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What Will Happen in 2014?

Updated on September 21, 2014
Hand blown glass by Eric Simonin at Brantome, France
Hand blown glass by Eric Simonin at Brantome, France | Source

Would You Like To Know What Will Happen in 2014?

The New Year has arrived, the end times didn't, and now we would all like to know what will happen in 2014 so I've gathered together some predictions and prophecies from those in the know - journalists to star-gazers.

There are some factual, well-informed views of what is going to happen in 2014, some dark and worrying predictions for this year, some end of time prophecies, some psychic predictions and some more fanciful or lighthearted accounts of what might be.

I don't want to alarm you but last year the predictions were not clear, however this year many predictors seem to agree that the economy of the west will collapse and World War III will affect the whole globe. Can this really happen?

Take your courage in both hands and come with me and gaze into the crystal ball to see just what the prophets tell us the future holds for us all? Lets hope and pray that they are wrong.

Predictions for 2014

Old Moore's Almanack 2014 (Paperback) - Spookily accurate

When I was a child my father would buy a copy of Old Moore's Almanack - not because we believed in predictions, but more of a New Year tradition. It made me shiver with its spookily accurate observations.

What is Old Moor's Almanack? Well - it' an astrological almanac that has stood the test of time!

It was the brainchild of Francis Moore, a self-taught physician and astrologer, and the first edition came out in 1697 containing weather forecasts. In 1700 Moore published The Voice of the Stars (Vox Stellarum) consisting of astrological observations and this was also known as Old Moore's Almanack. It was a 'bestseller' throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; in 1768 it is recorded that 107,000 copies were bought. wikipedia

Old Moore's Almanack 2014
Old Moore's Almanack 2014

The consensus of opinion regards Old Moore's Almanack as the Number One Seer and has made it to the Guinness Book of Records. In it you'll find predictions for world events, but also gives that vital gardening information, tells you all about fishing by the moon, when to put bets on your racehorse and gives celebrity star-profiles. Note that you will also be informed of lighting-up times and high and low water times. Essential reading!


Economic Collapse and World War III?

US Economic Collapse and WW3? - Glenn Beck and many others forecast the fall of the west and World War III in 2014

Last year the forecasts for 2013 were woolly and bland, except for the prediction that I included in 'What Will Happen in 2013' by Michael Snyder where he predicts 'The Economic Collapse'. It didn't happen last year, but this year these predictions are rife and they are truly shocking - no less than the collapse of the US economy, the fall of America and with it the western world.

An outline of world politics, the fall of the western economy and global war.

Money and the Economy in 2014

BBC Correspondents Look Ahead - Predictions for 2014

Host: Owen Bennett-Jones

First broadcast on Friday 3rd January 2014 BBC Radio 4

The good news - no World War III.

Four top foreign and economic correspondents from the BBC tell us what they think might happen in 2014. James Robbins: diplomatic correspondent, Mark Mardell: North America Editor, Lyse Doucet: Chief International Correspondent and Linda Yueh: Chief Business correspondent.

Not only do they look at what might happen, but also how that might affect Britain and the global consequences but I'm not very strong on politics so I would advise you to take a look at the program and links below to get a real feel of what these very well informed people are saying.

All wrong on Syria. Said Assad would be gone this time. In the West we saw what we wanted to see - Linda Yueh thinks he's not going in the near future. A police state, Syria is difficult to get into.

What would be the impact of the Scottish election in 2014? The fact of the referendum is more important than the result. It is proving alarming in other places such as Catalonia, the Kurds, Cashmeres.

Big questions: What will happen to Iran - will a deal be done? Yes, but perhaps not satisfactory, might not work and the situation will go on well past 2014. Iran will be more stable but at the expense of Syria.

Wild predictions: Linda - a year without major crises in emerging economies. Mark: space race will take off. James: the world will see the worst Internet shutdown, Pope Francis will not accept the peace prize. Lyse: Will be a kind of a deal in Israel and Palestine.

What is not going to happen: Lyse: No Syrian solution, Mark: Turkish prime minister won't fall from power but the year will be difficult with protests on the street. Linda: economic recovery but not work for the unemployed youth. The damage done by the recession, especially in the US the unemployment rate will continue to be high.

Hilary Clinton will run for president.

Good News predictions: Linda - wages will rise, James: happiness indications will improve, Mark: Rwanda will see health improve.

Mark Mardel

For 2013 he predicted that US economy strong recovery, John Kerry secretary of state, huge breakthrough in solar power will change the nature of foreign policy in the world - right prediction wrong fuel - fracking. Still thinks it will happen.

In the US both parties look bad. Obama has achieved nothing due to Republicans blocking. Nobody thinks the democrats will do all that well.

Name to watch: Swedish Prime minister - might be able to bridge gap between the Euro-sceptics and the others.

Places to watch: China is in dispute trying to extend it's zone of influence.

Lyse Doucet

Said Syria would be difficult and bloody.

Afghan elections - will be marred by attacks and rigging but they'll be relatively peaceful.

Names to watch: Ayatollah Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, spiritual leader.

Place to watch - Rural Damascus on the edges of the city. About 12 suburbs that are cut off by troops. There are areas where people are starving. One of the priorities of the UN is to open up this areas. They are important because they are arms routes and entry to the center of Damascus.

James Robbins

European elections: record low turnouts, all established parties will be casualties. Growing tide of Euro-skepticism. The euro will survive but times will be tough with unrest on the streets of Europe especially in Greece.

