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Unleashing the Inner You

Updated on August 23, 2017

Spirituality and Religion are Different

Some people mistake Spirituality for Religion. A lot of sites I see and read that have Spirituality in it, link the two.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not discriminating against religion. People can believe what they want. I don't allow others to tell me what to believe, so why should you? I'm Spiritual, not religious.

I believe in Reincarnation, Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirits and Spirit Animals, but not a single God. I like the idea of there being several Gods and Goddesses out there. Perhaps they came from another Universe to create this one. After all, there would be countless Universes in existence. However, I just call whatever the Higher Power is the Universal Source, or just Source usually. For here on Earth, I think there would be several High Spirits who are helping guide the human race, along with multiple Extraterrestrial races including the Andromedans, Pleiadians and the Sirians - but are we listening?

People ask "Why is God allowing all this to happen?" when it isn't up to those on the Spiritual Plane or even our allies in Space - it's up to human's to help ourselves. Once we start doing that and accepting the fact that human's are doing this to themselves, then maybe someone will step in and help. It's possible our governments and other places of power are being manipulated by other-worldly beings, and perhaps our allies are helping us as far as that goes. However, we need to learn to stand up and take responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

I still have a lot to learn on Spirituality; however, one thing I already understand is that everyone is equal and we are interconnected with each other energetically. We are all experiencing life on this beautiful Earth - humans, animals and nature alike, here to learn whatever it is that we need to in this lifetime with a destination in mind, but what path we take to get there is up to us, which is where free-will comes into play. People judge by appearance, when it isn't what's on the outside that matters. Only when people look beyond the surface and see the soul beneath, will the human race truly understand the meaning of life and love.

Every single person has something new to learn if we are willing to listen to our Higher Selves, and trust the guidance being offered to us every day. It's time to put a stop to all this violence, and unite as one instead of placing barriers that separate us. Life is Life, whether human, animal or nature, including this beautiful Earth. We are all here for a reason.

You Matter.

We all do.

You Have The Power

To Create Your Life's Path

We all have the power to create the life we want.

Unfortunately, some people don't realise their true potential due to others putting them down and saying they won't amount to anything.

Don't listen to them.

I'm telling you now that your life is your choice. You have the power to live the life you want, regardless of what other's say. Don't be guilted or scared into believing something either. You believe what you want.

The Universe is endless, with limitless possibilities.

Grasp them.

Believe in yourself, and stand in your power.

Don't let others push you around.

Live the life you dream of.

Turn your DREAMS into REALITY.


"It's easy to stand with the crowd. It takes COURAGE to stand alone."

I don't know who came up with this, but it's one of my favourites.

Who says we need to follow others? Why should we walk the path they have lain for us?

We all have our own journey to take. Sometimes it will be with others, at times it will be alone.

We may meet someone with a similar destination and walk side by side while travelling our separate paths. We can support each other through the lessons and obstacles though :)

Wisdom is not limited by age - True wisdom has no limit

Have you ever heard a child say something that you would only expect from an older person?

People limit themselves to what others have told them. If they continue hearing "You're not good enough for that job" or "You're not smart enough to do that", then those people start believing it, which is what holds them back from accomplishing that dream.

You need to forget what others say you CAN'T do, and know that you have the ability to do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

Believe it or not, but children have a way of knowing things. They see what adults miss. They hear what adults don't. They live in a world where there is only love and light, where they believe they can accomplish anything. Why do you think they always want to do things? To go outside and explore the environment? Why are they so curious about everything?

They want to learn.

It's when they get older and adults put limitations on everything that they lose that inner knowingness. There are some families that raise their children in a way that teaches them that there are no limits to what they can accomplish in life. Those children are lucky.

The majority of people need to relearn what their inner child already knows, what they used to know from the moment they were born. You see and hear more than you realise.

When there's an obstacle in your path, get in a bulldozer and plow it down (figuratively speaking, of course :P)

Bring back that love and light that is buried inside you and let it shine.

