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Updated on June 21, 2011

My experience of war

18 years ago, when Croatia wanted to separate from Yugoslavia, war in my country started, and it lasted  4 years. Yugoslavian military forces, did not allow Croatia to separate (we were without weapons on the beginning, but managed to fight on so many inventive ways despite of that). Big part of my country was almost completely destroyed - houses, factories, schools, churces, so many people was left without everything what they had, so many lives was lost. My whole generation lost the best time of life in the war and in the healing traumas afterwards.

The psychological cause of war, was unhealed hate among the people from the time of Second World War. Some families (who lost their dearest) did not forget that hate, and gave it in heritage to the next generations, instead of love and tolerance. From this small sparkles of anger and hate, big fire was burning here for 4 years, fire of destruction without any mercy. The all sides which were involved in the war in Croatia and later in Bosnia, committed war crimes while forgetting that they are doing that to their neighbours, friends, colleagues - to their human brothers and sisters. Political and economical interest from the certain foreign countries was also helping that fire of hate burns much stronger, then it should.

I was living in capital of Croatia, Zagreb, which was not in the first front line, we had bombing only twice, but city was full of fear and refugees from the rest of Croatia, and later from Bosnia.

The hotel where I worked was full of refugees (from Vukovar) and I volunteered for Red Cross. Later on, I started to work with United Nations Protection Forces, who came to keep the temporary peace we established.

When war is in your country, which you love with your whole soul, it is heartbreaking. Then - it is not happening to somebody else, somewhere far, you just feel it and see it everywhere around and you must become part of it, on one way or another. And you cannot run away from it, nowhere. The war starts to run through your blood, the war is in every molecule of air you breath. The war touches everyone whom you know. Although I have chosen to work for peace forces, what was the best choice in this craziness, nobody was able to protect me from the fact that my country was burning, exploding and crying in pain.

There are some valuable lessons I learned then:

1. Live today - in this moment, you never know it might be your last one.

2. Nothing material cannot last and there is no guarantee for anything what any human creates in the life.

3. So many time is needed to create something, and so little to destroy. And years are needed to forget and forgive, sometimes many lives (or generations.)

4. Peace is the highest gift from heaven, but everyone has to deserve it.

Photo by Tatjana Mihaela Pribic
Photo by Tatjana Mihaela Pribic
Photo by Tatjana Mihaela Pribic, Karma, Arbanasi, Zadar
Photo by Tatjana Mihaela Pribic, Karma, Arbanasi, Zadar

People who are not touched by the pain and fire of war - either through the personal experience or through the compassion for the others , cannot fully appreciate incredible value of peace, love and freedom.

Army attacking another army is the highest top of violence escalation which begins somewhere else - in our minds and hearts, with hate and anger towards oneself which we project towards the others, intolerance, and playing aggressor or victim role in any segment of the life.

Even when we choose to be victims of our own life, it is bad - victim always need the aggressor to continue that vicious circle...

We need to make an effort to become balanced and dignified human beings, step by step, the most valuable reward will be gained - peace and contentment of the soul.

At first step - start to love yourself and give to the yourself abundance of love. When you stop to fight inside yourself, and understand that you are the only one who can be your own best friend (as well as your own worst enemy) - than you will be able to consciously project the love in the outside world.

Peace starts in the heart and mind of everyone of us.

Effects of war and depleted uranium

On the right are pictures of children born with the heavy birth-defects caused by use of DEPLETED URANIUM , when NATO bombed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq.


My country also joined NATO this springtime, and we are not very proud because of this.


Children of NATO soldiers who were fighting on the territories polluted by radiation, share now the same destiny as the children from their "enemies" - birth defects occur on the both sides - war does not protect anybody involved in crime on humanity.


This is what hate produces - this is human hate materialized, this is how the hate looks like.


Whenever our human brains start to find good points in the wars and weapons of massive destruction, especially when is happening to the others, it would be good to remember these photos, just to remind ourselves, how is hate expressing itself through the genetic defects of human offspring.


Depleted uranium, chemical poisons and other types of weapons do not influence only countries attacked - this radiation and poisons are affecting all living beings on this planet: you, me, especially children and future ones to come. These poisons are changing genetic code of people and making us more vulnerable to the various illnesses, or defected.


Despite everything, we have the strongest power - love inside us to create better world in our visions, to believe in humanity in spite all madness and irresponsibility humanity produces here.


Peace and love in our heads and hearths can and will gradually change the world - for beginning the world of ours. Energy of many open human hearts is stronger than bombs, pollution and radiation.

Only thing we need to gradually sacrifice, step by step, is war in our mind and emotions, and create ocean of love and peace with all others, no matter to which religion they belong, which race, gender or nationality .

In the times of war - there is illusion of "winners" and "loosers" - but, finally every side looses, always. Law of cause and effect, is not possible to avoid.

In the times of peace - everyone is winner - because peace brings progress and posperity.

Let peace and love embrass our world and our lives!

Photo by Tatjana Mihaela Pribic  Vir - Croatia
Photo by Tatjana Mihaela Pribic Vir - Croatia

The Immortal Child, by  Jean Hudon

From the Point of Infinity to the Point of Eternity,
there is only One Being... One Life... One Consciousness...
radiating in all directions, through all dimensions,
the infinite, eternal Presence That Is!

And Life on planet Earth is but an expression
of the infinite creativity of the One.
We are here to celebrate Its existence,
here to discover our Unity with All That Is.

Now as never before, the times are ripe for a massive change.

Humanity, amidst colossal difficulties,
has arisen from the soil of evolution on this majestic planet,
one amongst so many others.
And now the time has come for a New Beginning,
a time of complete, total Renewal
of what constitutes the Human Experience on planet Earth.
We have to awaken...
We are bound for the stars...
And the Universe is holding its breath in keen anticipation
of this magic moment when Humanity will soar
through the Skies of Infinity.

Photo by Tatjana-Mihaela Pribic;   Karma, Arbanasi, Zadar 2009.
Photo by Tatjana-Mihaela Pribic; Karma, Arbanasi, Zadar 2009.

Let peace prevail on Earth.

My other Hub about peace: PEACE TO THE WORLD


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