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Have you or someone you know ever encountered strange or unexplainable events? Please add where and when if you have.

Updated on March 16, 2010

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When I was little I'd dream about many different things. The ones I remember were where they mirrored real life events. I had a dream two days before my grandfather passed away that he was going to die and I refused to let him die alone. I talked my mom into visiting him even though she had made other plans for the labor day weekend. I'm happy in this instance that my premonition was correct because I have that peace of mind concerning my grandfather.

I also used to see people in the hallway in the house I grew up in. I asked my mom one day about "them" and she asked me to describe them thinking that they were my imaginary friends. I guess from my description she thought I'd saw a picture of my great grandparents. I had never seen pictures of them and I was about 5 years old so I couldn't see the pictures on top of the TV in the flip album. I do not know if I'd dreamed about what they looked like or actually saw something but individuals that have lived in the house since have reported strange events and rarely live in the house longer than a year at a time.

I also had dreams while I was in the military about deployments and when they would end. On most of the deployments I was selected for they had an open ended timeframe so I never knew if I'd be home in two weeks or two months. I usually had dreams about when we'd be home. I might not have a specific date but I was normally within a 2-3 day window. The last time I deployed my friend didn't even question it he just turned to me and asked when we'd be back. I told him jokingly that we'd be back within 45 days but turn right around and be back out there for another month. I ended up being close to this at being gone 42 days back for 8 and then spent another 27 days at the location.

With both of my children I had dreams about if they were a boy or a girl. When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed two days before the Ultrasound that he was a boy. I ended up being right and had confirmation that day. With my daughter, I dreamed not about the actual Ultrasound but of the phone conversation that same day. I dreamed that I was talking on the phone with my mom and was recounting the events in the Ultrasound. It went erily similar in the actual Ultrasound where the technician said "I don't see any "boy parts" but the lack of those doesn't automatically mean you're having a girl". Later in the exam we got confirmation that we were having a girl. I called my mom and it was almost the same as my dream.

I guess strange events happen almost anytime and any place. I happen to have the premonition dreams. I also cannot go into certain parts of the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH due to feeling "cold spots" and like I'm being followed. I tried to explain the feeling to my husband but he was clueless. I told my mom about it once in High School and apparently she has the same feelings at times. I don't know if I'm sensitive or not but I wouldn't call it seeing ghosts but definately feeling disturbances in the area.


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    • profile image

      Mister G 8 years ago

      Very interesting hub, AFTiggerintel.  I love stories like yours (doesn't everybody?). They can't help but make me ponder certain mysteries.

      I took a class in Logic in college, and I wrote a paper with this proposition: If prophecy is real, then the future has to have already happened (because you can't see something that isn't there). 

      I can't describe the whole argument here; but it was partly based on a theory I discovered in a weird, limited-edition book (1,250 copies, if memory serves) that I found in a used book store.  The theory went something like this: what we experience as the passage of time is based on where we are on a line of experience -- and the line travels along a plane where all time and all events in time are eternally present. I believe he called it the Plane of Eternity.

      The book was actually written by an ex-Army officer from WWII who experienced his own death (getting shot) -- and then he experienced an almost identical sequence of events, only, this time, he didn't get killed. 

      Even weirder, after I had left this rare book behind and moved all the way across the country, I came across it again in another used book store 3000 miles away...but I don't know if it was the same copy.  That made me wonder whether there was really something important in that book that I was supposed to learn.

      Anyway, thanks again for a great hub.  I'll be back for more.

    • AFTiggerIntel profile image

      AFTiggerIntel 9 years ago from Nebraska

      I never felt threatened. I don't normally play the lottery but I do have this weird luck with Slot Machines to leave with more than I came in with. I put my spare change in one as I was walking by it just to get rid of the change and ended up taking back 300 of it's friends. I do the same with those electronic BlackJack things.

    • phantom_moon profile image

      phantom_moon 9 years ago from Sacramento California America

      Thats amazing. Have you ever been afraid or felt threatened by your experiences? Have ever been able to succesfully win at loto or some other