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2013 UEFA Champions League Semifinal - Results and Analysis

Updated on May 1, 2013

Champions League Semifinal

2013 Champions League Semifinal analysis and predictions
2013 Champions League Semifinal analysis and predictions

The Champions League Semifinal Analysis

Four teams remain in the competition looking to win the Champions League and be crowned champions of Europe. Two German teams, two Spanish teams leading to a possible all German, or all Spanish club final.

Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Dortmund successfully won their quarterfinal clashes to reach the semifinal. Now a two leg semifinal will take place to determine who will be in the final

All four teams are world class, with Dortmund and Madrid each claiming their leagues title last year and Bayern and Barcelona expected to take their leagues title this year. In fact, Bayern Munich has already claimed the Budesliga title with weeks left in the season.

This years semifinal games are ones that make the Champions League so special, and so anticipated by soccer fans around the world. Big name teams with big name players playing for the biggest title in Europe.

Now lets look at the match-ups:

2013 Champions League Semifinal Matches and Results

The Champions League Round of 16 and Quarterfinal matches delivered exciting games and intense match ups, but the Semifinal puts four Champions League winning worthy teams against each other.

The schedule and results for the Semifinal are listed as follows;

1st Leg - Tuesday April 23rd 2013

Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona

Wednesday April 24th 2013

Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid

2nd Leg - Tuesday April 30th 2013

Real Madrid 2-0 Dortmund (Dortmund advances 4-3 on agg.)

Wednesday May 1st 2013

Barcelona 0-3 Bayern Munich (Bayern advances 7-0 on agg.)

The teams with the highest aggregate score from the home and away games will proceed to the final on May 25th.

Be sure to check back for updated scores as the games unfold.

Who Will Reach the Final?

Who will reach the Champions League Final?

See results

Semifinal Results and Analysis:

The Champions League Semifinal results:

Barcelona 0 - 3 Bayern Munich (2nd leg)

Bayern Advances 7 - 0 on aggregate

After an impressive 4-0 win at home, Bayern Munich went on the road to Barcelona's home to play the second leg of the Champions League semifinal.

In a game that many expected Barcelona to win, but not necessarily by 4-0 which they needed to tie the game, they ended up losing very emphatically 3-0.

Bayern Munich has been strong all season, but their dominating performance over one of the best teams in the world, surprised many, and will make them the favorite to win in the final.

Robben, Muller and an own goal off of Pique lead to the 3 goals for Bayern,and the home loss for Barcelona.

Real Madrid 2 - 0 Dortmund (2nd leg)

Dortmund Advances 4 - 3 on aggregate

Dortmund sealed what was a big surprise to many, a place in the Champions League Final, with a 2-0 loss to Madrid that left them 4-3 up in the aggregate score.

It was a tense and exciting match in Madrid in which the home team knew they would have to score goals. The game had plenty of chances, with Real Madrid getting almost a half dozen in the first half, and Dortmund with as many in the second half.

But no goals came until the 80th minute when Madrid was finally able to break through. A frenzy followed that as Dortmund were hammered back, and Madrid got another.

It looked like the nearly impossible was about to be accomplished by Madrid, but they could not get the vital third goal, and Dortmund escaped to reach the Final.

The two main scoring figures coming into this game, Ronaldo and Lewandowski, had little impact on the game except for missing more than a few open chances each.

With the result, Dortmund did just enough to make it to the Final which will be played on May 25th 2013.

Dortmund 4 - 1 Real Madrid (1st leg)

In a very exciting game, Dortmund do the unexpected, and beat Real Madrid, and beat them soundly.

It was the Lewandowski show as he scored the first goal after 8 minutes, and then three more goals in the second half.

Ronaldo scored Madrid's only goal just before halftime. But that was all they would get.

Dortmund looked so much more confident, and the fans were behind them the entire game. Their quick pace, and superior teamwork lead them to victory.

With Bayern's big win over Barcelona yesterday, and now Dortmund equaling that feat against Madrid, have we seen the tables turning in favor of German dominance?

The second leg of this match up will take place at Madrid, on April 30th.

