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2008-09 Indiana Pacers starting line-up

Updated on May 29, 2009

Center Roy Hibbert

2008-09 Indiana Pacers starting line-up

 The Indiana Pacers are 53 games into their season.  After losing Sunday to the 11-40 Washington Wizards, the Pacers beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday.  That means the Pacers have beaten the teams with the top 4 records in the league, yet that lose to Washington and are sitting 21-32 at the time of this writing.

I have been fortunate enough to watch most of the Pacer games on TV and even went to a game in person.  I have developed some ideas so here I go as an arm chair coach.

For the rest of the season the Pacers should have a 9 man rotation.  Assuming everyone is healthy, the stating line-up should be Ford and Jack at guards.  Granger and Murphy at Forwards and Hibbert at center.  The sixth man should be Dunleavy.  Foster and Diener should play every game.  The 9th man should depend on the situation, Brandon Rush should get the first shot.  If he continues to struggle, Stephen Graham has proven he is a capable reserve.  If the Pacers need a bug man, go to Rasho.

When Dunleavy does become healthy, the Pacers should use him as the sixth man.  He should be playing 27-30 minutes per game.  That is not just for this year, they should keep him in that role permanently.  I think that is his ideal position.  Jack and Ford come from the same mold, they each play out of control at times.  When they are out of control and making shots they look like all-stars.  When the shots aren't falling they look like rookies.

Danny Granger continues to improve.  He is a legitimate all-star and if he starts consistently coming through in the clutch, can be a super-star.  Troy Murphy is a solid offensive player.  A consistent double-double man.  His defense is weak but if there is a good defensive center in the middle to make up for Murphy the Pacers will be fine with him in the line-up.

Roy Hibbert is showing signs of improvement.  I think Hibbert will be a solid center in 2-3 years.  With Hibbert in the starting line-up, he will be getting valuable playing time.  As of this writing I think he can play 20-24 minutes per game. 

I think the Pacers are on the right track, however, they will struggle to make the playoffs this season.  They are still and exciting team to watch and will be getting better. 


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    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      another good hub i like pacers