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10 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do By Yourself

Updated on July 26, 2012

Fresh air, sunshine, escaping the computer and TV... all very important. Here is a list of ten reasons to get outside- all by yourself, on a whim, without any planning.

10 Outdoor Activities

  1. Hiking: Go to local forest or mountain and go hiking. It is important to go back to nature every once in a while, it sets your mind straight and puts things in perspective. Remember your cell phone or a compass.
  2. Jogging: Skip the woods if that's not your thing. Jog around the neighborhood, your local track, or park. Better yet, explore the corners of your town or city that you never knew existed.
  3. Biking: Take the bike on the road or in the woods. A little more action for those who find hiking or jogging boring. But for God's sake, don't bike in the middle of the road and create a train of cars behind you.
  4. Beach: Lay out for a tan, go swimming, read a book, people watch. The beach is a laid back, fun place to be. And there's just something better about swimming in salt water than a pool.
  5. Meditation: Go somewhere peaceful outside and meditate. Look up an article or video online about mindfulness. In your backyard, by a stream, anywhere, and just sit motionless and let your thoughts unwind. We have a lot of built up anxiety in our minds that should be regularly vented.
  6. Gardening: It is physical exercise and relaxing at the same time. Buy small plants from your local greenhouse and plant them in a good mixture of potting soil and fertilizer. A nice garden can be created in containers or the ground. You might get more vegetables than you bargained for.
  7. Fishing: Grab the old fishing pole, buy a box of worms, and go to the local lake, reservoir, or ocean pier. The fish you catch may be small, but the thrill of catching a fish is always big.
  8. Basketball: Shoot some hoops. It's a good work out and improves your hand-eye coordination.
  9. Yard Work/House Maintenance: Save money and learn a few things by doing your own yard work and performing minor repairs on your house.
  10. Wash Car: I trust myself more than anyone to do a good job cleaning my car. Go the extra mile, polish and wax it.

I am sure I am missing a lot here... please add to the list!


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