Why Give Power To That Which Hurts You?

Words are air and disappear. They can only have a bad effect if you allow them to.

I understand that in certain circumstances, you can't help but get hurt, especially if the words are spoken by those you love.

If someone teases you, ignore them. Bullies usually hide behind others anyway, which makes them cowards. Why let those people bring you down? You're better than that, and in the end, so are they.

Just remember, more often than not, insecurity and jealousy is where most cruelty comes from.

Make Your Own Happiness! - Use your imagination

Don't leave your happiness up to others.

Your life is your own responsibility; you can't blame your failures solely on others.

If you're unhappy, do something about it. Join a club, go to the movies or the beach, do exercise, anything!

Don't say you can't afford it, either, because there are so many things out there that could boost your mood and are free.

Exercise is one - it's healthy and gets your blood pumping so you feel so much better afterwards.

There's heaps to do. Life is meant to be lived - so live it.

Sometimes I Wonder...

Why all the violence?

Why all the corruption?

Why is there so much injustice?

Where did honesty go?

Since when did it become dangerous to go running around the block alone?

When did watching TV replace going to the park for a family outing?

When did work and technology start getting in the way of face-to-face socialising?

One day the human race will realise their full potential.

I just hope they don't destroy this beautiful Earth

Before they truly start to live.

Trust and Respect - Are Two-Way Streets

How can you expect to receive if you never give?

I'll focus on parent-children relationships, but this goes for any relationships from family, friends, co-workers, even those behind the counter at the shops or banks.

It starts from the moment that baby is conceived (how you care for it and yourself), and it goes for the rest of your lives.

How can you expect someone to be honest with you if that trust isn't there? If you're a parent and wondering why your child isn't respecting you, ask yourself this: have you earned their respect?

Just because you're the parent, doesn't automatically entitle you to the respect and honesty. If you know you're child is lying to you about something, what is it you do first?

1) Talk to them and build a relationship on trust?


2) Sneak into their room, snoop around and try to find answers in their personal belongings?

I hope it's the first.

I'm not trying to tell people how to raise their kids. All I'm doing is explaining from a personal point of view how annoying it is when I know someone's snooped in my room because they need to find out what I'm doing. I felt like screaming at them to mind their own business - but I was always so quiet and timid, never causing trouble or speaking up for myself, always following what others told me. Basically, I was weak. Now that I'm standing up for myself (and my privacy) and going after what I want, people think somethings wrong.

When your children get to a certain age, it's time to trust them. You can't control what they do their whole lives. They have to go out and experience the world. All you can hope for is that those lessons you taught them when they were growing up stay with them.

And please let your children grow up. Don't try and keep them as kids. Also, accepting them exactly the way they are, and believing in their dreams, regardless of what they may be, goes a long way. No one is perfect. No one has to be.

Children never - never - forget the way they were raised.

They can block it out, but it's always there.

So make their childhood happy, something they look back on and smile. No childhood's perfect, but you can teach your kids discipline, respect and manners. Then, if you deserve it, they can respect you as well.

Meditation and Yoga

Can help when wanting to relax and calm your mind. They can also help you tap into your natural-born psychic ability, and meet those on the Spiritual Plane.

If it doesn't work in your first try, don't worry.

I'm still learning to calm my mind and be in the Now.

Like everything, it just takes practice.

Find what works for you.

Possible boooks

Just a few suggestions on books you may want to have a look at if you wish to improve your life :)

Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life
Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life
I love this book. It explains the power of creative visualisation :)
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
The first book I read on this subject :)
You Can Heal Your Life
You Can Heal Your Life
Another one by Louise Hay which I have read and like.

What are your thoughts?

When you think of "Spirituality", do you think of "Religion"?

See results

Same question as the poll

When you think of "Spirituality", do you think of "Religion"?

