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2013 MLB NL MVP Race: Teammates leading charge

Updated on May 14, 2013

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As teams get ready to take the field on Tuesday May 14, 2013 A pair of teammates are leading the charge for the 2013 NL MVP award. Every baseball expert has their own way of picking who the think deserves the award. I am no expert by any means, I do not put any pitchers on my list thinking the CY Young award is what the best pitcher deserves. I have complied a list of seven players that i think are leading the charge right now.

I do not look at players from only good teams. If a player for Miami is having a great year, he will be on my list regardless that the team keeps losing. I encourage readers to express to me who the like and why. I will do my best to explain clearly why i have chosen these players.

#7 Bryce Harper(Washington) Harper is the future of baseball and he is not disappointing this year. He is batting .303 with ten homeruns and 21 RBIs. Hopefully he is not hurt from his wall hit and can creep his way up the list.

#6 Troy Tulowitzki(Colorado) Tulowitzki is a great veteran that all kids should look up too. His it batting .311 with eight homeruns and a league leading 31 RBIs. Staying healthy will be a key for him to earn the award.

#5 Justin Upton(Atlanta) Upton leads the league in homeruns with 13. He is batting .289 with 23 RBIs on the season. He will have to increase his average to have any shot at award.

#4 Adrain Gonzalez(Los Angeles) Gonzalez is the best thing on his disappointing club. Batting .350 with 26 RBIs Gonzalez has a great shot at award. His power numbers could go up but if he keeps driving in runs and hitting for average he will be fine.

#3 Paul Goldschmidt(Arizona) Great Young player that has the look of a superstar. Paul is batting .312 with 10 Homeruns and a league leading 31 RBIs. I like this player a lot and hope he keeps this pace going all year long. We could easily see 50 Homeruns and 130 RBIs from this player.

#2,#1 To me these two players are tied for the top spot. Teammates from Milwaukee Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez are almost identical in stats. Segura leads the league with a .368 average while Gomez is batting .367. Both players have six homeruns apiece. Gomez has driven in 17 runs while Segura has driven in 16. Segura has stolen 13 bases while Gomez has eight. Gomez has crossed home plate 22 times while Segura has been safe at home 20 times. Both players have three triples on the year while Gomez leads 10 to six on doubles.

Well there is my list of who i think is your leading players for the MVP honor. Please tell me what you think. In a couple of weeks I will update my list.


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