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2010 Big East Conference Football Preview

Updated on September 1, 2010

Impact Players of Big East 2010

WR Jock Sanders   West Virginia
WR Jock Sanders West Virginia
RB Noel Devine   West Virginia
RB Noel Devine West Virginia
LB Pat Lazear   West Virginia
LB Pat Lazear West Virginia
CB Brandon Hogan    West Virginia
CB Brandon Hogan West Virginia
SS Sidney Glover   West Virginia
SS Sidney Glover West Virginia
RB Dion Lewis   Pittsburgh
RB Dion Lewis Pittsburgh
WR Jon Baldwin   Pittsburgh
WR Jon Baldwin Pittsburgh
DE Greg Romeus   Pittsburgh
DE Greg Romeus Pittsburgh
WR Armon Binns   Cincinnati
WR Armon Binns Cincinnati
LB JK Schaffer
LB JK Schaffer
LB Lawrence Wilson   Connecticut
LB Lawrence Wilson Connecticut
SS Joe Lefeged   Rutgers
SS Joe Lefeged Rutgers
QB Tom Savage   Rutgers
QB Tom Savage Rutgers
QB Zach Frazer   Connecticut
QB Zach Frazer Connecticut
RB Bilal Powell   Louisville
RB Bilal Powell Louisville
RB Delone Carter   Syracuse
RB Delone Carter Syracuse
WR AJ Love   South Florida
WR AJ Love South Florida
DE Greg Lloyd  Connecticut
DE Greg Lloyd Connecticut
RB Joe Martinek  Rutgers
RB Joe Martinek Rutgers

Big East Football 2010

Since the Big East was raided by the ACC when it took Miami(FL), Virginia Tech and Boston College, three of the Big East best teams in football. It was thought that the Big East would fall from grace of the other bcs conference. But the Big East has exceeded expectations, they have really held it on especially in bowl games. West Virginai had won four out of it last five bowl games losing last year to Florida State in the Gator Bowl 33-21. Cincinnati went undefeated last year in the regular season before getting blasted by Florida in the Sugar Bowl 51-24. In 2007 South Florida got up to a #2 ranking before folded toward the end of the season. Connecticut beat South Carolina last year in the Papajohn's Bowl 20-7. Also Pittsburgh and Rutgers have been pretty respectable teams as well as Louisville especially in the Petrino years when in 2006 Louisville finish (12-1) and a top 5 finish with a Orange Bowl victory over Wake Forest 24-13. So the Big East despite the loss of 3 powers is still a good conference and is looking to gain more respect this season. So here are my Big East predictions on how I think each team will finish.

1. West Virginia (7 offense 9 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Noel Devine - Sr ('09 241att 1465yds 13td/22rec 177yds 1td) ('08 206att 1289yds 4td/35rec 185yds) ('07 73att 627yds 6td/7rec 90yds) WR Jock Sanders - Sr ('09 72rec 688yds 3td/35att 175yds 1td)('08 53rec 462yds 7td/48att 250yds 2td) ('07 12rec 102yds/16att 105yds 2td) FB Ryan Clarke - So ('09 60att 250yds 8td) WR Brad Starks - Jr ('09 29rec 405yds 2td/4att 10yds) ('08 17rec 168yds 1td) QB Geno Smith - So ('09 32-49 309yds 1td 1int/17att 7yds) Top Defensive Players: LB Pat Lazear - Sr ('09 78tkl 1sk 5tfl 1pbu) ('08 30tkl 1tfl 1int) ('07 14tkl .5tfl) LB JT Thomas - Sr ('09 76tkl .5sk 6.5tfl 5pbu 2int) ('08 65tkl 3sks 7tfl 3pbu) ('07 19tkl 3tfl 1pbu) CB Brandon Hogan - Sr ('09 74tkl 2tfl 11pbu 1int) ('08 60tkl .5sk 7pbu 3int) FS Robert Sands - Jr ('09 65tkl 3.5tfl 8pbu 5int) ('08 33tkl) SS Sidney Glover - Sr ('09 60tkl 1.5sks 5.5tfl 4pbu 2int) ('08 61tkl 3.5tfl 6pbu 1int) ('07 18tkl 1sk) DE Julian Miller - Jr ('09 53tkl 9sks 5tfl 3pbu) ('08 21tkl 3.5sks 3pbu) DT Chris Neild - Sr ('09 35tkl 2tfl 1pbu 1int) ('08 47tkl 2.5sks 2tfl 1pbu)

