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Key to the UFO Highway (Fine Tuning the UFO Day Cycles Triple Peaks)

Updated on March 28, 2015
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MUFON UFO Journal author (March 1995, June 1996). Self published on UFO Window website from 1997 to 2002. Hubpages articles began late 2011.


I recently published a few hubs on this subject but I am not yet through tackling the problem of pinning down and then proving that there is something to my proposed UFO Day Cycles. This however is expected to be my last hub before a predicted flap based on their anticipated peaking in unison this summer. It took me much time and patience to refine something as complex as the interaction of three cycles. Especially basing it mostly on intuition, paper and pen, and a calculator. It is my belief however that this has not been wasted time.

Of the dates that I came up with for triple peaks prior to this I now realize that some weren't as exact as I would have liked, but it was a work in progress and was still yielding many interesting UFO cases to study (ones that were significantly influenced by at least two of the three cycles). I took the best of those dates, the ones that fit well with the estimated next triple peak date of June 17, 2012 (this date will change before the end of this hub), and based the following resulting peak dates on those and my present estimates for the length of each cycle.

What I found was that there was one major cycle of 18,759 days or 51 years, 4 months, and 11 days that has two sub cycles of a bit more or less than half that amount (9572 days and 9187 days). Within each of those two sub cycles are two more sub cycles that range from about 10 years (3651 days) to 15 years and 2 months (5536 days). The dividing line that breaks the 51+ year cycle into two parts is like the trunk of a tree (represented by the 3/23/1974 triple peak date), the larger cycles of from 10 to 15+ years are like it's limbs and what comes next are the offshoots or branches that extend from those limbs. I was tempted to use genealogy software to print out a chart displaying the UFO Day Cycle family tree of triple peak dates but have contented myself with a spreadsheet format.

Off of all of these main and sub cycle dates are other dates extending outward from them in increments mostly of 378.5 days but sometimes a week short of that (the larger cycles display this property also). Below are all of the dates considered in this study:

I had previously thought that only my UFO Day Cycle 'A' of 7.1436 days in length was refined enough to have complete confidence in. After refining these cycles and seeing how well everything fit together going as far back as 1948, I am now feeling better about the other two cycles, UFO Day Cycle 'B' of 7.0076 days in length and UFO Day Cycle 'C' of 6.76 days in length.

What follows, from the earliest to the latest (1948-1999) are thumbnail sketches of UFO sightings that occurred during triple peaks of my proposed UFO Day Cycles (source is unless otherwise noted):

1/7/1948 1-7pm (CST), Kentucky-Ohio (Blue Book Unknown). Although it has been speculated by skeptics that Kentucky ANG pilot Capt Thomas F. Mantell, Jr., was killed in an F-5ID F fighter crash at about 3:18 p.m. about 4 miles S of Franklin, Ky., because he was chasing the planet Venus which he mistook for an unidentified aerial object that he described as "metallic and tremendous in size”, its proximity to another sighting, also a Blue Book Unknown, in Ohio a few hours later (details to follow) plus it occurring on one of my triple UFO Day Cycle peaks leads me to think otherwise. Also, just over two hours after the crash, USAF 1st. Lt. Orner, Commander, 733-5 Detachment. AACS, tracked an unidentified white light with red coloration by weather tracking theodolite from Godman Field hanger (the crash occurred about 92 miles S and about 205° azimuth from Godman Control Tower) at azimuth 8-degrees elevation which he lost sight of over the horizon at 250° azimuth.

1/7/1948 7:15pm (EST), Lockbourne AFB, Ohio (Blue Book Unknown). A lighted amber-color round or oval object of at least 69 feet in diameter made 3 full 360° circles over one spot in a two minute period at over 500 mph (acceleration while performing such a maneuver estimated to have the effect of 7g's of force), creating an amber colored trail of 5Xs its length behind it. It then moved to another area and performed more circular maneuvers, went up into the overcast, reappeared a minute later, seemed to land for about ten seconds at the end of the runway before departing back into the overcast. There were witnesses both in the control tower and in the air, including one report from 5,000 feet elevation at 7:53pm.

