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FIFA World Cup 2010 - France V/S Mexico

Updated on June 18, 2010

France Lost to Mexico.

In a second major upset in FIFA World Cup 2010 the current world cup runners up France bowed their head before the Mexican waves for 2-0. After a goalless first half the two goals came in second half of the match. First goal was scored by substitute Hernandez in 63rd minute of the match while the second goal was by veteran C.Blanco through a penalty kick.

The match between the two were very fast and with attacks and counter attacks. But the low level umpiring killed the beauty of the game. Referee whistled whenever one fell down without actually looking the cause of the fall. The second goal came from such a decision followed by penalty kick.

A number of yellow cards were shown in the match. Many of them seemed to be very poor tackling. France were in good position in the game. Ribery , Maluda etc created many opportunities. Whenever Mexico counter attacked the defense in leadership of Eric Abidal prevented it . Between this both the goal keepers were tested occationally by the strikers as well as midfielders.

At 62nd minute of the match the Mexico captain took a shot which the France Goalkeeper saved by diverting the direction. But in the very next minut there came the goal that disappointed France. When Hernandez got the ball it seemed he is in offside. But the TV replay showed that there was a French man after him for a fibre difference. So referee didn’t call offside. Hernandez caught the ball , dribbled the goalkeeper who came advansed and placed the ball into empty nets.

The goal awakened France. The former world champions took all the arrows in their stock. The substitution didn’t fruit. Theory Henry who suited for such situation was still on the side benches. At 79th minute there came the goal that hammered the last nail on the coffin of France. The Mexican man who came to the penalty area tried to dribble defender Abidal and failed. But he fell in box and referee whistled as fowl and pointed to penalty spot. Veteran striker Blanco took the kick and before the goalkeeper can catch it , entered the nets.(2-0).

All the attempts by France to return the ball blunted by Mexico there after. Mexican area trembled by  the attack of France. But all of them were effectively defended. At last when the final whistle sounded the smile was Mexico’s.


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