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A list of things you don’t customarily say to someone, but perhaps you oughta (flattering)

Updated on January 10, 2015
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Don't just think it...

“Were that there were more people like you.”

“You really have to make a concerted effort not to like you.”

“I seriously can’t determine whether I like you or eating a non-fattening bacon double-cheeseburger more.”

“It’s still a source of some debate as to whether the word ‘supercoolicious’ even existed in the English language before you were born.”

“If I were you I’d go for ‘King of The Planet’. You’d run uncontested.”

“Every time you speak, something worth absorbing comes out.”

“Having met you, I could die today knowing that there are Angels among us.”

“If I hadn’t met you I would have never known that my life was less than it should have been.”

“I can actually feel myself improving when I’m around you.”

“Next to you, Mother Teresa darn near pales in comparison.”

“Even your bad days are what most of us strive for on our best ones.”

“If you were any more kind I’d have welts from constantly trying to pinch myself awake from a dream.”

“Your generosity is only matched by your total absence of any expectation of ‘pay back’.”

“Most people wouldn’t do what you do for others. But then again, most people expect such things done on their behalf and almost always forget the gratitude part.”

“I would like you a lot if you were only like 3/5 of you.”

“One of the coolest things about knowing you is the delightful reassurance that ‘Heart and Soul’ is more than just a song title.”

“I never genuinely considered thoughtfulness before I thought about how genuinely considerate you are.”

“I so appreciate your precious gift of never projecting something crappy somebody else did to you onto me”.


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