Bayern 4 - 0 Barcelona (1st leg)

In the Bayern Munich - Barcelona 1st leg game Bayern get a surprising 4-0 win. Muller scores two as Bayern make no mistakes in the 1st leg of this series.

Messi, and Barcelona, looked slow, timid and incapable of stopping the Bayern Munich attack. There was little or no pressure on the Bayern goalkeeper, and every time Bayern got forward, they looked dangerous.

With this victory, Bayern go to Barcelona with a huge advantage. But if anyone can come back from 4-0 down, it would be Barcelona.

2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League Semifinal coming May 1st.

2013 Champions League Final
2013 Champions League Final

2013 UEFA Champions League Final

The final will be played at Wembly Stadium in London England on May 25th 2013 between:

Borussia Dortmund VS Bayern Munich

Dortmund defeated Real Madrid 4-3 on aggregate to reach the final, their first time in the final in 15 years.

Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate, including a 3-0 win at Barcelona, to reach the Final, their 3rd final in 4 years.

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  • adambarker97 profile image

    Adam Barker and Dean Barker 4 years ago

    For me the route now looks clear and the final surely will be Bayern v Broussia. Although I would love Barcelona to turn the deficit over I can't see Bayern not scoring, which would leave Barcelona needing six. As for Madrid v Dortmund I don't think Dortmund will change their game plan, they will keep pressing and attacking with style. I wouldn't be surprised if Dortmund also won the second leg!

  • CCahill profile image

    CCahill 4 years ago from England

    i saw the Bayern win coming but i never saw the Dortmund-Madrid game coming in a million years, guess i've underestimated Dortmund, i'm still bitter and think it should be Man united vs Dortmund but hey ;)

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    pmarinov - My original prediction was Bayern and Real in the final, and I think it could possibly still happen. It would make a great game. We shall see soon enough! Thanks for your comment!

  • pmarinov profile image

    Blogger at Best 4 years ago from Detroit MI

    Great analysis! I think that Real will actually go to the final, as Santiago Bernabeu will be insane. Dortmund have great players, however the recent developments around the team with Gotze and Levandowski leaving the yellow-blacks, will not help the team in the second leg.

    My prediction for the final is: Bayern - Real 2:1 :)

  • profile image

    Richard-Murray 4 years ago


    nothing was easy, don't confuse the effort by the germans. It was hard work. We as fans have to stop saying things are easy when we see scorelines as such. Nothing is easy. Bayern and Dortmund worked very hard individually AND collectively to do what they did.

    And to messi and cr7, in all earnest, real and barca lost because bayern and dortmund are better teams. LEwandowski and robben and ribery may be touted as the individual members but Bayern as a team fits better and plays better than barca. the same with dortmund. Players on bayern and dortmund switched position , defended and attacked covering or supporting each other all the time about the pitch. Real and Barca, lets be honest, tend to be allowed a lot by opposing sides , playing slow balls at the halfway line laterally. a lot of slow, in awe play, Bundesliga sides don't do that and thus the history with bundesliga teams. The problem is that the quality of bundesliga teams has risen so that with the speed and strength it is overwhelming to the spanish giants. Messi and CR7 may be ready next week, but the rest of their teammates will not be.


    I think barca is done. Notice the wins, forget the goal tallies but how the goals were made. All of bayern's goals happened in the run of play, with Bayern in possession and in direct attack. Header by Dante placed well header by muller. Header by muller to gomez. Robben cut inlow curl into the low corner, and alaba overlap of ribery to muller.

    The goals by Dortmund outside of the first and second were quite different.

    first goal was run of play, cross by goetze to lewandowski

    the second goal was a great throughball to lewandowski, forget who ,reuss i think, and lewandowski finished.

    but the third was a fortunate deflection by modric, who was trying to kick away and the fourth was a penalty.

    Also, Dortmund made a defensive error for a real goal.

