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2014 MLB Fantasy Fixer-Uppers Week 4

Updated on April 29, 2014

Fantasy Fixer-Uppers

Let's play a little game this week called Buy or Sell. I will run down a few players and tell you if you should look to add them to your team (buy) or maybe get rid of them (sell). Sounds simple enough? Right? Right. If you have any questions about a player I didn't cover please feel free to ask in the comments and I will answer as soon as I can.

Alfredo Simon, SP, Cincinnati Reds

Simon really couldn't have asked for a better start to the season. His record stands at 3-1 and he hasn't given up more than two earned runs in any of his starts. Today he has another enticing match-up against the woeful Chicago Cubs. If you own Simon hope he has another good outing tonight and try and flip him. The converted reliever doesn't strike out many batters and has a 2:1 strikeout to walk ratio.. His career WHIP is just over 1.3 and that is mostly as a reliever. A smart owner will look to turn this hot start into a nice piece to their team moving forward. Bottom line? SELL

Kyle Seager, 3B, Seattle Mariners

Many people thought Seager would be a solid sleeper this season to fill their third base spot late in drafts. Many people who drafted him didn't think his bat would be asleep for most of the first month of the season. Well, it woke up this past weekend as Seager slugged five home runs in his last five games. Hi slugging (.468) and OPS (.798) would both be career highs even though he has what would be a career low BABIP of .241. Expect more batted balls to find grass or even the bleachers. If Seager is still on the waiver wire in your league snap him up now. or offer his owner a trade. He could still be had cheaply right now. BUY

Prince Fielder, 1B, Texas Rangers

Is Fielder really batting .200 as we near the end of April? You bet your bippy he is. This is in large part due to a rather unlucky .215 BABIP which is nearly 100 points below his career average. That will certainly rise as will his numbers. I expect the power numbers, he has only two homers thus far, to rise as well with the temperatures down in Texas. He has more walks (16) thank strikeouts (14) which means he is seeing the ball just fine. Fielder will be fine and he might be able to be had from a panicked owner. BUY BUY BUY

Kyle Farsnworth, RP, New York Mets

Currently the Mets are winning games and Farnsworth looks to be the man in charge when a save opportunity arises. Looks to be is the key phrase there. Daisuke Matsuzaka earned his first career save last week and could be in line for more. Farnsworth is far from dominant and doesn't strike many batters out anymore. An owner looking for saves might be willing to take the risk and you should be smart enough to exploit that. If you own him, try and trade him. Trust me. I'm attempting to do the same thing. SELL

Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals

We learned yesterday that Harper will be out until at least early July with torn ligaments in his thumb. This spells trouble for the young star. On the one hand he has all the potential in the world and could come back from the injury and set the world on fire with his play. On the other this is something that could sap his power for the rest of the year. Decisions, decisions. If you are in a keeper/dynasty league certainly hold onto the kid. Remember that he may be hurt now but he can help you down the road. If you aren't in one of those maybe test the waters to gauge any interest. You should be able to get a nice haul for a player of this caliber. PUSH


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