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What a Day for a UFO (June 28, 2008)

Updated on March 28, 2015
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MUFON UFO Journal author (March 1995, June 1996). Self published on UFO Window website from 1997 to 2002. Hubpages articles began late 2011.

Not Your Typical Saturday Night..

The following UFO sightings were paraphrased from reports submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). I was investigating an interesting period of time in 2008, during the spring and early summer months that usually don't get many UFO sightings. But in that year it was different. More was going on then in the year of 2008. The date I chose stood out among many in this particular month, having what I thought was not only a greater number of sightings than average but also more credible and interesting reports as well. They also occurred within hours before a Peak in my "UFO Day Cycle A" which was at 2:13am (CST) on 6/29/2008.

Brazoria County (south of Houston), Texas

Between 6 and 7pm, the witness was looking north under partly cloudy skies near the intersection of Brazoria, Fort Bend and Harris Counties, Texas, when a blurry silver/gray object was seen up high in a blue patch of sky. At first it was thought to be a planet, but it seemed to shift position from left to right and up and down. A bird was the next consideration since a flash (an apparently reflection of the setting sun off of the object) of something shiny was noticed when it dove at one point (thinking it was the underside of a bird's wings). A short time later a commercial jet that had just taken off flew between the observer and the object. The witness then realized that it was too big and too high to be a bird and became alarmed when the UFO dropped in altitude and started to follow the plane that was heading west. "The object seemed to come down in a meandering but always smooth path" then tagged behind it at the same speed as the jet. Shortly after though it accelerated past the plane and headed on a northwest trajectory. The witness continued to try to explain the sighting away, this time as an optical illusion of some kind, but eventually decided to report it in case somebody else might have seen it or could rationalize what had been seen. This was reported to MUFON on 6/29/2008.

Long Island, New York.

Time was apparently in the early evening. The reporting witness was one of 35 people who were at a graduation party in the backyard of a friends house. The object was a dark, gun-metal colored metallic object, around 12 feet in diameter and shaped like an inner tube with a domed top and a steady strobe light in the middle of its underside. It rose out of a nearby wooded area and then hovered near them at approximately 3,000 feet altitude. It swung back and forth for half a minute, leveled out, and then accelerated very fast and was gone almost in the blink of an eye towards Long Island Sound in the north. This sighting was reported to MUFON on 6/29/2008.


Alabama (near Pensacola, Florida)

Witness was taking out garbage when a long, oblong or cigar shaped bright object was seen high in the northeastern sky. It moved slowly towards the south and had no navigational lights. No sound was heard as it moved towards the observer and then hovered. A military jet flew from the east and passed overhead. When the witness looked back towards the UFO it had disappeared. The jet did maneuvers and then, after about five minutes, flew away to the south at a great rate of speed. The observer than saw the UFO "flicker" back into view almost directly above him. It then started to move south, emitting a bluish exhaust. After a short while it accelerated in speed, it emitted a bluish flash, and then zipped towards the south in a blink of an eye and was gone. Reported to MUFON on 7/3/2008.

In the mountains near Lone Pine, California

At 10:30pm, two young men were stargazing near Whitney Portal Rd when they saw "a flat, elongated, dark greyish, rectangular (with curved corners), object with three lights on the underside, gliding silently in the air.." heading south over where the road intersected US-395. The object was about 200 feet east of them. The reporting witnesses friend saw it first and related that it had materialized out of thin air. It was traveling about 150-200 feet off the ground and was "approximately 50-60 feet long, 20-30 feet wide and 10-15 feet from top to bottom. It was described as being the shape of a large tuna can. It appeared completely solid at the time that the second witness started observing it. It had dim glowing lights on its bottom side. It moved slowly behind some trees and when they ran around the trees it was gone. They stated in the MUFON report (made 8/7/2011) that they had first reported it to NUFORC a few days after it happened (7/4/2008). The time given is from the NUFORC report.


© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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