Ten years later, on 1/4/1958, there was another Blue Book Unknown, the result of a sighting by a military aircraft pilot and a navigator who witnessed a bright orange light speeding across the sky that was picked up on radar. A year and two weeks following that, a group of professional astronomers saw a nocturnal light fly quickly to the west as they stood along a shore at St Clair, New Zealand. It lasted for about a minute and they had no explanation for what they saw. The next day in Stratford-on-Avon, UK, one man saw a round, fiery object come down from the east and land 100 meters from him (these last two from the UFO DNA web site). One year and twelve days after that (1/31/1960) there were six people in a boat on the coast of Lae, Papua New Guinea all saw a 14 meter diameter umbrella-shaped craft swaying back and forth in the overcast dawn sky.

Those last four reports all occurred at times of UFO Day Cycle triple peaks; but then, something unusual happened. One year and four weeks later there was a string of five Blue Book reports (all but one of them Unknowns). On 2/27 and 2/28/1961, or two weeks after a cycle peak. If they were one week off it wouldn't raise an eyebrow, but two weeks might lead me to believe that my estimates weren't advancing enough over time or lagging a bit behind the actual peaks. It was still too early to tell, but I decided to be on the alert for other such instances.

On 3/11 and 3/12/1963 there were some noteworthy sightings when the triple peak estimate said they should happen. First, a paper boy in El Sobrante, California saw two oval-shaped yellow lights move over the San Francisco Bay area at high speed from north to south. About 3-1/2 hours later in Hawaii, many saw a brilliant light traveling west and leaving a trail behind it. Forty miles away, two national guard pilots witnessed a UFO at above 40,000 feet and traveling very fast. About 21 hours later in Paine, Chile, a pulsating luminous white sphere was seen traveling from north to south and disappearing in the distance after a minute. It was witnessed by members of the Santiago NICAP subcommittee.

However, a peak in sightings that should have occurred on 3/9-10/73, didn't unfold until 3/23/73, when there were 7 credible accounts per the “*U* UFO Database” (4 inside and 3 outside the U.S.). This was similar to what happened 12 years and 23 days prior. “Highly irregular” I thought.


Speaking of highly irregular, there is this famous photo of a UFO (pictured to the right) that was taken in the midst of a flap of sightings in western and northern Europe. Interestingly this happened exactly a year after the last peak observed. This type of thing happens more often than you might think and is why Dr. Don Johnson created a web page devoted to sightings ordered by day so you can easily see how often this occurs. I am not too surprised about this since two out of three of my cycles peak within a two hour period 364 days later and the third cycle peaks within 4 hours of the time of its earlier peak as well. As a result, the peak times 364 days later will occur on the same day of the week and, if there is not a leap day between them, the day before it happened a year ago. Since more UFO sightings should occur on the peak day, but as much as 21 hours before or after, it is not too surprising to me that there should be exceptional cases exactly a year apart. Back to the photograph. What makes this case a bit unusual, and probably drives the skeptics crazy, is the fact that the fuzzy glowing UFO is displaying beams of light that point downward but end abruptly rather than continue and become diffuse until they hit a solid object. The skeptics of course say that this is impossible. Yet, this is a common feature among those who have had close encounters in the past. Oh yes, and this flap of activity in Europe occurred when it was supposed to (in regards to a projected triple peak date).

Another sighting that happened on the date expected occurred on 4/6/1975 at 2am, LT in Wausau, Wisconsin. Two 18 year old males were driving towards Athens from Wausau when their CB radio suddenly died. One of them then spotted a UFO 1500 feet to the right of the car. It was either hovering very close to the ground or had landed and was flat on the bottom with a domed top. It emitted a pulsating silvery-gray light. After driving another five minutes they observed what looked like a seven foot tall tree trunk by the side of the road. It appeared to be moving slowly. At 3am they parked the car in back of a restaurant and got some sleep. When they awoke at 6:30am, the car was parked at the restaurant but in a different spot, they were dirty and there was a ¼ tank less gas then before they napped. This would seem to indicate that between the time that they slipped into sleep and then awoke that they had driven back to the scene of the UFO sighting and returned, but they didn't recall doing that. For months after that night one of the witnesses had trouble concentrating or remembering. The “*U* UFO Database” showed a flap of activity in North Carolina involving many police reports beginning on 4/3/75 and ending 4/6/75. There were also credible reports on 4/6/75 coming from San Juan, Puerto Rico and a ship in the Berhala Straits of Indonesia.

