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Who is Pentagon Jr's Master? A Lucha Underground Investigation

Updated on June 12, 2015

By now, if you've read even one of my Lucha Underground columns, you'll know that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with finding out who Matanza is. The need to know has consumed me so much that I wrote an entire investigative column looking into the identity of Dario Cueto's brother (which you should totally read by the way). Lost in all that hooplah however, is the fact that the LU has another really good mystery angle quietly going around. What is this angle you might be asking? Well, if you somehow missed the title of the column winking you in the face, this mystery angle comes in the form of a question; who is the master of one Pentagon Jr.?

Pentagon Jr., the opposite of John Cena
Pentagon Jr., the opposite of John Cena

Yes, it turns out your favorite arm breaking, masked psychopath with cero miendo ("zero fear" for those who don't speak Spanish) is working for a higher power, or so he's been telling us ever since the beginning of the year. Which begs the question; who is this master? Is it someone we've never seen before? Someone we see very week? Or is it possible the master is just a symbolic entity, as my good friend mizfan has theorized in the past? Luckily, that's what I'm here for. Aside from the symbolic entity theory, I've come up with a list of potential candidates to be Pentagon Jr's master. Who are they? Read on and find out! ON WITH THE SHOW!

Who is Pentagon Jr's Master? A Lucha Underground Investigation


I know, I know; how can the guy Pentagon is about to be feuding with ultimately be his master? Well, I'll have you know that...I have no idea how that works either. But man, the buzz is there, and has been ever since Vamp teased Pentagon when he attacked Melissa Santos a month or so back. And Vamp does have the whole dark, gothic character about him, something that was definitely played with when he played head butt the mirror last week. That said, I'm not too sold on this one. It wouldn't shock me if the LU ultimately came up with a great way to explain the story (Vamp is brainwashed!), and it's worth being mentioned here because everyone is all about it. Just don't put me on the bandwagon yet.

Ultimo Dragon

Here's an idea I'm high on. One, Pentagon Jr, according to the LU, went to Japan to become a complete wrestler. Well, who is someone who experience in Japan and Mexico? Why the Ultimo Dragon of course! On top of that, Pentagon's storyline journey is similar to Dragon's real life one, as much like the Dragon did, Pentagon went to find success outside his homeland before returning. The only question I have is can the Dragon be a dark enough character to associate with Pentagon. Beyond that, I like this combo, and I think it's feasible seeing as Ultimo does have connections to the Temple. Plus, it's about damn time the Dragon was back on American TV. Even while pushing 50, he's too good to not be seen every week.


Here's a counter to the Vampiro theory; what if instead of going with Vamp as the Master, the LU brings someone in who can serve as both Pentagon's master and a foil for our favorite color commentator? I personally think that's a far more likely scenario. And who would be better to play the role than Raven? He's one of the greatest "dark" characters in the history of wrestling, he's not doing anything as far as I know of, and most importantly, he has history with Vampiro over the years. I could easily see the LU sliding him in as the master, giving Vampiro his own pupil and having the Pentagon/Raven vs. Vamp/understudy matches take the Temple by storm. Plus, Raven promos in the LU? With the way they film segments? We now go live to the internet's reaction of the possibility.


If you were to put a super soaker to my head right now and demand who I think the master is, this would be my pick. Let's be real here guys; with The Crew now missing a member do to total and utter annihilation, someone has to come along and fill up the mega rudo stable spot. Guess who seems to be doing that? Catrina, Mil Muertes, and the Skeletor army. Is it possible that Catrina, who clearly has complete and utter control of Mil and the Skeletors, has one more person in her grasp? Can you imagine a rudo group with Mil, Pentagon and the Skeletors wreaking havoc throughout the Temple, all due to Catrina's bidding? I'm sure the same people who had a problem with Pentagon winning a match this past week will think he looks weak being behind Mil, but I love this idea. A rudo stable like that would be a great foil for the whole roster, and perhaps the catalyst that could force Dario Cueto to set Matanza free. Seriously, that monster might be the only thing that could stop this potential unholy stable.


Because why not, right? Look, I personally don't believe it's K-Dawg; he's still heavily wrapped up with Prince Puma, and if he was going to turn, it feels like it would've been two weeks ago when Puma overcame Konnan's former pupil Hernandez. That being said, it's Konnan, and you just never know with him. He could easily slide into the evil, rudo overlord role, and if the master and Pentagon are going to continue to feud with Vampiro later on, who better than the guy Vamp cannot stand onscreen? Dammit, I've talked myself into this one on that last statement alone! Who doesn't want to see more Vamp vs. Konnan? Think of the trash talk!


Time for a history lesson kids! For those who don't know, Octagon is one of the most famous luchadores of the modern era, perhaps best known for teaming with El Hijo del Santo to take on Los Gringos Locos (Eddie Guerrero and "Love Machine" Art Barr) at the famous AAA When Worlds Collide PPV. The other thing he's known for however is his feud with the original Pentagon. Wanting to create a foe for Octagon back in the mid 90's, AAA booker Antonio Pena came up with Pentagon, a character who would be sort of an evil twin, dark reflection of his heroic foe. The feud was a success overall and was responsible for the creation of Pentagon Jr. when AAA decided to revive the angle with a new Octagon (portrayed by current WWE star Kalisto) in 2012. In short, without Octagon, there's no Pentagon and there's no Pentagon Jr. He created him. In a way, Octagon is Pentagon Jr.'s father. Just kidding. Or am I?

What's the point of all this? Simply put, there is history between the Octagon and Pentagon entities. Plus, Octagon had finally turned rudo before the end of his recent AAA tour, and because the characters are reflections of each other, he is very similar to Pentagon Jr in a ton of ways. Could it be possible? Could Octagon be the one to have taken have embraced the dark side by taking the son of his evil twin under his wing? I think it would be some shocking, glorious storytelling in the LU was to try it. Whether they can or not is debatable, as Octagon is no longer with AAA and evidently filed a lawsuit against them not too long ago. Still, I like this idea if it can be done. An Octagon, Pentagon Jr. alliance is as intriguing an idea as they come.

There you have it guys. I'll be back later with...something. Might be Buffy related, but who knows? Till that happens, avoid Lucha Underground spoilers, no touching of the hair and face, and behold the return of the DUCHOVNY meme!

Please change disks to continue...

Who do you think is Pentagon Jr's master?

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    • IsaiasPablo90 profile image


      3 years ago

      It was finally revealed to be Vampiro.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I hope it's La Parka. I need La Parka and his antics in LU.


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