Just some photos I wanted to share - :)

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Believe With Your Whole Heart

You are worthy of Abundance

You are worthy of that Job

You are worthy of Travelling

You are worthy of Love

You are worthy of a Family

You are worthy of Life

You Are Worthy and Deserve to Live Your Dreams

Believe this, and you will go far

(My Aunty Lin taught me this, now I'm telling you)

Anger is an emotion we can do without

Everyone gets angry. However, we have the choice to turn that anger into happiness. We have the choice to let grudges go and allow positivity to enter our lives.

As a typical Scorpio, when someone hurts me, I feel the need to sting them back, whether it's straight away with a quick back-answer, the following day, a week, or maybe even a month or more later - but I do end up making them regret hurting me.

Is it right, though?

I realised something, when I was making the lens on The Peaceful Warrior just recently, that there's no point in holding grudges or getting revenge. Karma comes around to everyone eventually, so why hurt yourself over something that you can't control? People can't live a life full of lies and deceit without Karma hitting them where it hurts.

(This is an example. Please note that this is not me complaining in any way. It's a personal story, and the only way that I can think of to explain what I'm trying to say here.)

There's constant tension between my step-mum and I. I won't get into it, but I'll say this: She's a manipulative, controlling so-and-so who has turned my dad against his entire family, including me almost. She hates the fact that I'm still in my father's life.

Anyway, things she did - entering my room without knocking, trying to control me, using the slightest little thing against me and whining to my dad to put me in a bad light, constantly bringing her family and friends over to try and drive me out of the house - would piss me off. I was always calling my Grandma and asking if I could stay with her for a few days, and when I did, my hands had flamed up something shocking (I'm prone to eczema on the back of my hands, and when tension was high, they would get red, itchy and flaky - not fun. However, it does also depend on my diet and weather conditions, but tension was the main reason for it back then).

Because of this, she kept winning due to the fact that I didn't want to stay in the same house as her. Well, when I caught onto this, that changed quick smart. I began staying there just to piss her off, and prove that she doesn't have any say in what I do or where I go. If she invited her friends or family around, I kept my door shut, turned up my music to hear it properly (they were always loud, laughing, making a huge show of things) and I did whatever I wanted. If I went out there, I would say "Hey, how are you?" to whoever was there and be really friendly to them, which also riled her.

I played her at her own game.

She did too much, hurt me too often, for me to just forgive her. In fact, for a while I even stopped talk to her for several weeks. I ignored her, didn't acknowledge her unless she said something to me. My answer would be short and abrupt. She'd caused such a huge rift between my dad and I that I didn't think we'd ever get that strong relationship back. He's accused me of so much (due to her manipulation and brainwashing) that I couldn't just forget it. We moved a few years ago, and after a several weeks of silent treatment on both sides, she suddenly acted as if nothing happened. She was talking to me, and again, trying to control didn't work. (I despise it when people try and control others. We have free will for reason. The only person you can truly control is yourself)

When I was looking at the quotes and images on Google on The Peaceful Warrior, I just let it go. Why would I hang onto something that was only harming me? I may never forget, but I can choose what I do with the memories. I choose to accept them as life lessons.

Now we talk and be civil. I know she hates my guts, and her being nice is just show for my dad. I'm nice to her simply because I won't lower myself to her level of childishness anymore. I rose above it. If anything, her controlling attitude towards me is now amusing.

After all, I'm a positive person. I like positivity, and if I'm thinking about the next way to get back at her, upsetting/angering past events, or thinking about things I should have said to her, that's only attracting negativity to my life, which is the last thing I want. I've got a life to live. I won't let her win by thinking bad thoughts. I'm envisioning my life and what I want out of it. I'm happy, and I refuse to let anyone change that.

The point is, don't let other people's insecurities, jealousies, or anything else, stop you from living your life and chasing your dreams no matter where they take you. We're conditioned to take the bad with the good, instead of being grateful for them both. I know I am. After all, the bad has taught me vital lessons. Step-mum came into my life to teach me this exact lesson - rise above the anger and smile at those who try and take you down. She has no power over me now.

I guess you could say that I grew up, and finally understand more on the true meaning of Spirituality.

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