West Virginia 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Coastal Carolina

9/10/10 at Marshall

9/18/10 vs Maryland

9/25/10 at LSU - Impact Game

10/9/10 vs UNLV

10/14/10 vs South Florida - Swing Game

10/23/10 vs Syracuse

10/29/10 at Connecticut - Trap Game

11/13/10 vs Cincinnati

11/20/10 at Louisville

11/26/10 at Pittsburgh - Statement Game

12/4/10 vs Rutgers

2. Pittsburgh (5 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Dion Lewis - So ('09 325att 1799yds 17td/25rec 189yds 1td) WR Jon Baldwin - Jr ('09 57rec 1111yds 8td) ('08 18rec 404yds 3td) RB Ray Graham - So ('09 61att 349yds 4td/8rec 46yds) Top Defensive Players: LB Max Gruber - Jr ('09 91tkl .5sk 4tfl 4pbu) SS Dom DeCicco - Sr ('09 88tkl 1tfl 3pbu 3int) ('08 56tkl 7pbu 4int) FS Jarred Holley - So ('09 48tkl 3pbu 3int) DE Greg Romeus - Sr ('09 43tkl 8sks 3.5tfl 5pbu 1int) ('08 51tkl 7.5sks 8tfl 3pbu) ('07 41tkl 4sks 7.5tfl 3pbu) DE Jabaal Sheard - Sr ('09 42tkl 5sks 5.5tfl 3pbu) ('08 45tkl 5.5sks 7pbu)

Pittsburgh 2010 Schedule

9/2/10 at Utah - Trap Game

9/11/10 vs New Hampshire

9/23/10 vs Miami(FL) - Statement Game

10/2/10 vs Florida-International

10/9/10 at Notre Dame

10/16/10 at Syracuse

10/23/10 vs Rutgers

10/30/10 vs Louisville

11/11/10 at Connecticut

11/20/10 at South Florida - Swing Game

11/26/10 vs West Virginia - Impact Game

12/4/10 at Cincinnati

3. South Florida (10 offense 5 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB BJ Daniels - So ('09 122-227 1983yds 14td 9int/175att 772yds 9td) RB Moise Plancher - Sr ('09 129att 581yds 5td) ('08 69att 322yds 6td) WR AJ Love - Sr ('09 26rec 489yds 4td) ('08 31rec 370yds 2td) ('07 8rec 111yds 1td) WR Dontavia Bogan - Sr ('09 22rec 305yds 4td) ('08 26rec 354yds 1td) ('07 12rec 190yds 1td) WR Sterling Griffin - So ('09 14rec 265yds 2td) Top Defensive Players: LB Sabbath Joseph - Sr ('09 48tkl 4tfl 4pbu) (;08 19tkl 2tfl 1int) ('07 14tkl) LB Sam Barrington - So ('09 41tkl 2tfl 1int) FS Mistral Raymond - Sr ('09 40tkl 2tfl 1int) CB Kayvon Webster - So ('09 30tkl 2.5tfl 2pbu 1int) SS Jon Lejiste - So ('09 29tkl 1tfl 1pbu)

