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2013 MLB Power Rankings Week 1

Updated on April 8, 2013

Power Rankings

It is time for everyone's favorite lesson in subjectivity. Today's task? To list all 30 MLB teams in order from best to worst. The problem with that? There is no "best" or "worst" team. At least not a consensus. That is where the fun comes in. I tell you how I see it and then you do this fun thing called commenting and you can tell me how wrong I am or praise me in all of my baseball knowledge glory. Your choice. Now to quote Heath Ledger's Joker "and here....we....go..."

*Note ~ All records will be through Sunday, April 7th.

1. Atlanta Braves (5-1)The Braves have five wins. Newcomer Justin Upton has five home runs. Too bad home runs aren't gritty eh Kirk Gibson?

2. Washington Nationals (4-2) I think they are the best team in the National League but I can't rank them in the top spot after that 15-0 blowout loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Nope, not gonna ignore that one.

3. Cincinnati Reds (4-2) The Reds won series against the Los Angeles Angels and the Nats to open the season. Most experts, and myself, view both of those teams as playoff teams. That is good news for the Red Legs.

4. Oakland A's (5-2) Will the magic of last year's division-winning club continue? So far, yes. The A's have the best record in the AL.

5. Colorado Rockies (5-1) OK, they have played the Milwaukee Brewers and San Deigo Padres so far but this team was horrid last year. I don't expect much out of them this year but it's a nice start so far for the Rox.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks (5-1) Sticking with the NL West the D'Backs are tied atop the division with Colorado. Maybe the grit will pay off. Probably not though.

7. Texas Rangers (4-2)I couldn't have been more wrong about what Texas would do with shortstop Elvis Andrus. I said they would trade him. The next day they signed him to a massive nine figure contract. Oops.

8. Detroit Tigers (3-3) My pick to win the World Series. The bullpen had a rough first week. The solution: re-sign former closer Jose Valverde. Wait...really? Jeez.

9. San Francisco Giants (3-3) If I told you the Giants had a great rotation you wouldn't find that shocking. They did win two of the last three World Series after all. If I told you that rotation didn't give up an earned run this season until the fifth game, well, that might shock you.

10. Boston Red Sox (4-2) The Red Sox, on the other hand, didn't have a whole lot go right for their rotation last year. So far this year it is a bit different: the entire pitching staff has given up a combined 19 runs in the first six games.

11. Los Angeles Dodgers (4-2) I have to talk about Clayton Kershaw right? I mean, the dude threw a complete game shutout on opening day and also homered. Talk about doing it all yourself.

12. Tampa Bay Rays (3-3) Fernando Rodney, the same Fernando Rodney that set the all-time record for ERA for a relief pitcher last season, has allowed runs in both of his appearances and is currently sporting an ERA of 16.20. Fun how that works.

13. Chicago White Sox (4-2) Adam Dunn stole a base last week. That is all.

14. Kansas City Royals (4-3) After all these years is this the one to finally "trust the process" that GM Dayton Moore has preached for so long? For his sake it better be.

15. Baltimore Orioles (3-3) Chris effing Davis. Four homers in four games to start the season. Not many people have done that. Sixteen runs driven in. Nobody has done that. Seriously. Not since RBI has been an official stat has anyone driven in more in the first four games of a season. Ah, baseball and its quirky records.

16. St. Louis Cardinals (3-3) The Cards offense will get a boost as third baseman David Freese was activated from the DL today.

17. Los Angeles Angels (2-4) Former MVP Josh Hamilton was booed lustily in his return to Texas. If he doesn't pick it up at the plate soon I bet he will hear it in Los Angeles as well. I don't think he will get the slack Albert Pujols got last year.

18. Toronto Blue Jays (2-4) Last year's reigning Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey has gotten off to a rocky start north of the border. The Jays need him to lead this staff to compete in the uber-competitive AL East.

19. Seattle Mariners (3-4) Michael Morse has five home runs already. Before the Seattle fans rejoice, however, he should probably have to play a game in Safeco Field. The M's first seven were on the road.

20. New York Mets (4-2) Should the Mets be higher? If I am consistent I should give them points like I did Colorado and Arizona for their impressive starts. Considering I think Bobby Bonilla is the best outfielder on their payroll I will hold them down. For now. I mean, they are the Mets. Am I right?

21. Minnesota Twins (4-2) You were mad I had the Mets down that low weren't you? You thought, hey, this guy is hating on the Mets! Well, I held the Twins down this low too. Still think the Mets should be higher based on their record?

22. Cleveland Indians (3-3) I can see this team win 90 games and make a playoff push just as easily as I can see them lose 90. I suppose .500 is more like it.

23. Philadelphia Phillies (2-4) They have someone named Kevin Frandsen to thank for not starting out 1-5. He is a real MLB player. I swear.

24. New York Yankees (2-4) It feels so wrong, yet so right, that the Yankees are ranked this low. Once their stars start coming back from injury this should change.

25. Chicago Cubs (2-4) Can you believe the Cubs almost got Dan Haren for Carlos Marmol this offseason? Now Marmol is in the minors.

26. Milwaukee Brewers (1-5) The Brewers should follow the Cubs example and remove John Axford from the closer's role. His velocity is down and balls are leaving the yard. Again. Jim Henderson should be finishing games for this club.

27. Pittsburgh Pirates (1-5) They have scored more than two runs in a game just once so far. It's like their offense walked the plank. I'm sorry. I'm not.

28. San Diego Padres (1-5) When is Chase Headley coming back again? A month or so? OK, we will check back then.

29. Florida Marlins (1-5) I do believe the atrocity in the outfield may have cost more than the team. Countdown to the trade of Giancarlo Stanton.

30. Houston Astros (1-5) Well, they won their opener. So there's that.


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