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Writing and Purification of Self

Updated on August 21, 2018
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Katerina Kostaki is a Greek visionary author, poet, healer and speaker.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT Network.


Back to basics...

I'd love to share with you my insightful viewpoint on a Path chosen long time ago .

A Path that purifies and glorifies the Inner Wisdom.

On my "Write a letter to yourself" article, I decided to re-present the dedication to a certain level of Awareness by implementing our blessed talents and divine gifts.

Below I would like to entrust you with my love-infusion on writing and purification of ourselves.

"Writing and the purification of Self"

is the December 2010-Newsletter

Series :The Light of the Dawn

Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Explanatory Bigger image that comes from

a - handwriting- article on Cosmic Consciousness ( Greek language -my mother tongue)

Cosmic Romances/Συμπαντικά Ειδύλλια


Thoughts on a diary

What does writing of scattered thoughts in a diary look like ?

Words that we use differ: logging, capturing, harvesting, quest, gathering, grouping, classification, reflection, visualization , and more.

Whatever the word we affiliate to present a certain definition on recording thoughts on a journal, let's make a profound definition to this deed .

For me writing is an activity of delving into my memories, sometimes softly, sometimes severely.

Like digging the earth to breathe clear air, clear air that approaches the plant's roots.

This sense of "breathing" and freedom, can be comprehended only by those connected to Earth, by people who sense the soil moisture , people who are bounded with Nature and seek deliverance from false reality.

That's the look of writing thoughts and ideas on paper, a crop on fertile ground, the trial to refine a barren land to become fertile.

Every time I open grooves, I feel a deep pain, an unimaginable grief pouring from a locked within me power, a pain that seeks its way to Light.

Thoughts in the enclosed space of the mind remain like shadows, and when going out become transparent.

Among these considerations rooted actions have been jailed for years along with our experiences

Cosmic Consciousness-2

Heaven on Earth ~ Positive affirmations

Heaven on Earth ~Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are written by author/poetess Katerina Kostaki

Music theme by Llewellyn , "The Calling"

All dreams in a single paper

Lost dreams, great expectations, pain, sorrow, grief, anger, bitterness, anxiety, insults, jeers, abuse, denial, all of our experiences are now sunken in deeper levels of consciousness.

Experiences that have taken root, have become a pain trees with roots spread out everywhere in our subconscious.

An alien body in our body.

A pain-body as beautifully Eckhart Tolle regards in "The Power of Now."

A false self constructed by an also faulty "reality", but compatible and very attentive to the needs of this world.

The barking of self can not be considered as the most pleasant pastime.

Without wishing to prevent you from such a procedure, I think it is best to inform you in advance.

The process is extremely painful.

How could someone testify whether the purification process of our true self, the carving I mentioned above, works out effectively?

Truly, by watching the numerable negative feelings that popping!

Consider the talent of writing as a powerful tool that purifies our hidden,unseen emotions .

It looks like dying of old emotions becomes a motivation and a re-formation of a brand new Self.

(This was a brainstorm of mine when updating this!)

The Four stages a Soul experiences to Spiritual Growth

The four stages the soul experiences to achieve spiritual growth, the process by this growth is activated while you experience unexpected adversities and events.



3.Attempt to rationalism, bargaining



Informative links

The Kubler-Ross model, commonly known as the five stages of grief, was first introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying

All this leads to humility derived from acceptance and learning.

Humility is the stage where someone overcomes the ego

and is a prerequisite for the evolution of human intellect.

The Five Stages of Grief -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

An introduction to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross from her book 'On death and dying' explanation of the cycle of bereavement and loss

Four types of Love

There are also four types of love, to be experienced by soul for being healthy.

1.The love of Cosmic Consciousness

2.The love of our neighbor

3.The love for the Cosmic Cosciousness

4.The love for your neighbor

Relative Pages

ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT -NETWORK includes many pages ,blogs and a new Homepage!


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