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what is the life? simply eating, drinking,enjoying and ending. Is it not more than that? Tell me if you feel it...

Updated on April 18, 2009

You are Life!

 Wow I am alive! Oh yeah, you are also alive!

 It is amazing in my mind that people as what is life, when we have the answer within us, because we are the answer.  Please indulge me as I elaborate.  According to ancient teaching the human being is made up of earth, air, fire, water, mind, intelligence, the false ego, and the spirit.  The earth, water, air and fire are the gross material element s that comprise the human body.  The mind dictates what the individual likes and does not like based on the senses.  The intelligence sit above the mind because that is the reasoning mechanism on that works on a more subtle level.  The "false ego" tell us who we think we are in this life in this time relative to our environment, i.e. I am a male in America. The ancient one wanted to impress upon us that we are more than this body and it is the spirit that is the real you, so the spirit is life.  The Spirit is the eternal "you" that transcends this material world and "lives" eternally.  How the spirit came in existence is a different story.  I wish you all luck with that one.  This information may be found more eloquently written in the Bhagavad-Gita, one of the major texts used in India as a source of spiritual guidance. 

 According to science the human is comprised of trillions of cells that have to work in harmony to keep the machine (our body) functioning. The scientific information about the human being is also fascinating. The biological analysis of each of the human systems are most intriguing. There physiological, and sociological information is also interesting to study. 

Again, here is youor answer, I am alive, you are a live.  If you think that eating drinking, enjoying and ending is it then I will offer you this to ponder upon.  What makes humans any more special than a regular animal?  Animal eat, drink some fluid, enjoy and end.  That kind of a life does not seem that impressive. 

To live you have to know that you are a unique and special being as well as part of a grand existence.  This planet is not a large planet according to science and ancient teachings, but it appears that way because most people are stuck in the physical mind set.  Know this for a fact, we are all connected to the great and grand existence and there is no one that can deny you that fact.  Internalize that fact and then go back and ask yourself what is life. 

There are close to 7,000,000,000 humans on this planet and we all are alive, but some of us live. The consciousness holds the key for us.  Again, if a person think life is just about physical sense enjoyment and sense gratification, they will miss out on the big picture.  The big picture is beautiful, look at the wonders of this world during the day, and the wonders of the outer world at night and you will see and feel the connection. 

Life is about purpose, fulfiling the mission and building the dream.  Knowing what is in your heart that motivates you as a person is what life is about for individuals.  Each living conscousientiou and sentient being probably could some up with their own answer for what is life.  That answer will be based on many factors such as culture, physical environment, genetics, etc, and I am sure as the person grows their interpretation of life will grow and change with them. 

In short Life is about body, intelligence, will and spirit working in a world with many to find happiness.  I hope this answer has assisted you.




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    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 8 years ago from United States

      I like your style.