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Do you know that no matter the situation you may find yourself, you are better than someone?

Updated on March 31, 2012

Some people think or claim that their situation is worst when compared to that of others. It can be a relationship, financial, living/home or health issues but it seems no matter the situation we may find ourselves, we are always better than some people. This is because it is a fact that people face various challenges and no matter how difficult our challenges or problems (call it what you will) maybe they are people that are facing a tougher challenge.

For instance, you may not be wealthy and rich like others but you are comfortable while there are others that are not as comfortable as you are but they can meet must of their ends need. Some people are healthy but they do not have food to eat or a place to sleep while others have food to eat and a place to live but they have a long standing illness that they spend most of their time in a hospital and they can even agree to fast for months, if only they will get better. Some people have been sick for so long but there is still hope for them because some people are died. Some of those that died are glad because they lived a fulfilled life and died at an old age while others died younger yet some of them still left something or a family behind while some never got the chance to have a family before they died. Some people lived and died while some died at birth or soon after birth which means they never really got the chance to live. Those that died at birth maybe glad because they never had the opportunity to face the challenges of life because life is not a bed of rose while those that lived and died should not blame anyone if they did nothing good with their lives, if they left nothing good for humanity to commend them, if they fail to leave their names in the sand of time like other men did. This is because most of us fail to use our talents to its full potential.

If we can understand that someone is facing a challenge more difficult than ours then we can learn not our world is the worst and we can learn to hold on in time of trouble and seek ways to handle our problems. You may think that your husband or wife is the worst partner, you may think your home is the worst place on earth, you can think that your problems are the greatest. Just sit down and think again then you will see why you are better than some people. So hold on because it is a good reason for you to be thankful and you may be surprise that some people even pray to get what you have and to be in your shoes because theirs is worst.


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