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1984 Olympics: Katarina Witt, Rosalynn Sumners, Kira Ivanova, Tiffany Chin and Elaine Zayak

Updated on September 8, 2015

Katarina Witt in 1984

Katarina Witt in 1984

Fleming complimented "Very well done" after her free program.

Well, that's comparatively appreciable, but it ain't impressive at all. Witt's usual power and audacity appears not so efficient to produce a performance. Her skating simply appears flat and disjointed.

It's quite messy. In conclusion, To say Witt's victory in the 1984 Olympics is not convincing is a gross understatement. Witt's popularity might influence the result, but even then, it's categorically an example of wrong judging.

Witt might edge Sumners out in short program due to her, but she didn't actually win free program.

Her PCS in free program is 7.5 while 7.75 for short program.

Rosalynn Sumners in 1984

Rosalynn Sumners in 1984

Although Sumners aborted a few jumps, she definitely beat Witt in free program. Sumner might not be the winner of free program, but she didn't lose to Witt here.

It is more reasonable for Sumners to win.

Her speed, power, and contextual continuity stood out, and Witt didn't overcome Sumners' skating; Sumners in fact edged out Witt.

In short program, Sumners will get -GOE for the failed jump. Her PCS is 7.75 for both free and short.

Kira Ivanova in 1984

Ivanova is a skater with poor jump technique.

There is no way for her to get on the podium. I guess Ivanova is a case benefited from Cold War era. Her jump deficiency appears too glaring.

It is interesting to know that Dick and Peggy both criticized Russian skating depletion even then. No wonder why Russian skaters repeat that bad tradition today.

So this is a smoking gun for how international politics heavily weighed in on that competition. Dick pointed out how wrong the marks are. Yes, it's bullshit.

Please don't trumpet the result of the 1984 Olympics. That's scandalous.

Her PCS is 7.0.

Tiffany Chin in 1984

Tiffany Chin in 1984

Tiffany Chin was perhaps the most talented skater in this competition, besides Elaine Zayak.

Her short height and arms and legs stood in her way of aesthetic lines. However, she demonstrated how high her skating proficiency was in free skating.

That's why Fleming here nominated Chin for the 1988 Olympic headliner.

Her PCS is 8.0.

Elaine Zayak in 1984

Elaine Zayak in 1984

You see how different she was on ice compared to other skaters.

The way she moves and the way she uses her body as momentum picks up. That's how a skater moves on ice. Zayak was the best among the lot. No question about it.

Although Fleming had complained Zayak's artistic ability in the past, here Fleming gave a compliment to Zayak. She couldn't help it. Well, it's so obvious that Zayak was the only one who incorporated her moves into music of free program.

The scores only reflect on the prejudice Zayak received at the time. But as for Fleming, her reluctance to give a full nod to Zayak was based on legitimate questions, at least to her, that Zayak's skating didn't advocate line aesthetics.

But who did well on that part at the time?

Her PCS is 8.5.

Who do you think is the real winner of the 1984 Olympics?

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