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2014 MLB Fantasy Fixer-Uppers Week 8

Updated on May 27, 2014

Fantasy Fixer-Uppers

What a week it was for injuries. A lot of big name players, who undoubtedly either went high in your draft or for a high auction price, have found themselves on the disabled list. Unfortunately there is no easy fix to replace the potential big numbers those players would put up for your team but you have to try right? Well, let's look at some of the players who went down recently and see who can help fill the void during their absence.

If you lost...Prince Fielder, try adding Garret Jones, 1B, Miami Marlins

While Jones isn't the sexiest of adds he is stable. Entrenched at first base on a surprising Marlins team Jones has driven in 25 runs while tallying eight long balls on the season. He does have some power potential topping the 20-homer mark three times in his short career and is on pace to do just that again. I would expect 15 more long balls and another 50 RBI from here on out. If you are hesitant take solace in knowing I added Jones to replace Fielder in one of my own leagues so I heed my own advice. For whatever that's worth.

If you lost...Eric Young, try adding Alcides Escobar, SS, Kansas City Royals

Most of Escobar's overall numbers are better than that of Young and he isn't far off in the steals department either. And let's face it. The only reason Young is on your roster is for the stolen bases. Now that he is out with a bum hamstring it is time to look elsewhere for steals. A stat that is typically the bane of most fantasy owners' rosters. Escobar can help fill that void in the meantime and may actually be the better play going forward. I know he plays a different position but if Young was a starting outfielder on your team you need more help than how to pick up some cheap steals.

If you lost...Cliff Lee, try adding Phil Hughes, SP, Minnesota Twins

This is an easy one. Hughes has been on fire lately picking up the win in five of his last six starts. The sixth? A no-decision in which he gave up one run in six innings of work. Hughes is striking people out right around his career rate of 7.6 batters per nine innings and has dramatically cut down on his walks. In fact, and this is probably the most impressive part, he has now gone five straight starts without walking a single batter. Somehow Hughes is available in more than half of ESPN leagues. I can't figure it out but you don't have to worry about why he is available. Just make sure he isn't anymore.

If you lost...Nolan Arenado or Juan Uribe try adding Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B, Cleveland Indians

I know, I almost don't believe it either but in case you hadn't noticed third base is astonishingly thin this year. Chisenhall looks to be getting regular at bats for the Indians and he is making the most of the opportunity. He had an eight-game hitting streak and six-game RBI streak snapped last night but he is still swinging a hot bat with five multi-hit games during that stretch. He can also flash some speed on the basepaths and get a cheap stolen base which is always valuable. Maybe you can do better at the hot corner than this but if you can I want to be in your league next year.

If you lost....Gio Gonzalez try adding Gio Gonzalez

No, that isn't a typo. And no there isn't another Gio Gonzalez I am referring to here. It's the same one. You shouldn't have dropped him in the first place yet it looks like he is available in five percent of ESPN leagues. If you have an open DL spot, stash him. If you don't, he is worth the add regardless. When he is right Gio is a top flight pitcher in all of baseball. Two years ago he nearly won the Cy Young award. If you are in a league in which Gio was dropped, act fast. This is not the type of player that should be available for nothing. He may not be back when eligible on June 1st but reports have him back a few days after that.


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