Said had doubts about the Muslim Brotherhood and predicted that Egypt would lurch from crisis to crisis. 2013 Israel Pales peace prospects continue to fade. Any change in China will be glacial.

The President of Iran - everyone thinks that 2014 offers prospect of a nuclear thaw and he is an important figure in this. Sanctions will be lifted against Iran.

Post Mandela South Africa - changed as it goes into 2014. Will become more normal and fractious. Unstable.

Economic predictions by Linda Yueh

Last year Linda Yueh did very well, predicting what happened in 2013. No great shake-ups, economy not going to be back to normal and keep your eye on China and Angela Merkel. She will shape the euro project.

Elections The euro will survive.

The China Japan tensions are not new, China is a super power but grow is slowing and the country is getting richer but unevenly. Ingredients that are worrying.

Dark and Scary Predictions for 2014 - Alex Jones on The New World Order

Psychic Predictions and Tarot Card Readings for 2014 - What does Cheryl Lynn predict for 2014?

Major disruptions in Egypt, cities become too expensive to live in and people will move into the suburbs, water contamination will be a worldwide problem, Queen Elizabeth will suffer ill-health, Prince Philip may 'pass away' and so Prince Charles might take the throne, cyber-hacking/attacks will be an increasing problem, unrest in Texas, the American economy will improve slowly until 2018 - but keep saving, Madonna will break up with boyfriend, health scare for Bill Clinton, extreme weather continues.

What did Cheryl have to say about me in 2014? Come out of my shell, get outdoors, exercise and I'll be strong! (I'll need to be).

Visions of the future: female head coach in the NFL, the Hispanic population in America will become more dominant in government and socially, gas line explosions around the world, by 2016 in America there will be a split between high tech and low-tech ways of living, schooling will take place on line along with libraries.

Cheryl Lynn makes her predictions briskly and in a business-like manner. She seems very professional and gives sensible predictions. I'll be back next year to see what happened.

Earth Changes

And Earth Change Maps

Navy Map of Future Earth Changes in the United States

Earth Predictions for 2014 - Meteors and Ice Ages?

Your Horoscope for 2014

It's the Year of the Horse

Annual Horoscopes for 2014 - 2014 is the Year of the Horse

Find out what the stars have in store for you personally in 2014 (It's going to be a great year for me - so watch this space - I'll let you know what happened next.

Horoscopes and Predictions for 2013 - Find out what 2014 has in store for you personally

Entertainment in 2014

Oscar Predictions for 2014 - Best films, best actors, best Actresses

Time Out gives their Oscar Predictions 2014 They are going for Steve McQueen’s ‘12 Years a Slave’ for Best Picture. See what else they predict in the world of film.

Who Will We Be Listening To in 2014? - Top 5 BBC Sounds for 2014

Last year the BBC sounds list included Haim (top) last year, with Adele, Ellie Goulding and Jessie J also among past winners. In the top 5 Aluna George, Angela Haze, Laura Mvula and Chvrches.

This year the top 5 are: Banks, Chance the Rapper, Ella Eyre, George Ezra FKA Twigs

Banks - Jillian Banks, from Los Angeles

Banks, 25-year-old Jillian Banks from Los Angeles - Rhythm and Blues

See Into the Future With a Crystal Ball

Bid for Your Own Crystal Ball on eBay - Wouldn't it be handy to see into the future?

Why not buy your very own crystal ball? Not only are they very handy for foretelling the future, but they are things of mystery and beauty too. Definitely on my list of 'objects of desire'.

Total Eclipse of the Sun 29th April 2014 - In 2014 there will also be a partial eclipse of the sun and two lunar elcipses

In 2014 there will be an annular total eclipse of the sun on 29th April 2014 and it will be visible in Australia, Pacific and the Americas Indian Ocean and Antarctica. Partial Solar Eclipse of October 23rd 2014.

The first lunar eclipse is on April 15th 2014 and the second will be October 8th 2014.

Can We See Into the Future? - And do we want to?

Do you believe in predictions?

See results

What Are Your Predictions for 2014?

© 2013 Barbara Walton

Do Leave Your Thoughts on Predicitions for 2014 - I'd love to hear from you

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    • takkhisa profile image


      4 years ago

      Your lens is quite interesting! All these predictions maybe true right now but there is a possibility of being false as well.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I always try to look on the brightside of life!

      According to the Navy Map, I will have ocean front property without having to move!


    • rargz lm profile image


      6 years ago from MEXICO

      this dan be a lucky year... has a 13!

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @Beth Buckley: I hope that you do have a joyful 2013 and that your hope for joy is shared with the rest of the world! Thanks for dropping by.

    • Beth Buckley profile image

      Beth Buckley 

      6 years ago from Portland, OR

      I'm feeling joyful about 2013. Thanks for this fun lens on the topic!

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @BarbaraCasey: Barbara, thanks for this. I've just begun to research this area and to collect information so I'm pleased that you've directed me to these maps. I've included a video and some links but I'll be looking into these in more depth.

    • BLouw profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Walton 

      6 years ago from France

      @justramblin: They are lovely, aren't they. I think I'll be looking into fortune-telling so that I can justify buying one. Thanks for dropping by justramblin.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Saw another "earth changes" map today showing much of the western world washed away. Probably not this year, though. We live in interesting times, for sure.

    • justramblin profile image


      6 years ago

      Love those crystal balls. Didn't know you could buy them on ebay. The SF Guardian got the Oscar predictions pretty well on the mark. Fun lens, thanks


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