That same database showed another peak one year plus a few weeks later on 4/25/76 (three credible reports in Europe and one in the U.S.). This time it was a week after it would have been expected. That is not too unusual since one can foresee sightings to be more numerous on a peak date give or take a day and then again for a similar period of time a week before or after that date. But it was again after the peak so there was a trend forming that was convincing me that the peak dates should be moved forward a bit into the future as time went on. Say by one week every 25 years. If this were true then instead of expecting a peak on 6/17/2012 and then the week before and after that, it could occur as late as 7/1/12 and 7/8/12 with peaks also on 6/24/12 and 7/15/12. The 21 hours immediately following these days (from 9pm, CST) should also be good and, to a lesser extent, the 21 hours preceding the peak dates. If this is true then 6/17/2012 would no longer come into play, but the truth may be between the two extremes. In other words the peak may be more likely to occur on 6/24/12 and 7/1/12 with other good days a week before and after those dates (6/17/12 and 7/8/12). In any event, it might be better for UFO hunters to use 6/17/12 as a warm up day, choosing that day as a rehearsal for the main events likely to begin one week later.

There were other sightings on peak days after this but they began to dwindle (implying that they were occurring on the edge of the peak windows instead of in the middle as they should have been). On the night of March 21, 1984, there was a sighting of a very large delta-shaped object pacing the witnesses vehicle for five minutes as he drove south of Albany, New York. There was a flap of similar sightings in the Hudson Valley area of New York almost exactly a year earlier (3/24/1983). Also on the evening of March 21, 1984, was one of three 12-meter long boomerang-shaped craft at low altitude over a highway in Claxton, Georgia. One of them was directly overhead at tree-top level and exhibited many lights.

Finally, on May 19, 1999, Chilean TV showed a video that was taken that evening of a UFO hovering over the capital city of Santiago. There apparently was video taken of a similar event the night before.

After this date I scanned MUFON's UFO report database for actual peak days of sightings from 2009 to the present. What I found was peak dates occurring either two or three weeks after my predicted dates. The actual peak dates were 5/22/09 and 5/28-29/09 (instead of 5/8-9/09), 6/19/10 (rather than 5/22/10; I've also done a hub for a spike on 5/29/10 as well), and 6/18/11 and 6/25/11 (instead of 6/4-5/11). This evidence would appear to support the idea that 6/17/2012 is no longer in the big picture; that the peak dates are on the four Sundays immediately following that. If this assessment pans out to be the case then the new values of the UFO Day Cycles (if their cycles are in sync midway between the peak dates of 7/1/12 and 7/8/12 and using a start date of 1/7/1948 at 3pm, CST and end dates of 7/1/12 at 6pm and 7/8/12 at 3pm, CST) is as follows:

UFO Day Cycle A= 7.14366 days

UFO Day Cycle B= 7.00755 days

UFO Day Cycle C= 6.76013 days

Above is an Updated version of the chart given earlier. This time the older sightings are to the left and the newest to the right. The most potent peak days should be ones that have a single date rather than two dates and without an asterisk. Single dates with an asterisks are just behind that in potency (the asterisks indicates that rather than three peak dates spanning a 17 day period, these dates involve four peak dates spanning 24 days or having the central peak split by two dates a week apart; the date given being the first of those two central dates). Dates split between two back-to-back days without an asterisk are in third place and last would be those dual dates with an asterisk.

Most of the separation between the main dates (bold/underlined) was in the 4779.5 to 4793 day range or 13yr 30.5days to 13yr 1mo. 17days (3 out of five times for 1/13-14/1948 to 2/13/1961, 2/13/1961 to 3/30/1974, and 5/25/1999 to 7/1/2012), 4029 days or 11yr 11days (3/30/1974 to 4/10/1985), and 5158 days or 14yr 1mo. 15days (4/10/1985 to 5/25/1999).

© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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