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1001 Submissions For MMA

Updated on October 12, 2012
Kyra Gracie BJJ Blackbelt
Kyra Gracie BJJ Blackbelt

1001 Submissoins for MMA, A New Era

 Mixed martial arts are becoming more and more prevalent these days with the addition of submissions being one of the biggest to most stand up systems. While the UFC is taking the world by storm martial artists everywhere are learning ground fighting and submission techniques are a must for any fighting system. Some traditionalists believe different but the truth is, like anything else you must adapt your fighting style in order to stay on top.

Although new to the public, mixed martial arts has been around for years. Really one of the first pioneers in mixed martial arts would have to be Bruce Lee. Although his system did not incorporate a lot of ground fighting he was a firm believer in mixing different styles to make a more effective martial art. His style of Jeet Kune Do was and is just that, a mix of different martial arts. Many modern day Jeet Kune Do practitioners already incorporate some form of ground and submission work. This is not only happening with Jeet Kune Do but many other systems as well. Karate and Kung Fu dojos are now becoming MMA training centers and adding grappling to their systems.

Martial arts is evolving more and more every day. Some will embrace it and others will fight it to the bitter end. No matter what side of the fence you are on MMA looks to be here to stay and if your not ready to evolve then there is a chance you will become extinct.

Michael Bisping 2: How to submit

Why Learn Submissions

 To so many martial artists that have been training in the same art for years the most common question is why learn submissions? A lot of people think that as long as they have survived this long without them there is no need to learn them now.

One really good reason to learn submissions is that there are a bunch of other people that are learning them. Just because you never had to worry about it before doesn't mean you don't have to worry about it now. MMA is probably one of the biggest growing sports today and with that is a whole new breed of martial artist.

Everyone wants to be an ultimate fighter and will train in a system that incorporates both stand up and ground fighting. More and more people are learning submission fighting every day and if you don't know it, you can't defend against it. If you have been doing martial arts for a few years, say 10 or more, just look at how many more people are involved in the martial arts in general.10-15 years ago a lot less people knew how to defend against a kick then present day. Now there are martial arts schools everywhere. It's much easier to get started and you have a lot more choices when it comes to your martial arts school.

 Submission fighting will be the same way as the years go by. In the last few years it has become more popular and common but soon there will be a whole new breed of martial artist that has submissions included into there self defense routine. You may not need to be the best at it but it always helps to have some ground training just in case. You never know when you will end up on the ground and worse on your back. If you have no ground game then it is going ot be game over.

Guillotine Choke

Adding Submissions to your Martial Art

A lot of people think adding submissions to an art they are already training in is to confusing or can't be done. This is actually far from the truth. Most, if not all, stand up martial arts mix perfectly with submission arts. MMA fighters are the prime example. Although a fighter is considered to favor either stand up,ground and pound or submissions they train in all aspects of the game. The same can be done with any martial art. Some even have submissions hidden with in them.

If you train in and are fairly well versed in a stand up art you have a great base as far as balance,speed,power and work ethic. You already have a good idea how your body works and how to manipulate it. Adding submissions will come fairly easy if your mind is open to new ideas and new ways to manipulate your body , as well as your opponents. Your stand up will also prove as a perfect entry into the submission. You already know how to strike, get inside and can work your way to a position of power. There are tons of techniques that involve controlling specific body parts followed by strikes. Now all you have to do is exchange the strikes for a submission hold.

Another plus to learning submissions is simply knowing what to expect. You may not like fighting on the ground or feel like you need to be good at it and thats fine. But remember the best way to defend against anything is to know what is coming. Think about any pro sport, they all watch video of there upcoming opponents to know what they need to defend against, spot weaknesses and plan a strategy. If you are thinking about adding submissions to your game check out MMA Overload, They have tons of DVD's and Books from some of the best in MMA. They also have a huge selection of great gear and awesome prices.

Rear naked choke from side control (MMA)

Submissions are NOT just for Guys

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Peruvian necktie from turtle control (Grappling)

One armed Americana from side control (Grappling)

Rolling Triangle from side control (Grappling)


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    • challks profile image

      challks 5 years ago from USA

      UFC is one of the most exciting things to watch on T.V. -

      I'm very excited to see the evolution of the sport over the next 20 years

      Good hub thanks !

      ps - i voted " I Love Watching The UFC