South Florida 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Stony Brook

9/11/10 at Florida - Statement Game

9/25/10 vs Western Kentucky

10/2/10 vs Florida Atlantic

10/9/10 vs Syracue

10/14/10 at West Virginia - Swing Game

10/22/10 at Cincinnati

11/3/10 vs Rutgers

11/13/10 at Louisville

11/20/10 vs Pittsburgh - Impact Game

11/27/10 at Miami(FL) - Trap Game

12/4/10 vs Connecticut

4. Cincinnati (7 offense 5 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: RB Isaiah Pead - Jr ('09 121att 806yds 9td) ('08 30att 194yds) QB Zach Collaros - Jr ('09 93-124 1434yds 10td 2int/57att 344yds 4td) ('08 6att 29yds) WR Armon Binns - Sr ('09 61rec 888yds 11td) WR DJ Woods - Jr ('09 51rec 640yds 4td) ('08 14rec 168yds) TE Ben Guidugli - Sr ('09 27rec 364yds 3td) ('08 18rec 229yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: LB JK Schaffer - Jr ('09 100tkl 1.5sks 4tfl 3pbu 3int) ('08 12tkl 1pbu) SS Drew Frey - So ('09 64tkl 1sk 2.5tfl 4pbu 2int) CB Dominique Battle - Jr ('09 60tkl 4tfl 4pbu 2int) ('08 13tkl 1tfl 1pbu) LB Walter Stewart - So ('09 59tkl 4.5sks 4tfl 1int) DE Dan Giordano - So ('09 42tkl 2sks 5tfl 1pbu) DT Derek Wolfe - Jr ('09 41tkl 5sks 3tfl)

Cincinnati 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at Fresno State

9/11/10 vs Indiana State

9/16/10 at NC State - Trap Game

9/25/10 vs Oklahoma (Paul Brown Stadium) - Statement Game

10/9/10 vs Miami(OH)

10/15/10 at Louisville

10/22/10 vs South Florida

10/30/10 vs Syracuse

11/13/10 at West Virginia - Impact Game

11/20/10 vs Rutgers

11/27/10 at Connecticut

12/4/10 - vs Pittsburgh - Swing Game

5. Rutgers (6 offense 6 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Tom Savage - So ('09 149-285 2211yds 14td 7int/59att -105yds 1td) RB Joe Martinek - Jr ('09 206att 967yds 9td/12rec 140yds) ('08 76att 404yds 4td) WR Mohamed Sanu - So ('09 51rec 639yds 3td/62att 341yds 5td/1-7 38yds 1td) RB De'Antwan Williams - So ('09 44att 235yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: LB Antonio Lowery - Sr ('09 55tkl 1sk 6.5tfl 2pbu 1int) ('08 16tkl) SS Joe Lefeged - Sr ('09 44tkl 1sk 1.5tfl 4pbu 1int) ('08 72tkl 1sk 3tfl 2pbu) ('07 38tkl 3.5sks 3pbu) DE Alex Silvestro - Sr ('09 42tkl 2sks 10tfl 1pbu 1int) ('08 43tkl 2sks 6tfl 2pbu) ('07 13tkl .5sk .5tfl) DT Scott Vallone - So ('09 41tkl 1.5sks 7.5tfl) LB Steve Beauharnais - So ('09 36tkl 5sks 2tfl) CB David Rowe - Jr ('09 36tkl 1sk 2.5tfl 7pbu 2int) ('08 23tkl 2sks) DE Jonathan Freeny - Sr ('09 33tkl 9.5sks 2.5tfl pbu) ('08 19tkl 1sk .5tfl 1pbu)

Rutgers 2010 Schedule

9/2/10 vs Norfolk State

9/11/10 at Florida International

9/25/10 vs North Carolina - Impact Game

10/2/10 vs Tulane

10/8/10 vs Connecticut - Swing Game

10/16/10 vs Army (East Rutherford)

