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who tries to disgrace Prophets (Islamic Concepts)

Updated on June 11, 2011

What Islam really is and What Does IT Teach

Dear HP fellows, before you start reading this hub please take it to your mind that I am not writing this hub to preach Islam here as I know this platform is not a place where a religion should be preached and HP community is just a discussion forum. The reason why I thought to write this hub is that I saw a question on some HP forum where a person asked " If Islam is a peaceful country then why Muslims try to kill the person who tried to disgrace MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W by making cartoons?". Before that I answer this question, I will try to explain very briefly to the extent of my knowledge Why Islam is said to be peaceful.


Look, Islam is not what it is being portrayed by some of the extremist groups in major Islamic countries especially in Pakistan. The simple and the biggest proof to this is the teaching of the Holy Qur'aan that Muslims follow. Qur'aan teaches that killing anything having life (including plants and even ants) without any reason is a sin before ALLAH and those who do this will be punished by GOD at the day of judgment. Qur'aan teaches Muslims that everything in the entire universe has been created by ALLAH and ALLAH loves HIS creatures in HIS own way and provides food to everything that is alive. Here I would love to explain the basic difference between ISLAM and any other religion in the world that is, Islam teaches the Muslims that you have been sent to this world by GOD to pass your test (Muslims consider the world a place where they are being tested by their ALLAH) and you will eventually resort back to ALLAH (to have your results) at the day of judgment when HE will give you life once again as HE gave you before but on the other hand, many of the religions except Islam believe that their is no life after the one a person is leading in this world. Now if you still believe that a Muslim can try to kill an innocent person then I will say that he is not a Muslim or have been brain-washed by some extremist group to spread terror and he must be punished. Allah tells the Muslims in Qur'aan that Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W (Also The Final Prophet S.A.W.W) is the most beloved Prophet of ALLAH and Qur'aan is the holy book in which ALLAH Has directly talked to His Beloved Prophet S.A.W.W and His Followers making the most Hoary Angel Hazrat JIBRAEL A.S (Also the King of All Angels) the messenger for the purpose and also ALLAH has taken the responsibility to keep the Qur'aan in His own protection as This is His Last Book on earth sent on His Final and the most Beloved Prophet S.A.W.W thats why Qur'aan has never had any change in its even a single alphabet despite of being attacked a number of times in past 1430+ years by its haters (ALLAH says in Qur'aan that He has Taken this responsibility for two reasons: 1- due to His Love with Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W, 2- Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W is His Final Prophet and Qur'aan is His Last Book, now He will never send any prophet after Him (S.A.W.W) furthermore, ALLAH says that He has never taken such responsibility on any of the earlier books Allah sent on His other Prophets before). But the important point to discuss here is that as the ISLAM teaches kindness towards innocent so it teaches the strictness towards unforgivable sinners (no matter what religion they belong to).

Sinner Vs Unforgivable Sinner

Now I want to explain you that there are two types of sinners before ALLAH. HE says a person is a sinner if he deviates from the preachings of Islam and the sayings of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) but HE will never punish that person even after his bad deeds if he abjures his bad deeds with his true heart and avoids committing any such sins in future. For example, if a person is a robber or makes his neighbors feel uncomfortable, he is definitely a sinner before GOD. But the GOD has promised that if such a person abjures his such activities from the core of his heart and promises with GOD that he will never commit such a sin in future, GOD will forgive him as he had never done anything wrong. On the other hand, there are some sins if a person commits intentionally, GOD has said that HE will never forgive this person in the world nor at the day of Judgment. For some sins, GOD has ordered specific punishments that are charged to the wrong-doer. Making cartoons of Prophets (any Prophet) or any act of disgracing Them falls in this category. GOD has clearly spoke in the Qur'aan that "If a person intentionally does so, he is challenging the Grace of ALLAH and he should be punished to death". GOD clarifies this rule in Qur'aan by saying further in this rule, By punishing that person in this way, you will ensure that no one will again dare to commit this insolence." And this is not the only unforgivable sin, there are some other serious matters as if a person kills an other innocent person, GOD has decided for him too the punishment of death. Now tell me what a Muslim Justice will do in such a situation when he knows that these are not man-made rules but the rules formed by GOD. That is why you will find any true Muslim man or woman trying his/her hard to keep himself/herself within the boundaries set by GOD as I already told you that Muslims believe that this world is a temporary testing phase and their real life will begin in the eternal world after the day of Judgement and the reward will be based on the result of their current test life.


I wrote all this article to just help you people understand that All the Muslims (true Muslims) are human beings just like you with the only difference of the faith and believes. We being humans feel pain when we saw anyone in pain no matter which religion he /she belongs to. And for GOD SAKE, please keep those rubbish extremist away from us real Muslims in your minds. THE EXTREMISTS ARE NOT MUSLIMS. EXTREMISTS ARE ANIMALS AND DON"T BELONG TO ANY RELIGION. What I am focusing is just the preachings of Islam. Islam has clarified what I said earlier that a person intentionally insolently disgracing any PROPHET (Muhammad S.A.W.W or Christ A.S) should be punished to death. Now why all Muslims protest against it is because it is a fundamental belief of Muslims' faith to show love to all the Prophets of ALLAH. It is the states responsibility in Islam to prove the charge against the wrong-doer and to punish that person. And ordinary Muslims are only imposed this responsibility when they find that the state is not going to do what GOD has declared. But this is a rare case in a Muslim society because states does fulfill their Islamic duties in such extreme cases and no one from the general public wants to take the law in hand.

Once again I want to frankly say you guys that the purpose of this article was to give you the Islamic opinion and not to tell you to follow this as an other thing in Islam is, every one has the right to follow his religion in his own way but every one should pay respect to others' religion. You can disagree with any of the points I told you but you should respect as we Muslims (real Muslims) respect your religion. Please feel free to comment on this and to ask anything further as I tried to keep this article as small as possible and readable but please avoid severe types of bad comments. Many times in this article I mentioned real Muslims in brackets after the word Muslim because as I said earlier, there are some other groups pretending to be Muslims but in fact they are not Muslims. I hope for better understanding and clarification of Muslims' protests against the acts of insolently disgracing Prophets of GOD in your minds by this article. Agree or disagree, but please RESPECT each other.

Durood on HAZRAT MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W ( both in Arabic and english)


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