    Those goals explain why dortmund isn't atop the bundesliga table. Bayern and Dortmund attack and defend with speed and strength individually and as a team for 90 minutes, but bayern do it with tactical grace. Dortmund have a special striker up top and work with half chances. That difference gives real a better chance than BArca. Bayern will not make defensive mistakes like dortmund, their attack is fine tuned unlike dortmund's, less individual. The subtle eye can see the huge difference in the way bayern move as composed to dortmund. Real do have a chance, I think it will be an all german final, but only Real can make that impossible.

  • tdenomme9 profile image

    Thomas Denomme 4 years ago from Rhode Island

    Yeah I expected a strong showing from both German sides but nothing of that nature. I can not wait for next week specifically to see how Ronaldo and Messi respond.

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    Its true, I expected a strong showing from Bayern, but would never have thought Dortmund could score so many on Madrid. I am excited to see the second leg, and how Barce and Madrid handle things.

  • tdenomme9 profile image

    Thomas Denomme 4 years ago from Rhode Island

    It is awesome to see how good Messi and Ronaldo are and how when they are contained Barca and Madrid (no matter how much talent and power both clubs have) still rely on the two of those players. The impact those players make is unmatched throughout the world which is why they are both always up for balloon d'or.

    I have to give credit to both German sides I was completely wrong in my predictions and even though I had Bayern winning it all in the end, I never thought I would see the day Barca and Madrid both get dominated so easily.

  • profile image

    Richard-Murray 4 years ago


    to be fair, i was being nice as i felt Bayern would fly, and it should have been 6-0 there were two handballs in the box for bayern, that were not called excluding the handball off of dante's glancing header.


    I don't think barca dominated a moment of the match. Barca tried there possession game but as i have said countless times, it is too slow. so many clubs face that possession and crack, but bayern move great together and have with robben and ribery that width, which is why real have such success over barca recently. di maria and cr7 on the wings going forward is what robben and ribery do but the difference with robben and ribery is that they defend.

    Bayern will be winners. Dortmund is an explosive side but dortmund's great problem is that they are looking to cause errors. Bayern defend and attack for 90 minutes but have more quality. The mistakes that real do will not catch bayern out. That is why bayern has beat dortmund in the bundesliga this season.


    well, anyone who watched yesterday should have. i thought dortmund would win but i thought real's athleticism would keep it closer. the truth is, real like barca arent used to the team defending and attacking and that is what bayern and dortmund do.

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    Dortmund over Madrid 4-1, who would have thought this!

  • bbgolfer profile image

    bbgolfer 4 years ago

    Richard, you are the winner. No one predicted this result, however, Barca dominated the first 13 minutes, don't you agree with me? Bayren should be the champions this year honestly.

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    Well Rich, you are the closest, although I don't think anyone could have predicted Bayern winning 4-0! What a dominating performance from the German team. Messi, and most of Barcelona were practically silent.

    I think Real Madrid will beat Dortmund without too much trouble, but we shall see.

  • tdenomme9 profile image

    Thomas Denomme 4 years ago from Rhode Island

    Watching the game at the moment, should have been 1 nil if Robben slots that across. Those are small mistakes that you simply can not have against Barcelona, especially someone as class as Robben.

  • profile image

    Richard-Murray 4 years ago

    I disagree, i think bayern beat barca 3-0 or 3-1. Barca have hobbled through milan and psg but bayern are the best side in uefa at the moment and will run through barca.

  • tdenomme9 profile image

    Thomas Denomme 4 years ago from Rhode Island

    I have Bayern and Barca nil nil or 1-1 draw today and think Bayern will win the second leg game to advance. I have to go with Madrid winning both games on the other side of the spectrum because Ronaldo is just playing at an all time high world class level in the champions league scoring at will it seems.

  • bbgolfer profile image

    bbgolfer 4 years ago

    I would love to see Bayer as the champions, but just feel they will let me down

  • internpete profile image

    Peter V 4 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    bbgolfer - The Bayern v Barcelona match seems like it will be the more exciting of the two. I could easily see both teams winning the final.

  • bbgolfer profile image

    bbgolfer 4 years ago

    I hope that Bayern can beat Barca, but my gut feeling says it's impossible. My prediction is 2-1 Barca