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10 Best Players To Miss World Cup 2014

Updated on December 21, 2013

We finally know who will be in and out of the world cup 2014 in Brazil. As some of us are happy that their teams has qualified for the biggest sporting tournament in the world, some of us are very upset. Myself , I am really disappointed as my nation didn't qualify for the final stage of the tournament, but we can try again in four years. Every World cup we have some super stars that miss the world cup for one or another reason. I researched online and came up with a list of 10 players that are at their prime right now and will be missed at the big stage this coming up summer in Brazil. I am not going to rank the players by number, just because to other they might have a different opinion on who is better or worse, I will rank them by their position. Hope you enjoy my article.


Petr Cech ( Czech Republic)

Despite his great performances for his club team Chelsea, Cech was not able to help his team qualify for this edition of the World Cup in Brazil. He conceded nine goals in the ten matches of the group stage. He played every minute of the qualifying stage, but couldn't help his team to get a spot in the top 32 teams in the world. His team finished third place one point behind Denmark, and seven points, behind the leaders in the group Italy. Cech should have at least one more chance to get to the World Cup in 2018.


Daniel Agger (Denmark)

I would say the best player the Danish currently have. The defender was the best scorer for the Danish during the World Cup qualifications, but his help wasn't enough and he couldn't help his team qualify for the world Cup. Denmark came in second place just 6 points behind the leader Italy. He played in nine games, and was able to net a total of four goals, which was a team high. One of the best defenders that will be missed during the World Cup.

Branislav Ivanovic (Serbia)

Another Chelsea player to miss the World Cup. A very strong Serbia team couldn't secure a spot in the final 32 teams to play in the World Cup in 2014. Ivanovic played in all 10 matches during the qualifying stage and was able to score one goal, but what really hurt the Serbian team was four losses on their away matches that threw them out of the competition, but everyone is expecting Serbia to be a surprise in the coming up Euro Cup in 2016.

Daniel Alaba ( Austria)

The full-back that plays for the German Bayern Munich was the best player during the world cup qualifications scoring six goals a team high and all ten matches. Austria finished third in their group, only three points behind Sweden, who came up close and lost to Portugal in the play-offs.


Marek Hamsik (Slovakia)

This was a very disappointing qualifying stage for Hamsik as well as the whole Slovakia team. The team finished third in the group stage as they were way behind the leaders, Bosnia and Greece that were both with 25 points, and Slovakia was only able to get 13 points in ten matches. Hamsik was only able to score only two goals in the ten matches, which is very unusual for him.

Arda Turan (Turkey)

After a couple consecutive appearances in the World Cup, Turkey was finally unable to qualify for the final stage of the tournament. We could also blame Turan for his really poor performance during the qualifying rounds as he was able to only score one goal in nine appearances. turkey finished fourth in their group behind the leaders Netherlands, Romany in second and Hungary in third place.

Stevan Jovetic (Montenegro)

I would say one of the best and talented teams that will miss the World Cup. Montenegro has been very impressive in recent years. Manchester City's player was the best player on the team He finished the competition with two goals in only three matches after missing first matches due to an injury. Expect to see him in the upcoming Euro Cup in 2016


Robert Lewandowski (Poland)

Lewandowski had a very poor performance during the qualifying stage of the World Cup scoring only three goals in nine games. Poland started off very good, but ended up finishing fourth behind the leader England, Ukraine and Montenegro. Poland has been a rising team, due to it's youth and expect to see them do a lot better in the upcoming years.

Gareth Bale (Wales)

The most expensive player in the world will have to watch the World Cup in TV, since his team failed to qualify for the World Cup. Wales has never played in the World Cup, Players like Ryan Giggs, Ian Rush, Mark Hughes were never able to taste the World Cup and Bale is most likely due to hit the same road, as there is no light in the tunnel for Wales to soon qualify for any competition. Wales finished fifth in their group, and Bale had the highest scoring in the team with a total of five goals, and only playing in seven games for Wales.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

Zlatan is due to also watch the World Cup on TV, as he is considered one of the world's best strikers. He was more than brilliant in the qualifying stage and scoring eight out of teams 21 goals. Sweden finished second, behind the nearly perfect German team. Sweden played a really crazy play-off matches against a very good Ronaldo and company team that qualified Portugal to the World Cup, and sending Sweden and Ibra back home with nothing.

Who will you miss the most in the World Cup?

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