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10 Best way to Self Defense you must know

Updated on August 18, 2011
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10 Best Way to Self Defense

Well last day I was watching this serial Fight science on National Geographic Channel.And then I got this idea to write about self defense.This serial was very interesting, well at least it made aware about some basis thing you should remember when you are alone and under attack.

Here goes my 10 points :-

  1. Be Alert - While you are out and alone, be cautious.Look for person and look on their faces.Their look can tell you lot of things what they are thinking.So when you are among stranger, always remember there is somebody who could attack you.It is seen so often with woman when they return late night.Always alert and be prepare for an attack.
  2. Keep your weapons handy - Keep pepper spray handy in your bag for can use small weapon like your keys also, whenever you are going to parking alone keep your bike or car keys between your fingers and now you can use it like a weapon.The best part to hit can be between the eyes or the neck of the attacker.
  3. Do Exercise and keep yourself fit - Whenever possible go to gym or at least do jogging.It will keep you fit and when you need to fight, you will have some stamina to give it back.The best is to learn some self defense tips in martial arts training.
  4. Never panic - There might be situation when you are alone and there will be attack from back.Control your emotion and react based on situation.If the attacker need money throe your bag and run way other side.Specially for woman there might be attempt for rape,so shout for help and try to save yourself.Remember if you are panic, you will loose half of your strength.
  5. Get aware of latest Gadgets - Nowadays we have GPS even in our phone and its cheaper.Get one , so that you never lost when you are going to a new place.There are other product like pepper spray,stun gun 100,000 volt which can make your attacker unconscious for at least 5 mins.Electronic whistle which can be onf 120db and can be in your keyring, Its a good way to attract attention of crowd.
  6. Avoid Excessive Alcohol - As much as possible avoid excessive intake of alcohol, in case you had it always accompany yourself with a trusted friend to your home
  7. Keep all windows and door closed - At your home always keeps doors and windows closed.keep some weapons at secret place where you can reach easily at time of attack.
  8. Never underestimate your attacker - An attacker which look obviously weaker than you can be equally dangerous.Even a knife in his hand could do a fatal danger.Be alert and fight at rite time.
  9. Trust more on you than others - Remember at the critical time, rather than shouting for help, be a saviors of yours.Its noticed that other people rarely involved in saving others.So first trust on yourself and start thinking how you can help yourself.
  10. Never scare - If you hit few times, don't scare its not the end of the world.Fight again and you will get the chance.remember there is no rule in fighting and you should do best to save yourself.Be ready to get injured.

Remember self defense is a not a movie and you are not Jackie Chan, Don't try to be hero when you are in trouble.use your mind and reacts at right time.Its totally your call whether you want to be a victim or not.

Remember your intention will be never to hurt your attacker.just get rid of him and escape from that place as soon as possible.Also know your limits, you should not be stabbed or shot for $10 or 500 rupees.Also always keep calm and keep breathing, just like you are scared of your life as he is.So if you can be hurt so as him.

Also point which should be noted here is this is not a formal fight, do whatever you can, pull hair,pinch, bite,hit nose, who cares.I would suggest to hit attacker back spine,eyes, or his neck.A good kick definitely give you win over the attacker.

Remember the element of surprise, before your attacker hit, you hit him first.Close the distance between you and him and take him to the ground.Keep an eye on his weapon and first try to separate it from him.

Remember a little attention and smartness can save your and your friends life.Be alert and help yourself.

Karv Mega Self Defense Techniques


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