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Why I Wouldn't Do a 10K Walk in Shape-Ups.

Updated on February 3, 2015

Marathon in Shape-Ups?

After I wrote a hub about Shape-Up shoes, it started getting lots of hits from the web and began a life of its own. People were exchanging their opinions, experience and tips. Since I am not a specialist, I wrote about Skechers Shape-Ups just because I use them and love them and wanted to share.

Some people were asking me specific questions and I was doing some research to answer them, though pointing out every time that I am not a proffy, but just one of them users.

Several people asked me if they can walk in Shape-Ups a 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) marathon walk. This hub will summarize what I put together after researching the subject. Actually, there was NOTHING about walking a marathon in Shape-Ups. 

A 10K walk.

A 10 kilometer (10K) walk is 6.2 miles long. It is a common distance for charity run/walks and the standard distance for volkssport walks. Most walkers complete a 10K walk in 90 minutes to two hours. If for a normal, routine exercising walk you can just put on your running shoes or Shape-Up shoes and go, for a 10K walk you’ll need some special training.

When choosing your walking shoes you should consider some things. It depends if you are going to do a pleasure walk around your neighborhood, non-competitive 10K walks, or a racewalk.

For an energizing routine walk you can use your Shape-Ups without doubt and you will benefit from this. I wrote about it in my hub about Shape-Ups. For a non-competitive 10K walk, where you can go in your own pace, you probably can use your Shape-Ups, if you have enough walking experience in them and you know that you feel comfortable and confident walking in this manner.


For a racewalk you will not use Shape-Ups and this is why: with racewalking your foot should actually roll from heel to toes with every step. Good racewalking shoes should be flexible, as your foot rolls through each step. See if your shoe bends in the ball of the foot and try if you can twist it from side to side. If it is stiff, it is not good for this kind of walking.

Running shoes should be flat, with little difference in height between the heel and the ball of the foot.

A well-fit pair of running shoes is the best answer for most racewalkers. Many specialty walking shoes (including Shape-Ups) are too stiff and you would need something more flexible so your foot could roll through the step easily.

Take some precautions.

In any case, if you decide to do a 10K walk, contact your medical provider for a check-up or consultation before you begin your walking program if any of these apply:

  • You were inactive for a year or more.
  • You don't currently exercise and/or are over age 65.
  • You have heart problems.
  • Pregnant
  • Have high blood pressure.
  • Diabetes
  • You have chest pain, especially when exerting yourself.
  • You often feel faint or have severe dizzy spells
  • Other medical conditions.


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    • ReuVera profile image

      ReuVera 7 years ago from USA

      Denise, thank you for your comment. Will you come back here after your 60 mile walk in October and share your experience? Thanks again.

    • profile image

      Denise 7 years ago

      I LOVE my Skechers. I do have "proper" running shoes (several), but for walking I love the Skechers, even for FAST walking. In fact, I am going to wear them in October for the 60 mile walk for breast cancer (3 days). They feel like I'm walking on clouds...

    • ReuVera profile image

      ReuVera 7 years ago from USA

      ern, you are sure right, but as we all know, very often the word "marathon" is used to underline the idea of something that is done "non-stop", and in this case it was used in this meaning. Anyway, thank you for specifying.

    • profile image

      ern 7 years ago

      The term marathon refers to a very specific distance (42.2 KM or 26.2 miles). Using the phrase "10K marathon" is inaccurate and misleading.

    • ReuVera profile image

      ReuVera 8 years ago from USA

      Thank you, breakfastpop for visiting. To my opinion, you are a leader in your own kind of marathon- cooking/political. Your chain of hubs is just amazing.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 8 years ago

      Interesting hub. I am quite sure a marathon isn't for me, but I do admire anyone who participates.