10/23/10 at Pittsburgh

11/3/10 at South Florida - Trap Game

11/13/10 vs Syracuse

11/20/10 at Cincinnati

11/26/10 vs Louisville

12/4/10 at West Virginia

6. Connecticut (8 offense 8 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Zach Frazer - Sr ('09 116-218 10td 9int/17att -28yds) ('08 46-83 536yds 2td 6int) RB Jordan Todman - Jr ('09 235att 1188yds 14td/21rec 185yds) Wr Kashif Moore - Jr ('09 22rec 370yds 3td/5att 24yds) QB Cody Endres - Jr ('09 98-154 1354yds 6td 4int) ('08 39-84 411yds 3int) WR Isiah Moore - Jr ('09 24rec 286yds 1td) Top Defensive Players: LB Lawrence Wilson - Sr ('09 140tkl 5sks 6tfl 1pbu) ('08 73tkl 1sk 5tfl 4pbu 3int) ('07 113tkl 8.5tfl 2pbu 1int) DE Greg Lloyd - Sr ('09 91tkl 1sk 2tfl) ('08 56tkl 1sk 6tfl 2pbu) LB Scott Lutrus - Sr ('09 69tkl 3.5sks 2tfl 2pbu) SS Jerome Junior - So ('09 48tkl 1pbu 1int) CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson - So ('09 40tkl 6pbu 1int) DT Twyon Martin - Jr ('09 36tkl 4sks 4.5tfl 1int) ('08 22tkl 1.5sks 2tfl)

Connecticut 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at Michigan

9/11/10 vs Texas Southern

9/18/10 at Temple

9/25/10 vs Buffalo

10/2/10 vs Vanderbilt

10/8/10 at Rutgers

10/23/10 at Louisville

7. Louisville (8 offense 4 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive Players: QB Adam Froman - Sr ('09 111-185 1354yds 6td 5int/61att 78yds) RB Victor Anderson - Jr ('09 89att 473yds 5td/12rec 89yds) ('08 183att 1047yds 8td/18rec 101yds 1td) RB Bilal Powell - Sr ('09 108att 392yds 4td/12rec 103yds) ('07 24att 187yds 2td) WR Doug Beaumont - Sr ('09 38rec 465yds) ('08 62rec 750yds/8att 47yds) TE Cameron Graham - Sr ('09 27rec 323yds 2td) Top Defensive Players: CB Johnny Patrick - Sr ('09 53tkl 4tfl 5pbu 2int) ('08 50tkl 1tfl 4pbu 1int) ('07 19tkl 1pbu 1int) LB Brandon Heath - Sr ('09 48tkl 5.5tfl 2int) ('08 20tkl 1.5tfl 2pbu) Antwon Canady - Sr ('09 34tkl .5sk) ('08 39tkl 2.5tfl) DE Malcolm Tatum - Sr ('09 29tkl .5sk 2tfl)

Louisville 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 vs Kentucky - Impact Game

9/11/10 vs Eastern Kentucky

9/18/10 at Oregon State

10/2/10 at Arkansas State

10/9/10 vs Memphis

10/15/10 vs Cincinnati - Statement Game

10/23/10 vs Connecticut - Swing Game

10/30/10 at Pittsburgh

11/6/10 at Syracuse - Trap Game

11/13/10 vs South Florida

11/20/10 vs vs West Virginia

11/26/10 at Rutgers

8. Syracuse (5 offense 10 defense) - Key Skilled Offensive PlayersRB Delone Carter - Sr ('09 236att 1021yds 11td/11rec 117yds 1td) ('08 23att 137yds)  RB Antwon Bailey - Jr ('09 67att 312yds 1td/27rec 200yds)  QB Ryan Nassib - So ('09 36-68 422yds 3td 1int/27att 26yds)  WR Marcus Sales - Jr ('09 28rec 324yds 3td) ('08 14rec 160yds)  WR Alec Lemon - So ('09 29rec 295yds 1td)  Top Defensive PlayersLB Derrell Smith - Sr ('09 82tkl 6.5sks 4tfl 2pbu)  LB Doug Hogue - Sr ('09 72tkl 9.5sks 6.5tfl 4pbu 1int)  SS Max Suter - Sr ('09 71tkl 1sk 1tfl 3pbu 1int) ('08 32tkl 2sks 2tfl 1pbu)

Syracuse 2010 Schedule

9/4/10 at Akron

9/11/10 at Washington - Impact Game

9/18/10 vs Maine

9/25/10 vs Colgate

10/9/10 at South Florida

10/16/10 vs Pittsburgh - Statement Game

10/23/10 at West Virginia

10/30/10 at Cincinnati

11/6/10 vs Louisville - Trap Game

11/13/10 at Rutgers

11/20/10 vs Connecticut - Swing Game

11/27/10 vs Boston College


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