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Is Time Travel Possible

Updated on April 15, 2013
The Tree of life
The Tree of life

Will people ever time travel

Some of the greatest minds sit and wonder about this one. Is it possible to time travel. I could go on and start quoting other people as to what they think about this subject. But I won't because what is the point in that. If you are reading this I presume you have already read other articles.
So I am just going to give a couple of my ideas about it. Have a read see what you think.

Time Travel Is Not possible : First look at your life. Lets say the day you where born we call it the letter A and the day you die is the letter Z and all the letters in between are just different points in your life.
Now here comes a time traveller from the future and he lands at letter R he has a look at what you are doing at this point and than goes back to the future. But at this point in your life you are still young and only at lets say the letter D. So you know nothing about the time traveller visiting you in the future. But it has happened.
Plus the time traveller came back and visited you on a few different occasions and also gave you a few tips for life. All this has now happened but yet you still no nothing about it. So your future is now already made for you, and their is nothing you can do about it. Because your future is now the time travellers past.
So in short if you could time travel that would mean your life from A to Z is already after happening. Every single thing you are going to do is already done. Now sit back and a have a look at the whole picture what is the point of life if everything we do is already done. Life would be just like watching a DVD and a time traveller could just fast forward to a point or go back to any point.
So all this would just make life and everything around you pointless, because it has all been done and nothing will change, and as bad as this planet can be at times I do think there is some point to life and the whole universe.

Time Travel Is Possible : Now how could time travel be possible. Well lets say again your life goes from A to Z and it travels in a straight line until you get to Z and die. Now a time traveller comes and visits you at the letter F.
Now this is were the alternative universe comes in that Albert Einstein said could be possible. Your life now branches of and a new future is being made thanks to the time traveller. This can happen a countless amount of times not just because of a time traveller affecting your life but because time traveller may have affected other peoples life's which in turn affected your life.
So another way of looking at this, is picture your life like a tree. It starts as a single tree trunk but, by the time it reaches full height and dies it can have many branches coming of it. Each one of these branches represents an alternative universe.
Now also picture this when you do die. You still only lived to lets say ninety years old but because of all the alternative universes. Your spirit has experienced all types of different life styles from being rich / poor / famous / just about anything you can imagine.
So as a lot of religions say we will all be judged when we die. But now you will be judged over thousands of different types of life styles and not just the one we are living here and now.

Conclusion : Both ways make a bit of sense to me. But in reality I don't think we will ever know how this universe works or what is the full reason we are here.
But I would like to hear what other people think, please feel free to leave comments below good or bad comments I don't mind.

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