds the mouth with words to say. With our mouth we can bring into reality all our mind has produced, be it for our success or for our failure. So we should guide our mouth to speak according to our mind.

Create the right thoughts, right imaginations & right pictures in our mind & let our mouth speak them into reality by confessing them to ourself daily. God only do what he hears us say to Him, so there is so much work in saying because saying brings happening.

Before Creation, God first thought of it in His mind; the creation of Heaven, earth, animal & humanity. He pictured it first in His mind, then create & imagined how creation will look like, then with His mouth He brought His thought into reality. That's why He said in Genesis 1:26-27, after a thought, come let Us make man in our own imagine after our likeness.

If we take close study on this word from God, Come let Us make man in our own image, we find that He has first design man in His mind, how He want man to look like, even when He speak forth light, He has first see light in His mind & knew it was good. So, creation is simply the product of God's thought or imagination.

Now, creating the right thought & imagination with positive confession doesn't warrant laziness to work, the hand should be kept busy - that's when Greatness becomes bare & evidence & Success attain it's peak. Even God engaged in work so none is an exception to work. The mind & the mouth are just the tools for the hand to excel.

So Think, Speak & Work.. Learn good mind management & usage, learn to speak the right words by allowing our mind to right information & let's create for ourself that life we ever wish for.

Questions & Answers

(1) - Why do you as individual desire or aspire Greatness?

(2) - What are your purpose/goals for the year 2020?

(3) - How many of your goal have you been able to achieve so far?

(4) - Where do you always find life so hard?

(5) - Do you think our mind & our mouth play a vital role in our daily life?

(6) - What are the lessons you have learn so far in this course?

(7) - What is your advice & contributions?

Please kindly drop your answers at the comment section; Let's discuss.

Greatness Is Reality

Bio Of Adorable Pen

Adorable Pen is a creative pen that bled love, peace, hope & reality.

The mouth & Greatness

© 2020 Adorable Pen


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