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2012 AFL Dream Team Cash Cows - Rucks

Updated on February 27, 2012
Jonathan Giles (pictured) looks set to lead GWS ruck division this year.
Jonathan Giles (pictured) looks set to lead GWS ruck division this year. | Source

One of the keys to doing well in AFL Dream Team, AFL SuperCoach and other similar fantasy football games is being able to select the right cash cows (high growth players under $150,000 that can either be kept on the bench as emergencies or fill final starting spots) that have the potential to rise appreciably in value and in some cases may even be worth keeping till the end of the season.

Last year it was first pick David Swallow and mature aged recruit Andrew Krakouer that proved the best options from round 1 - who will it be this year?

Here are some of the 2012 rucks with the most exciting potential:

Jonathan Giles (GWS)

Giles is a 24 year old ruckman who was recruited from Sturt FC in the SANFL, after spending 4 unfruitful years on Port Adelaide's list (2006-2009). Injury permitting, he is guaranteed to play a role for GWS in the ruck, perhaps in tandem with Brogan.

Jarrod Witts (Collingwood)

Witts is only 19 years old, but already a highly imposing figure at 208cm, 110kg. Recruited via the NSW-ACT scholarship scheme, he represented NSW-ACT last year the 2011 U18 Championships and won the states MVP. He also played for Collingwood's VFL team towards the end of the season and performed well. He is seen as a chance to replace Leigh Brown as a 3rd tall forward/second ruck.

Orren Stephenson (Geelong)

Stephenson is a 29 year old recruit from North Ballarat's highly successful VFL team. With the retirement of Brad Ottens and Mark Blake he looks likely to claim the first ruck position - this makes him close to a must have in your side for 2012.

For further information I would recommend checking out the 2012 AFL Prospectus, which is full of invaluable information for the avid fantasy footballer.

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