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What Is Real? How To Make Your Reality Your Own

Updated on October 21, 2014

An Alley in Old Barcelona

Do you see an empty street, maybe a little scary, or one awash with sunlight?
Do you see an empty street, maybe a little scary, or one awash with sunlight? | Source

A New Reality, How You Create What's Real

Do you create your own reality? Of course, you do. No, not all of it, but you might be surprised how much...

As we step up to the thrills and intense emotions available to us, we move apart from whatever has seasoned our lives so far.

In creating a reality, we take a new road in the direction of what's real - for us.

Our choice is always between rebirth and life's default, a renewed agreement to let others and traditions determine who we are and what for us is real.

This article sums up the conclusion of A Million Different Things: Meditations of The World's Happiest Man, a book I wrote about learning to be more more consciously aware of choices.

If conformity with all its pressures holds us to the same old path, we cant find the way to fulfillment.

We might play another's game and play it well. Many of us approach our public lives that way, but when we win, the rewards are no more ours than the rules were.

Can winning someone else's prize give us the abundance we want? Why not win something of our own?

When we make a commitment to know what it is that makes us who we are, to decide what we want to make real, we attract old and new friends with a kind of sticky magnetism.

The invisible connections that have always touched us begin to flourish, strengthening. Those who were intended to be at our sides dont resist us when our commitments are positive and firm, when weve have found our flow and joined it.

Making our own reality, were free to whisk up lifes treasures, including the abundances of people and nature, with ease.

Thee's the core of what my book is about. It's about realizing ourselves, not diving into inquires about who we are.

We already know what is real. Beneath whatever layers of obscurity we've hidden our lights, they've never been turned off. Our batteries never go dead.

Best Practices: How To Find Yourself In Reality

You were never lost.

Finding ourselves is easy because we haven’t been lost. We’ve been welcoming or resisting all along.

Our actions in responding, pro or con, never alter the thing itself. When we recall what’s grabbed our attention and keeps grabbing it, we’re looking at our essence.

The reality is us, me and you, and our conscious awareness, our feelings and imagination never stop urging us into focus.

Meditation cleans up our view of what is real and permanent. If you find a more effective or comfortable way to calm your inner recesses, go for it. To each, his or her own.

The rest of us would love to hear about it, but no matter how you decide to turn the key, you open the same gates into deeper reality. When we escape resistance, nothing remains but us, there on the essential first plateau of what is real.

The universe was always with us, but now, it offers itself with greater freshness and easier density.

We resist habitual practices that kept us yoked to the common wisdom of good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark. We toss all those entangling dichotomies away, until it’s all just us, and the only values that matter are about the desires we feel.

What I Like To Read To Open Up My Doors - Recent favorites

We all have our original ideas, but it's critically important to find those smart teachers who can help us go farther.

Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!
Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

Anthony Robins is a giant of inspiration and encouragement. He's been there and done that and shares what he's learned with generosity and kindness.


What Is Real Turns You On, But What Turns You Off?

Maybe Not Always What We Want To Hear

Whether seeing reality or imagining it, we know what turns us on. That’s why the phrase stuck and spread as a meme soon after it was coined. I remember, unpleasantly, the first time I heard it.

A pretty girl broke the news:

"I’m sorry,' she said, 'but you don’t turn me on."

Well, I love the simplicity of that expression, anyway. Things being turn-ons or turn-offs reflects something perfectly simple and essential about reality.

What is real resonates. Does it light our fire or doesn't it? If it doesn't, discard it.

Toss off the strictures of time that force limits and constraints. Time is a tool that helps an evolved human mind understand natural sequences. It’s not an absolute fact.

What is a fact is our immersion in reality, and reality jiggles but does not automatically follow any trails. Reality is an ocean without shores.

All around us, instead of time and space, is, as far as we know, an endless distribution of energies. In physics, these energies are suspended until observation collapses them into matter.

That’s conventional version, but we can as easily replace "collapse" with "create," change what is real to a choice from a default. We can’t know these energies vibrating all around us until we find a way "see" them.

This is where making reality comes back to choice and free will.

How much of reality is what we fumble mindlessly through, collapsing energy, and to what degree do we consciously shape it?

Here's The Book

I never planned to write a nonfiction book until I had no choice.

To say that it landed in my lap doesn't say enough about what a thrill it was and how much fun.

An Invisible Cat

If René Magritte had an invisible world on canvas, why can't you have an invisible cat?
If René Magritte had an invisible world on canvas, why can't you have an invisible cat? | Source

Suddenly, A Cat Is Real, And All Of Reality Changes.

(The Invisible Cat by Deborah Julian. Used by permission.)

First, stay aware that reality is nothing more than vibrating, mixing energies that populate every corner of the universe. There are no voids, even if there are spaces inaccessible to us.

The energies are not a thing until some other thing interacts to make it real. Suddenly, energies become a dog.

Suddenly, a cat emerges from vibration. A sun shines because we see it.

The absurdity jumps out at us. We created a cat? Aren't we already immersed in this potential universe?

The answer rests in awareness, intelligence not only stored but vigorously interacting in every bit of matter or potential matter.

We concur, en masse. To us, there seems to be potential only because we're tricked by time.

There is no past and no future since only one moment, this reality, this pool of what is real from which we never leave, is ever possible.

This moment is whole and explicit. Anything to come is, of course, potential, charged and ready when we turn toward it in the invented context of time.

