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2013 Fantasy Baseball Update: May Buy-Low and Sell-High Candidates

Updated on May 11, 2013

The 2013 fantasy baseball season is about 7 weeks old now and there is no better time to find buy-low and sell-high candidates for your fantasy team. Owners can get desperate if their star gets off to a slow start and you can often use this desperation to trade for these sleeping giants at bargain prices. This article looks at several fantasy baseball buy-low and sell-high trade candidates in the National League.

Sell-High Candidates

Starling Marte, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates
Starling Marte, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates | Source

Starling Marte, OF Pittsburgh Pirates

Anyone that read my 2013 Fantasy Sleepers article knows I was high on Marte going into the season, but even I didn't anticipate he would start like this. He's currently 4th in point league scoring for position players due to an unanticipated .333 average with 5 home runs and 10 steals. The homers and steals aren't a surprise, but the average definitely is. I expected something along the lines of .250, but he's hot right now. I originally project .256, 10 triples, 12 home runs, 54 runs, 55 rbi, and 25 steals and I'm sticking by that. Trade him now whiles he's hot.

Jean Segura, SS, Milwaukee Brewers

One of several young Brewers playing lights out ball. Segura is a great young prospect that has bolted out of the gate in his first full season to a tune of .333, 3 triples, 5 homers, 8 steals, 17 runs and a .917 OPS. I believe he will be a great player, but at 23 years old the league will adjust on his second lap through so be sure to trade him before this happens. The Brewers also play in a tough pitching division with the Cardinals, Reds, and Pirates, so he will be constantly facing their staffs.

Carlos Gomez, OF, Milwaukee Brewers

How much longer can this go on? Through the first six weeks of the season Gomez is putting up a vintage Larry Walker line: .373 batting, 6 homers, 7 steals, 1.070 OPS. The concern is that he is 27 and has had almost 2,000 major league at bats before this season where he averaged .247 batting with a .673 OPS, so I think it's obvious regression is coming. Trade him mow before darkness falls.

Matt "Real Deal" Harvey, SP, New York Mets
Matt "Real Deal" Harvey, SP, New York Mets | Source

Matt Harvey, SP, New York Mets

I love Matt Harvey just like every other baseball fan. As Doc Gooden proclaimed, he is the "Real Deal" and I think he will have a great year. However, from a fantasy baseball perspective, I have always been intrigued by selling high on a player like this. I always think back to Ubaldo's great season 2010 season. I had him that year and he had a lights out, unconscious first half going 15-1. That's right, 15-1, with a 2.20 ERA and 1.05 WHIP. All was right with the world, but then the second half started with a thud and he went 4-7 with a 3.80 ERA and 1.30 WHIP the rest of the way. It occurred to me to trade him at the all-star break, but I couldn't pull the trigger, hoping for more of the same. I had a similar experience with Dan Haren in 2009. The same thing happened, 9-5 in the first half with a 2.01 ERA, 0.81 WHIP, 129 strike outs, thought about trading high, but didn't. You can guess what happened, 5-5, 4.62 ERA, 1.26 WHIP the rest of the way. So, my point here is that it's something to consider. If you have Harvey and lack depth, why not trade him for two quality players?

Buy-Low Candidates

Jay Bruce, OF, Cincinnati Reds

One of the streakiest players in the majors. When he is hot he can carry your fantasy team for a month or more, but when he is cold, and he's been ice cold since the start of the season, he will make you cry. Right now he's batting only .247 with 2 homers, .367 slugging, and a league-leading 50 strike outs. I still think he will hit 40 this season. Pick him up now!

Martin Prado, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks
Martin Prado, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks | Source

Martin Prado, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks

Prado is one of my favorite fantasy players, especially in points leagues where he contributes across the board in all categories. He moved to Arizona in the off-season and has started slow with his new team, batting just .236 with only 9 RBI and 1 steal through the first 35 games. He is a career .292 hitter that has batted over .300 three of the last four seasons. He will hit and hit with power because of his new ballpark. Try to get him now before he finds his swing. His multi-position eligibility, 2B-SS-3B-OF, in most leagues only adds to his value.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF, Miami Marlins

Much has been written about Stanton's dismal start. He was just starting to hit, even having a 2 homer game, right before he pulled his hamstring. He's currently on the DL and is due back in late May. You know his owners have to be frustrated. Try to take advantage of this in a trade. He's still a lock for 30+ homers this year and the Marlins will be better in the second half with an outfield of Stanton, Yelich, and Ozuna. Take my word for it.

Jonathan Lucroy, C, Milwaukee Brewers

Another one of my sleeper picks for 2013. His power numbers not bad, 3 home runs and 16 RBI, but his average is down at only .256 to start the season. I projected him to hit .290, 18 hr, 55 runs, and 72 RBI. Aramis is back and Hart will join the team soon. Once he does it will be a stacked lineup from 1 to 8 with Aoki, Segura, Braun, Ramirez, Hart, Weeks, Gomez, and Lucroy will be in the middle of it all. Go out and get him now before the Brew Crew is whole.

Miguel Montero, C, Arizona Diamondbacks

Another struggling D-Back to target. Montero enjoyed two great hitting seasons in 2011-2012, averaging .284, with 16 homers, and 87 RBI over those two years. This year, however, he is floundering hitting only .202 through 33 games. Manager Kirk Gibson even demoted him to 8th in the lineup for a recent game. The time to buy is when discouragement is highest and now is the time to buy on Montero.


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    • theframjak profile image

      theframjak 4 years ago from East Coast

      Thanks for reading BLACKANDGOLDJACK, you're right, Gattis may not get many starts now that McCann is back and will get even fewer opportunities to play once Heyward returns.

    • BLACKANDGOLDJACK profile image

      Jack Hazen 4 years ago from Blitzburgh area

      I'm watching Matt Harvey vs. Starling Marte and the Bucco boys right now. Should be a good one.

      I'll have to check out Miguel Montero and see if maybe I can pick him up. I have Evan Gattis, but I'm worried about how many at-bats he is going to get what with McCann being back.