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Vampires - a reality of myth

Updated on December 1, 2011

Vampires are around us - and it's not a joke

Vampires - dangerous creatures of night, who specialise in killing women and drinking blood. Today, with the growing popularity of books, movies and TV shows they're people are beginning to interest themselves in the subject of vampirism. They're asking question if vampires really exist, if they drink blood, change themselves into bats or other animals etc.

Vampirism is this element of our culture in which history, legend, myth and reality met together in small area of space. For all those, who are interested in the subject of reality behind vampirism I've prepared this article.

The History of Vampires - sort of

In the old days, hundreds of years ago people believed that mages and witches can change a person into vampire. The belief about existence of vampires appeared because of deformed bodies that had been found in coffins. People used to believe that the dead person was turned into vampire and that "it" wanted to get out. In reality, these deformed bodies were caused because of the agony people buried alive suffered from - medicine wasn't very advanced, and saying someone's dead was heaving tragic repercussions.

Pegs were knock into heart to make sure the person will stay dead (what a fascinating way of making sure someone's dead). Garlic on the other hand is for this day believed to repel astral entities, demons, ghost and spirits.

In XVIII and XIX centuries concept of modern vampires - that were drinking blood and changing into bats - was introduced by writers and authors of numerous novels. At the beginning of XX century and development of cinema a famous movie begun influencing minds of people - Nosferatu - and for this day vampires are perceived in this, and not other way. But how much of this is really real? You're about to find out...

The Real Vampirism

Vampires exists - they look like you or me, because they're humans too - a real vampire is not a member of other species or race, he's a normal human with unhuman needs if I may say that. Real vampires can walk in daylight, they can't turn into animals (like bats), they can't fly and they can't be scared away by garlic. And they've created a huge community...

Sanguine Vampire

Also known as Sanguinarians, who due to their condition which is the problem with energy body and energy system, are people with thirst for blood. They drink either human or animal blood from donors in order to replenish their own levels of psychic energies. This state is born-on, which mean sanguinarians are "like this" since they were born. After realising their thirst for blood and discovering facts about psychic vampirism, they're becoming Awakened - and this process of becoming aware of their own true nature is called awakening. Donors are aware why they're donating blood and they accept this.

You might have noticed the term - psychic energy. This leads us to second type of a vampire.

Energy Vampires

Also known as psychic vampires - they also suffer from the energy body condition, but instead of drinking blood, they drain psychic energy from living beings. This time too, the code of conduct requires willingness of donor.

You've learned about two types of vampires - there are voices that says sanguinarians doesn't need to drink blood and all of this is just awful set of rituals and beliefs, yet if it's really needed or not, a real sanguinarian should be answering this question, not me.


Believe it or not, but just as kids gather in clubs, adults gather in societies, the same way vampires (sometimes spelled vampyres) gather into groups - in most cases called Houses. And they're not hiding, everyone willing to do so can find a House with no problems. Personally I would suggest checking website of House Kheperu.

I linked to some books on the right if you would like to learn more about real vampirism.

Are they dangerous? In every society there are individuals we should be afraid of, but so far, the vampires I've met were one of the most calm, peaceful and nice people I ever met. My advice is to try to understand a real vampire if you will met him (or her), instead of criticising.


I've noticed many people think that vampries gather around so called Covens - just to clarify, this term is related to Wicca, a Coven is a group of wiccans, not vampires ;). Uff...

Frequently Asked Questions

And here's a short section with frequently asked questions regarding vampires.

Can a vampires change themselves into bats and fly away?

No, no, and once again - no :).

Can a peg kill a vampire?

Honestly, no matter how strong human being you are, a peg in heart will definitely kill you - and that should be answer good enough for everyone - since as I said, vampires are pretty normal, they can be killed like any other human being. But seriously, what kind of question is that? ;)

Can a vampire by burned by sunlight?

If he stays in it for whole day then I guess yes - as everyone else.

Can a vampire use superpowers like telekinesis?


Can garlic be used as defence against vampires?

Personally I don't like smell of garlic, but if I want I can just hold my breath. And no garlic will save you from me. Same thing relates to cross, holy symbols, silver and other false beliefs.

Are you a vampire?

What, me? Nah... what? Headaches? No, they're caused by energy flow within my third eye... Sensitivity to sunlight? My sunglasses do the job... Umm... oh crap...

The reality of myth

As you can see - vampires are pretty normal. And they were normal since the day Humans were created (in one way, or another). There are no reasons to be afraid of them. I hope ;).


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