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7 Reasons It Rocks To Be A Bodybuilder

Updated on May 6, 2015

Bodybuilding rocks. Icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson will tell you so. Schwarzenegger's love affair with bodybuilding inspires bodybuilders even today - and it is also well-documented. The Rock, who was also motivated by the Austrian-born American bodybuilder-turned-actor's hulking images on the covers of Muscle & Fitness magazine, says that even though he has had opportunities to act, wrestle, play football for big teams, bodybuilding remains his unchanging passion.

So, what is it about bodybuilding that has captured the imaginations of men around the world? Let's take a look at the top 7 reasons it rocks to be a bodybuilder.

1. You look like a Greek god

If you ever longed to have the sculpted body that the statues of Greek gods seem to have, bodybuilding will fulfill your dreams. The proportions of Greek gods - or the way we envision them - are enviable. The Greeks, were obsessed with physical beauty and math alike, and actually used a fun calculation to decide what the ideal male body should look like. Eugene Sandow, the model for the famous Mr. Olympia and the father of modern-day bodybuilding, is said to have built his body very close to these ideal proportions. It's not hard to look like a Greek god - you simply have to achieve quite a lot of muscle mass in your upper body, low levels of body fat along with a chiseled six pack. How do you get there? Sleep, eat and train right, and one day you will look in the mirror and gaze in awe.

2. Your self-confidence skyrockets

No matter how shallow you think our society is to form impressions of people the way they look, it is the way of the world. A chiseled, "perfect" body that you have achieved with bodybuilding will bring out the heights of your masculinity and you will stride the streets in great self-confidence. You will bubble with inner laughter knowing that people are turning heads to look at you in admiration. At the beach, in the pool and almost everywhere else you will stand out from the average Joe. Each day will become a joy to live, and you will be able to achieve greater satisfaction from your relationships and life in general. Self-confidence also comes from having put in a lot of hard work into something. When you work hard on your body and see the results, your brain will reward you for the hard work and automatically bring you a sense of achievement and confidence in your abilities.

3. Girls and women swarm around you

Show off your healthy and buff body at the beach or at the club, and you will find yourself a magnet for beautiful girls and women. Research has shown that women are attracted to muscular men, because it tells them that you are in great condition! Admittedly, no matter how far we have come in civilization, when it comes to mating and pairing up, we are still animals at one level. Women will want you for flings, hook-ups, affairs and any other way that they can have you. Research has also shown that men with muscles are twice as likely to have hooked up with women while she was already in a relationship!

4. You have the best sex of your life

It follows from the previous point that you will enjoy plenty of sex, more than you may have enjoyed during your less muscular days. When women are looking for a short-term fling, they don't want someone to have conversations with; they are usually looking for someone hot. And with the figure of a Greek god, you will fit the bill perfectly. When you have muscles, it signals that you have a strong immune system, a good amount of testosterone and a great in bed. If that is incentive enough, go ahead and hit the gym now!

5. You develop self-discipline

The amount of work that goes into bodybuilding - setting goals and learning to reach them - you will learn self-discipline if you stick to your routines. The Rock said that one of the biggest pleasures of bodybuilding for him is the old fashioned hard work that he puts in. It teaches you to stay consistent and follow a schedule for a long time. At the end of the hard work is the payoff - the women, the confidence, the great sex, the Greek god in the mirror, and of course, the great health.

6. You are healthy like never before

One of the biggest contributions of bodybuilding - not to extremes but to healthy body proportions - is great health. When you follow a bodybuilding routine, you are eating clean, doing plenty of cardio to get your blood pumping and training with an intensity that will strengthen your body. Gaining lean mass is the desire of every bodybuilder, and when you reach the low fat percentages that you will ultimately achieve with the right kinds of workouts, you will be able to confidently say that you are healthy. And, as the old adage goes, health is wealth - whether in dollars or happiness is up to you, because bodybuilding will certainly take you to places you have never gone before.

7. Bodybuilding takes you places you never expected to go

Bodybuilding can open up new avenues in your life. It is more than a hobby or a sport. It can change your life. The confidence it gives you can make you better at the work that you do for a living or anything else you are good at. You will realize the power of the human body to be able to adapt to just about any challenge, and all the hurdles in life that had been holding you back from happiness will fall away. Many musicians, artists, actors and other talents have taken care of their bodies and worked out because they know the importance of keeping this machine well oiled.

Achieving the perfect body is not impossible; it only seems so because you are limited by your own fears or negativity. You can become stronger and more powerful than the guy you know who seems to have a great body without working for it. Once you get started, and stick to it, you will see all of the above advantages appear in your own life. So go and find your inner Greek god and get it out in the open today!


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