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2013 MLB Power Rankings Week 5

Updated on May 6, 2013

Power Ranks Week 5

April is over. We are already a week into May. This is the fifth power rankings of the season. Am I the only one who thinks it is going faster than normal? Fast or not it is another Monday so it is time to check in on your favorite team once again and see how they stack up against the rest. Last week saw a new team, the Texas Rangers, assume the top spot. After a sweep of the Boston Red Sox they will once again retain their hold at the top. There are a few teams that are waiting in the wings if Texas should falter. The top spot may not have changed but the rest of the top looks a little different this week.

Note ~ As always, records and stats are through Sunday's games.

1. Texas Rangers (20-11) Yu Darvish has struck out at least 10 batters in four of his seven starts this year. That's domination holmes. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. Boston Red Sox (20-11) If they won the series against Texas the top spot would be theirs. They didn't though. They didn't even come close. (LWR 3)

3. Detroit Tigers (19-11) The Tigers offense is rolling as they rank in the top five in most major offensive categories. Their pitching staff isn't that bad either as that Justin Verlander guy flirted with another no-hitter over the weekend. (LWR 4)

4. Atlanta Braves (18-12) The Braves live and die by the home run. They are 1-9 in games they do not leave the park and 17-3 when they do. (LWR 2)

5. St. Louis Cardinals (20-11) There are rumblings that the Cardinals could get Chris Carpenter back as a reliever this year. With one of the worst bullpens in the bigs St. Louis can use all the help in can get in that department. (LWR 9)

6. San Francisco Giants (19-12) Last week I knocked them down a peg. I must have insulted them as they haven't lost since while overtaking the Colorado Rockies for first place in the National League West. (LWR 11)

7. Kansas City Royals (17-10) Of all the division races the American League Central was thought to be the easiest to predict. KC is not making things easy for Detroit. (LWR 8)

8. Colorado Rockies (18-13) If anyone doubted Troy Tulowitzki after an injury-plagued year they should have eaten all their crow by now. Tulo is leading the NL in slugging (.663) and OPS (1.098). (LWR 6)

9. Baltimore Orioles (19-13) The O's got some good news on first baseman Chris Davis' knee. The tendinitis is not severe and the AL player of the month for April should be back in the lineup Tuesday. (LWR 12)

10. New York Yankees (18-12) Alex Rodriguez may come back sooner than most people projected. I really wonder how Yankee fans feel about that. (LWR 15)

11. Washington Nationals (17-15) Everyone seems to be concerned about Stephen Strasburg but I don't know why. His ERA, WHIP, BB/9, HR/9 and many other stats are nearly identical to last season when he won 15 games. (LWR 5)

12. Oakland A's (18-14) Oakland is third in the league in OBP and 14th in batting average. Just another piece of evidence that sabermetrics tell a better story than traditional statistics. (LWR 13)

13. Arizona Diamondbacks (16-15) Not a good week for the snakes as they were swept by San Fran and lost two of three to San Diego. (LWR 7)

14. Pittsburgh Pirates (17-14) A.J. Burnett is averaging 12.2 K/9 to lead the NL. Yankee fans are wondering where that was the last few years. (LWR 10)

15. Cincinnati Reds (18-14) Brandon Phillips has taken to the cleanup spot in the lineup this year leading the Reds with 27 RBI in 30 games. (LWR 14)

16. Tampa Bay Rays (14-16) Unlike Strasburg, David Price is the pitcher I would be worried about. His ERA is at 6.25 and he has surrendered eight home runs in only seven starts. The Rays need Price if they want to compete in the tough AL East. (LWR 16)

17. Cleveland Indians (14-14) The Indians' bats are on fire as they scored at least six runs in each of their games last week. They won them all. (LWR 26)

18. Milwaukee Brewers (14-16) Embattled former closer Francisco Rodriguez has reported to the Brewers minor league camp. Given the uncertainty at the back of the bullpen the Brew Crew might need him sooner than later. (LWR 18)

19. Los Angeles Dodgers (13-17) Last week the Dodgers welcomed back Hanley Ramirez from the disabled list. This week the disabled list welcomes him back after a hamstring injury in San Fran. (LWR 17)

20. Minnesota Twins (13-14) Kevin Correia has been great for the Twins after being plucked off the scrap heap in the offseason. He leads the team in almost all the major pitching categories. Let's see if that holds up when things start to warm up in Minnesota. (LWR 19)

21. New York Mets (12-16) Ah, the New York Mets outfield. The only place Marlon Byrd can be a starter anymore. (LWR 20)

22. Seattle Mariners (15-18) The Mariners rank 22nd in runs, 22nd in batting average, 22nd in OBP, 22nd in you see what I did here? (LWR 22)

23. Philadelphia Phillies (14-18) Roy Halladay is allowing almost a run per inning. The Phils have decided to place him on the disabled list. It is time for Doc to see the doc. (LWR 23)

24. Los Angeles Angels (11-20) If you bet me a gajillion dollars that Vernon Wells would be having a more productive year than Josh Hamilton, well, I would owe you a gajillion dollars. (LWR 24)

25. Toronto Blue Jays (11-21) I picked the Blue Jays to win the AL East this year. While it is still early this is starting to feel like my infamous "Leaf not Manning" stance from 15 years ago. (LWR 21)

26. Chicago White Sox (13-17) Paul Konerko, an all-star the last three seasons, is hitting .236/.291/.396 on the young year, way below his career averages. (LWR 25)

27. San Diego Padres (13-18) I still don't know what to make of San Diego. They have a good week then a bad week and then a good week again. I guess they aren't going to do well this week? (LWR 28)

28. Chicago Cubs (11-20) It appears the Cubs are going with Kevin Gregg as their closer. Why they haven't tried James Russell there is beyond me. (LWR 27)

29. Miami Marlins (10-22) They one-hit the Phillies one night and then battered Roy Halladay the next. Things aren't going well in Miami but they had a nice weekend. (LWR 30)

30. Houston Astros (8-24) Jose Altuve. He's there. There isn't a whole lot else to see. (LWR 29)


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