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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

Updated on November 8, 2011
Eli proved to be among the Elite as he led the Giants to a last minute game winning drive over the Patriots on Sunday.
Eli proved to be among the Elite as he led the Giants to a last minute game winning drive over the Patriots on Sunday.

Week 9 had some exciting games, and many teams played their way out of the playoff race, or hurt their chances for division titles. The Philadelphia Eagles dug their hole possibly too deep to get out of Monday night when they lost at home to the Chicago Bears. Sitting at 3-5, two games behind the Giants and a number of teams well ahead of them on the wild card list, a playoff spot at this point looks very grim.

Out in the AFC West, all three teams tied for first had a chance to separate themselves and take the lead, but all three faltered and lost their games. This Thursday, the Raiders and Chargers square off in what could be a huge game in that division. The losing team will be on the outside looking in. To make the playoffs, you have to win this division, because there will be no wild card with how good the North and East are.

The Giants won in a big statement game over the Patriots, who now drop to a three way tie for first with the Jets and Bills. Speaking of the Jets, they look like the top team in the AFC to beat right now. The Ravens finished the sweep of the Steelers to drop Pittsburgh to third place in the North! They have a big game this Sunday against the Bengals. If they lose that game and drop to 6-4, I don't know if they'll be able to come back and make the playoffs with the Bengals, Jets, Bills, and Patriots all in the mix for a wild card spot.

The Saints were able to knock off the Buc's, and move to sole possession of first place. I can't wait to see them square off against the Falcons to see who the best team really is in the South.

This brings us to the Power Rankings heading into week 10. There's a huge game this Sunday with the Giants traveling to San Fran to take on the 49ers. This will shake up the power rankings next week depending on how the game goes, but for now, this is my NFL Insider Week 10 Power Rankings.

Rankings for Week 10

Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers is having one of the greatest starts to a season in NFL history, and they just keep winning
San Francisco 49ers
I never thought the niners would be up this high, but Harbaugh has them playing great football, and they are now 7-1
New York Giants
The G-Men proved by beating New England that they can compete with the top teams in the league. Don't count them out come playoff time
Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens sweep the Steelers so you have to put them this high. Flacco just needs to be more consistent
New Orleans Saints
The Saints are playing good football apart from that hiccup against the Rams, and Brees is already over 3,000 yards passing
Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers are still good despite the Ravens having their number this year. They have a big game against the Bengals this weekend that will determine their fate.
Cincinnati Bengals
The most surprising team in the league along with the 49ers, Dalton is having a phenominal rookie season and would be a shoe in for ROY if it weren't for Cam!
Detroit Lions
I love the Lions this year, but they have no running game. That worries me playing in the North when the weather turns. Hopefully Best can stay healthy for them
New England Patriots
Still a top tier team, but they need to do more than 5-10 yard slants. That's all Brady has done throughout his career, it's just surprising it took teams this long to figure it out.
Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons are back on a roll and looked in top form, granted it was against the Colts. Nonetheless, they are playing well and in line for the playoffs if they started today
New York Jets
The Jets are back on a winning streak and got a big win over the Bills. They have moved back into a tie for first place with the Pats and Bills
Houston Texans
The Texans have won three straight without Johnson in the lineup. The competition hasn't been all that stiff, but they have the Bucs this week then a bye to get everyone healthy
Buffalo Bills
The Bills couldn't get anything going offensively, so I'm a little worried about them playing the top teams in the league
Chicago Bears
The Bears beating the Eagles last night was huge for keeping their playoff hopes alive. Mike Martz has changed the offense and Cutler is looking much better and more comfortable.
Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles seem to have played their way out of a playoff spot Monday Night. Let's see how many of those players they can bring back next year, and who will be able to come back
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Bucaneers can't seem to compete on a consistent basis with the top teams in the league
San Diego Chargers
Rivers is playing very poorly this year and with all the turnovers, there is no way to win games
Dallas Cowboys
Sure they can beat the Seahawks, but can they beat teams that matter in the playoff race?
Tennessee Titans
Chris Johnson finally had a half way decent game, but talks have emerged of the Titans sending him packing at the end of the season. What a disappointment!
Kansas City Chiefs
They've won big games this year, but being throttled at home by the winless Dolphins is unacceptable. Hopefully they can turn things around.
Denver Broncos
Tim Tebow is doing enough to hang on to the starting job for the time being. Let's see if his throwing mechanics improves as we continue down the stretch.
Oakland Raiders
The Raiders had a chance to take sole possesion of first place and laid an egg at home against the Broncos. I'm worried about this team going down the stretch
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags had a bye so they don't move too much on this list. Their offense is pathetic. We will see if they were able to fix that on their week off.
Minnesota Vikings
With an extra week of preparation I expect Ponder to be even better. This team will finish strong, but they are out of the running already
Carolina Panthers
They are pretty much mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but this team is impressive and has shown a lot of growth so far this year
Arizona Cardinals
John Skelton played fairly well and the Cards were able to knock off the Rams in OT, thanks to the rookie Peterson with a fabulous punt return for the win
Miami Dolphins
Matt Moore is on his way to earning the starting job permanently. If the Dolphins can string together a few victories, he may give them something to consider in the offseason.
Washington Redskins
This team is brutal. Why did Rex get benched? One bad game? Beck has won 0 games.
St Louis Rams
Bradford is not good this year. He doesn't have too many weapons, and he was outplayed by John Skelton. This team has some issues to resolve.
Cleveland Browns
The Browns probably have the worst offense in the NFL. They cannot move the ball, they have no receivers, and now no running backs. To top it off, all of a sudden they can't stop the run. What looked to be a promising season is slowly slipping away.
Seattle Seahawks
Outside of Marshawn Lynch, every skill player, including the QB, are career backups. The upside is they have a young promising defense
Indianapolis Colts
What can I say, I've been defending Painter the last few weeks but 98 yards passing at home? This team can't score and they can't stop anyone.

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    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 6 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      Thanks man. It is tough in the middle because of all the parody. Teams bounce around every week!

    • Manny2437 profile image

      Manny2437 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      On the money I think. The top ten are good for sure, the middles always a little more difficult, but well done