When we throw away time, we're left with only isness, and isness is always whole and complete. We swim in it.

The pool evolves constantly as intelligences gather within to encourage choices and respond with feeling.

Evidence is quickly escalating that every living thing is infused with emotion, not simply information.

Are There Limits On What Is Real?

"Don't fence me in," reality said.

Feelings can’t be disregarded simply because they’re not human feelings any more than ours can be ignored when they don’t resemble those of a daffodil or a bear.

Emotions abound and so does intelligence and the most critical human factor: awareness. We see. We gather. We evaluate. We construct.

That awareness, the reality of you looking at this page, the you that is always there, no matter what external events take place, provides the foundation for all there is.

What is real has an opening and a conduit between the vast outer universe and the inner collection of memory and assembled information. We are connected to everything that is or ever was. Potentially.

The extent to which we accept our reality is a voluntary thing. We make a unique, personal decision about wakefulness.

Accepting limits is like swallowing a numbing little pill.

Believing there are no limits is like awakening to a new day after the most perfect night’s sleep, a morning full of wisdom bubbling with intuition.

Reality's Victim

What is real may be a prison we create or heaven on Earth.

We stir the pool. We stir when we set a tone and carry it into real experience.

Every tone carries a key to a different door. Tone gives us the eyes with which we individually see the realities around us.

We see what is real through the filters generated by a runner’s smile or through the abstractions of a mathematician’s gaze.

We can also see them from the constricted view point and cloudy vision of a traveler who has been taught rules and decided to follow them.

We can cluster among the crowd on that flabby plateau where human evolution has landed, repeating experiences and enjoying vicarious adventures.

Any of us can stand as far back or as close up as we wish. There is no cop on the corner to stop us from malingering or dancing off.

Every tone owns its conclusion, and every bit of reality arrives immediately.

"Time flies" is a phrase I’ve heard more often than I care to in my life, and I can't say I've ever really gotten a handle on what it means.

Time has never flown or seemed to have whisked by in my presence, but I’ve come to the conclusion that for many others, skimming along the surface of reality without getting too wet may be the standard model.

I don't understand how so many of us got there as a population, but I do know it’s easy to get off the trail and back into the deep end of the pool again.

"Just stop it!" I heard Marianne Williamson sharply advise a repeat offender at a conference I was attending. “Just stop it!”

Get off that fast moving train.

What Are You Wearing Today?

Get dressed!

Get, instead, into the day as if sliding into a beautiful, perfectly fitting garment. What you make real is your life.

Be aware of the miracle that keeps you breathing and dreaming. It’s a soft machine connected with everything.

The pool of what is real has no shore.

Feel the supple fabric, the great gift from God we are all given on arrival in this universe of three-dimensional adventure. Absorb it. Relish it. Everything in the universe is our reality.

Too abstract? Maybe. We make it whole.

Yes, we are joined. We don’t create New York City, the history of the Chinese dynasties and the island of Madagascar in every moment. By common agreement between us and the universal accumulation of consciousness, these things are history inherited.

Most of the work is already done.

Then, along came one more book.

A Million Different Things was an adventure to write.

Just as I thought I'd never write one nonfiction book, I sure never thought I'd write two.

Fate had something else in store for me.

Who's In Charge Of What Is Real?

Getting behind the wheel on the road into reality.

As I walk along that deep and flowing estuary each morning, I appreciate the creative imaginations that brought us here.

I appreciate the Godliness that gave us the rich green of the trees, the laughter of strangers, the rushing water splashing rocks along the shore.

Reality all around me was once imagined by a gifted awareness as blessed as my own.

We arrived here in unity with all that is, and now we get to continue shaping and building what is, not only real, but entirely new.

We do more refining with our imagination than with our actions. Our actions go forward only from our thoughts, and our thoughts are a mix of observation, digestion and creativity.

We think, and then we do. Our actions are just follow through.

We are positioned up in the front, our eyes on a vast field of reality, our hands at the wheel. We are at the helm. Thoughts determine our directions and emotions bring us guidance.

Who's In the Driver's Seat?

Another invisible cat, this one at the wheel.
Another invisible cat, this one at the wheel. | Source

Time To Take A Spin In the Eternal Test Drive

Nobody needs to be perfect

There's an old expression: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." The meaning is obvious.

We are rewarded proportionately and according to our efforts. But this phrase is best understood when lifted out of the realm of agriculture in which it was originally set.

If we plant corn, in the simplest terms, we get corn. There isn't enough wisdom in that to have carried an expression across centuries.

What it appeals to us is our more profound understanding, and that is, when we carry happiness or any other attitude or tone into our reality, what we bring in is what we get back.

Every tone yields a commensurate result. The all-important message embedded here is that what is real is choice, always, always, choice.

In this very moment, this reality in which we are immersed, we choose without pausing. We can never stop choosing.

We choose routine, adventure, reflection, enjoyment, retreat and a million other things. We choose with the wisdom our wakeful minds have earned us.

We gracefully expand the universe of reality we share with everything else, sticks, rocks, streams and valleys.

Step up to the command console. Accept responsibility for what is real with conscious awareness. Be a maker of the evolving universe.

Absolutely nothing is in your way.


What's real is what you make real. And you make it on the terms you like.

What have you got to say?

© 2014 David Stone

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    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 

      4 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      It's all good. It seems the more we embrace these ideas, the freer we are to be real. Well done, Dave. Enjoyed the read.


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