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10 Best Gun Safes From $1200-$2000 - Home Safe Home-Gun Safe Cabinets

Updated on April 26, 2015
Pioneer WF30 Green Gun Fire Safe
Pioneer WF30 Green Gun Fire Safe

10 Best Gun Safes From $1200-$2000 - Home Safe Home-Gun Safe Cabinets

Choosing the best gun safe or gun safes for storing rifles and shot guns can basically depend on the amount of firearms and other accessories that is needed to be stored for safe keeping.

Some other important factors to take into account when selecting the best rifle cabinet is the fire rating and the burglar rating of the safes. This information can be found in the description and specifications of each safe.

Another important factor to consider is the size or dimensions of the door openings that the security safe needs to go through in order to access the area where the gun safes will be placed.

Normally these are stored in one particular area of a room and are rarely moved. Where someone may choose to store secured gun safes might be in a den, office, family or trophy room.

Some choose to place these in a hidden out of the way location of the house or office where minimal vision can be seen, rather than be for out for display.

Select Locking Mechanisms

There are combination, key and digital lock pad style security locks for large gun safes. Selecting the style that best fits your needs is important. Keeping this information or keys secure provides security for all the valuables inside.

Restrict Limited Access

Restricting limited access to firearms will insure that the guns only can be handled by authorized users. Keeping the combination in safe location and only providing the combination or key to those that need it. 


Secure Against Burglary

Burglar rating is the amount of resistance a safe has against lock picking tools, hand tools, drills, cutting saws, portable electric tools and grinding points. Each safe has its own rating.

Protection Against Fire and Water

A good safe will protect valuable firearms, rifles and shotguns from fire and water damage. The specifications for these ratings in an important factor to consider when selecting the best gun safe. 

Size and Capacity

The size and amount of firearms a unit holds should always be considered when choosing the best gun safe for your needs.


Some larger units have room for special shelves or shelving that make it nice for storing rifle and gun accessories. Hearing protection and ammunition, scopes or any other types of accessories can be stored for safe keeping.


Color and Design

There are an array of different styles and colors to choose from. If this is important to fit with the decor of a room then picking out the right color is easy accommodated.

Safe Keeping

The safe keeping can only be deemed as safe if being properly used. When not in use the door or doors should be securely closed and locked. This provides the best and most important factor when opening and closing a gun safe or safes.


Preserving expensive and valuable guns should always be considered as a way to keep firearms not only safe from burglary but from accidental damage. Storing these in a secure gun safe is one of the best ways to do this.

Gun Safes

The best gun safe is one that will protect from fire and water damage. One that keeps them safe from burglary and break ins. One that keeps guns out of the reach of unwanted hands. One that only allows those with authorization to have access to the valuable firearms stored within its contents.


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  • WoodsmensPost profile image

    WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

    Thanks Joey Bennett that is really some good advice for someone with smaller hand guns. Safety is always the key ingredient when dealing with weapons in the home.

  • profile image

    Joey Bennett 7 years ago

    If you only have a single hand gun, you might want to opt for something a little smaller and more practical. Since the smaller gun safes are pretty portable, make sure that you store them in a discrete area in your house where it is not visible to everyone entering your home.