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Where is Allah?Everybody ask these questions to other or himself at least once or several times in life. Who is Allah?

Updated on February 5, 2014

Names of Allah

new Miracles of ALLAH 2011

Miracle _ Punnishment from ALLAH

Where is Allah?

Everybody ask these questions to other or himself at least once or several times in life. Who is Allah? ( or is there existence of Allah?) Where He is?

Who Is Allah?

Allah is one Who created the universe , controls the systems. He has neither been created nor can be destroyed. He is ever living, almighty. He has no beginning, no end.
Some people say, there is nothing can be such as Allah, they mean that there is no God, no Allah, everything must have beginning, must have an end.
Then another question is raised, is there any thing in the universe with no beginning , no ending? If we find existence of such things, then we can prove the existence of Allah.

Thank You, Einstein

Albert Einstein, German Scientist, introduced the mathematical relation between Energy and Matter: E=mc2 ; where E=energy, m=mass and c= velocity of light.

What is Energy?

Energy is the power of doing work, which can neither be created nor can be destroyed, one kind of energy can be converted to other kind only and the total energy of the universe is constant.

Characters of Energy is similar to that of Allah

Is Energy Allah?

We can find energy as like as Allah. What ever may be , we can believe that Allah exists ,Who is similar to energy. Since energy exists with the same characteristics of Allah, there is existence of Allah, and it is possible. But, is energy itself Allah?


Energy itself converts to matter, matter again converts to energy.
Since velocity of light is constant , E can not be zero, when m , mass of matter, is not zero. That is, there is existence of energy in every matter. Nothing is vacuum in the universe , and there is no place where energy does not exist ( light, sound, electricity, chemical energy, mechanical energy, etc. are the deferent forms of energy).
Then we can say, Energy is everywhere, Allah is everywhere.

Allah is non Comparable

We can not compare Allah to anything.
He is second to none.
But we can think it for strengthen our Imaan that, since we get energy exist in this word as everlasting, constant, having no beginning and no end, then why Allah can not exist !
He is Almighty, All energy and power belongs to Him. Nothing happens in this universe without His order. He knows everything happened, to happen and will happen. We all are bound to return to Him for our accountability.
What This Means
There is Allah.
He is Almighty.
All energy belongs to Him.
He is everywhere.
So, we should follow the rules of Quraan, the speech of Allah.
We should have reliance on only Allah.
Laa Hawla Wala Kuwata Illa billah.( Nothing can be happened without the help of Allah )
Allahumma Salli Ala Mohammad.(Peace be upon Mohammad, the last prophet).

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    • MaryamK profile image

      MaryamK 6 years ago

      Interesting hub. Isn't energy still created?

    • rajanrayhan profile image

      Mitali Chowdhury 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      A long discussion on existence of Allah.