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2013/14 Europa League: FC Dila Gori cruises over Denmark's Aalborg BK 3-0

Updated on July 18, 2013

Irakli Modebadze of FC Dila Gori

FC Dila Gori vs Aalborg BK

Tengiz Burjanadze Stadium was the sight of the first leg match featuring FC Dila Gori the home squad against Denmark's Aalborg BK. Aalborg came into this match-up ranked #96 in the UEFA's latest club coefficient ranking. Dila Gori is ranked #302.

The second leg of this match-up will be played on July 25th at the Nordjyske Arena in Denmark.

FC Dila Gori Starting Lineup

Nukri Revishvili
Gulverd Tomashvili
Otar Khizaneishvili
Mamuka Kobakhidze
Giorgi Iluridze
Kakhaber Aladashvili
Grigol Iluridze
Irakli Modebadze
Grigol Dolidze
David Bolkvadze
Lasha Gvalia

First Half Breakdown

They match started with Aalborg coming out strong with lots of chances early. It was Dila who got first crack as Iluridze put a shot on goal that was saved by Larsen in the fourth minute. Aalborg's Frederikesen took over after that with three attempts over the course of the next 13 minutes. His effort in fifth and seventeenth minute missed their target while his shot in eleventh minute had to be saved by Revishvili. Modebadze of Dila would miss the target in 18th minute. While Revishvili needed to save another shot of the foot of Curth in 22nd minute.

Things settled down for a little bit until Dalsgaard received a yellow card in the 31st minute for a foul on Iluridze. Dila would get a chance as Bolkvadze put a shot on goal but it was saved by Larsen. The rest of the first half would see Dila miss twice more as Modebadze missed in 34th minute and Iluridze missed in 42nd minute. Aalborg would get a shot off from Due but it missed the target also. Both clubs went into half with putting two good shots on goal but both were saved. Halftime score 0-0

Aalborg BK starting Lineup

Nicolai Larsen
Patrick Kristensen
Jakob Ahlmann Nieksen
Lasse Nielsen
Anders Due
Rasmus Wurtz
Jeppe Curth
Soren Frederiksen
Henrik Dalsgaard
Nicolaj Thomsen
Rasmus Thelander

FC Dila Gori Logo

Can Aalborg overcome three goal deficit and advance to next round?

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Second Half Breakdown

While the first half was not that eventful, the second half was. Dila's Modebadze fouled J. Nielsen hard in 47th minute and picked up a yellow card. Aalborg's Frederiksen missed the target again in 50th minute. That was followed by a miss from Iluridze of Dila. Ten minutes later Dila would break through as Modebadze scored on an assist from Dolidze to take a 1-0 lead in the 61st minute. Aalborg would make a change bringing in #17 Kasper Kusk with Due leaving. Dila would also make a change as #9 Mikhail Gorelishvili came in for Dolidze.

Aalborg's Curth missed the target in 64th minute before Dila went on attack again. Iluridze put a shot on goal but Larsen saved it in 65th minute. Three minutes later Bolkvadze would have a shot blocked then he would assist Gorelishvili in scoring the second goal of the match. Gongadze of Dila was cautioned by the Ref in 68th minute. Frederiksen would miss again in 70th minute keeping his terrible night going. Needing a change #14 Mathias Wichmann came into the match for Aalborg replacing Kristensen in 71st.

Dila would bring on #8 Rati Aleksidze in 74th minute taking out Modebadze. Aalborg made another change in 76th minute taking out Frederiksen and bringing in #29 Rolf Toft. After the changes as the new players were feeling out the playing style and few yellow cards where thrown. Wurtz received on for Aalborg after his foul on Bolkvadze while Aladashvili received one in 79th minute for fould on J. Nielsen. Thelander would put a shot on goal in 81st minute but Revishvili was there for save. Dila made their final sub in the form of #70 Giorgi Aburjania for Iluridze in 84th minute.

With five minutes remaining in normal time Aalborg put out all the stops. Dalsgaard had a shot blocked while Thomsen and Wichmann missed the targets. In the 90th minute Gorelishvili scored again on a pass from Aburjania to give the home club a 3-0 lead. There was six minutes of stoppage time. Dila's Kobakhidze would pick up a dumb yellow card five minutes into stoppage time on a foul against Thomsen. Aalborg had two more chances in last minute but Thelander got blocked and L. Nielsen missed the target. Final Score 3-0 Dali wins.

Soren Frederiksen of Aalborg BK


Aalborg was a total disappointment in this match. Their players had numerous attempts but couldn't put anything on target. Now they find themselves down three goals. I believe they will win at home but making up three goals will be to much. Dila will score at least one goal and that will be enough for them to pull off the upset and advance to the third qualifying round. As the first big club from one of the top leagues around Europe Aalborg have disappointed us all.


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